Wednesday, 11 January 2017


The weather here is contrary today.   I have been out to lunch with friend D - before she came the wind howled (60mph), the sky blackened, the sleet fell and the rainbow, against a backdrop of black clouds, was incredibly beautiful.

We went all of three miles to our local Golf Club for a Taste Platter (chicken, salmon, camembert and mushrooms - all deep fried - with chips and salad and there - I presume because we were sheltered - there appeared to be no wind, the sun shone and there was absolutely no sign of rain or sleet.

Home again at half past three in the afternoon and the black clouds have rolled in again.   Snow showers are forecast for tomorrow, but the west is expected to get it first, so by the time it gets over the Pennines and to here then I do hope it has weakened somewhat.

When I was young I loved the snow.   Now I hate it - the biting cold, the wind, the slippery conditions - give me a warm, snug room and my comfy slippers on days like that.

Keep warm.


Derek Faulkner said...

I can identify totally with your last paragraph, I just hate the winter, period.
Tell me, I know I harp on about this quite regular, but seeing as you spend so much time out lunching, do you actually cook many meals indoors. The poor old Farmer must be wasting away.

justjill said...

Our winds in the North East of Scotland are extremely strong ! I am 4 feet 11 and not very heavy and the wind moved me. Scary !

The Broad said...

Lots of wind here in Southport. I love to look at winter, but this part of England is not conducive to being safe to venture out when the snow and ice make themselves known. Which hasn't happened for many a year now. You lunch sounds perfect!

donna baker said...

Wind is fierce today here too. Bad weather coming. I despise winter in all its forms. What a lunch. Sounded very good. Hope Farmer is through with his tests and I am hoping it is all good.

Joanne Noragon said...

We had such wind last night that our large, wheelie trash bins went over and the recycle came out and blew about, then froze in the freezing rain. It's scattered over at least twenty feet I can see, and probably around corners and on neighbor's grass. I picked up what was free, but Laura and I will have quite the chore when we finally get home tonight.

Heather said...

I can remember being very excited when I was young and snow fell, but now I can do without it although a fresh fall is very beautiful. It is turning colder here and we are warned of a very cold end to the week with snow as a possibility. I shall hibernate. Stoke up the wood burner and keep cosy.

angryparsnip said...

Oh My Goodness, that is some extreme weather.
It does remind me of our monsoon weather minus the snow and ice.
Stay inside and warm.
Your lunch sounds so wonderful.

cheers, parsnip

Bovey Belle said...

I love snow - but preferably from indoors, snug and warm, and with a full storecupboard! Oh, and no horses to care for too.

That said, when it DOES snow here, I am out for a walk because it is just SO BEAUTIFUL . . . Strong winds here today and snow forecast for Friday, but I am hoping now as we have an auction over 40 miles away to attend . . .

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Heck of a wind blowing, didn't stop me getting a fast 5km in

Fairtrader said...

We got the blizzard today, roaming wildly amongst trees, roofs and trucks, causing an awful lot of nuisance. Now it's gone, the rain started and gone the snow was along with electricity. I agree soo much with you about winter, the older I get(not that old yet) the more frozen to the bone I am. Told Linda at the Colorado farm I would love to spend october-march in some warm place, perhaps when I retire. Hope your Farmer is feeling hopefull and great, they'll find out what's bothering him and help out so he can keep up his walks and work and you can take your roadtrips and enjoy life as it comes! Blessings!!

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Very strong wind here in Ontario as well! Put on your slippers and cuddle up with the dog! -Jenn

Cro Magnon said...

I'm not sure if we'll get snow; like you I hate it. It had been forecast for Sunday, but I notice today that it's gone. Good!

Librarian said...

Strong winds are forecast for my area, too, but so far, it's not too bad. Yesterday was beautiful with sun and blue skies all day, until I left the office - then it was sleeting, but thankfully, not all that cold.
Like you, I am not too fond of snow. I like it when I can enjoy it on a walk in beautiful scenery, such as the ones I last showed on my blog. But here in town, snow instantly turns into grey-brown sludge, making everything wet and dirty. Also, it prevents me from running, which I do miss.

thelma said...

English weather is marvellous ;) except of course being wet, being blown over, slipping on the ice, and arriving bedraggled by the very tempestuous nature of it. What would we do without it?

The Weaver of Grass said...

Derek. I love cooking and cook a full meal every day. If I am going out for lunch
then I cook during the morning. We have our main meal at 12noon and I usually go out for lunching at 12.30 to 1pm. If you are interested, yesterday the farmer had lamb meatballs in a spicy sauce - with ratatouille, tenderstem broccoli, green beans and a mash of potato, swede and carrot. My fried came at 12.15 to collect me and by that time he was already half way through eating his mincemeat tart and custard.
Tea for him was a chicken and ham round of sandwiches - I had no tea as I was still full of lunch. Just an orange mid evening.

Derek Faulkner said...

Well done Pat, you could also argue that The Farmer eats better than you then, I quite envy him the meal that you cooked yesterday, well nice, and none of it deep fried.

Gwil W said...

We're having a temporary respite. The calm before the next storm.

Elizabeth said...

The weather sounds truly alarming.
Do hope things are going well for you.
Warmest wishes.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Winter winds they do blow cold,
The time of year, it is chosen.
Now the frost and fire,
And now the sea is frozen.

He who sleeps he does not see
The coming of the seasons,
The filling of a dream
Without a time to reason.

When she walked through evil
O'er the paths of broken illusions,
Carefully now she lives,
For she has mended her confusion.

by Sandy Denny

Frances said...

Cosy slippers are essential winter equipment...I also start wearing my hand knit wool socks for additional cosiness.

More snow due here at the weekend...yet today is on the mild side.

The Farmer's lunch sounded very delicious, as did yours. xo

Derek Faulkner said...

19.00 here and heavy snow falling in North Kent after 6 hours steady rain. Cars are struggling to get up the hill outside my house due to the snow.

The Weaver of Grass said...

YP - that is without doubt one of the worst poems I have ever read.
Thanks everyone. It seems as though we are all going through a patch of cold weather - set to warm up slightly next week I understand.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

That isn't a poem Mrs Weaver. It is a song... and a very beautiful one too.