Friday, 13 January 2017

Friday 13th.

Do I believe in such rubbish?   No of course not.   But - really it is rather scary when snow, very strong gale-force winds, very high tides, full moon all coincide on the same day.   One does have to push such thoughts out of one's mind.

We seem to have got off lightly here in the Yorkshire Dales - certainly here on the Eastern edge.   The wind was very strong first thing this morning, there was a covering of snow and the temperature was below freezing (just) but as the day has gone on the temperature rose to three degrees, the snow began to go and the wind dropped to breeze.

Going out on my usual Friday morning 'jaunt' - wrapped in so many layers that I could hardly move - was, as usual, a good experience.   This morning we had a change of venue because our usual hostelry is closed for two weeks for redecorating.   We went instead to Tennants, our local Auction House and friend W very kindly took me there and gave me a lift home afterwards so that the farmer could feed up and bed down without having to stop to make the journey.

That was the good news.   The bad news is that Tennants cafe does the most marvellous breakfasts!   Now I had had my usual banana and bowl of the farmer's porridge so certainly did not need anything to eat but as two of our group had a breakfast I just couldn't resist a bacon bap (delicious).   As a result all I have had since has been a small bowl of vegetables at lunch time when I served up the farmer's lunch and a bowl of home made leek and potato soup at tea time.  I must say that the soup was jolly good and so warming on what has been a bitterly cold day.

A change of subject - I see that Tristram Hunt has resigned as an M P in order to take over the top job at The Victoria and Albert Museum.   Well done that man.   My own view is that with Corbyn in charge of the Labour Party the chances of them
ever becoming a force to be reckoned with are very slim.  And if I were he and offered the absolute Plum Job in the field which was my passion, I would jump in with both feet.   So I support him wholeheartedly.


Gwil W said...

If only a fraction of what is being revealed by Al Jazeera is true then the situation is very worrying, especially as regard the Tory and less so by the Labour mps. Corbyn is not a member of this organization one is not allowed to name, therefore he is always under pressure from outside sources, the media and so on. I feel this is very unjust. Not much on my Beeb app about it as I've come to expect. No longer the torch bearer of what's decent and right and that's very sad.

Gwil W said...

Regarding the assemblage of bad omens, full moon, storms, floods, and so on, I was thinking when I replied to your post Winters Rage of a nuclear power station I saw about 7 or 8 years ago on a walk along a coastal oath in East Anglia. The monolith was almost on the beach, and I was hoping the weather wouldn't damage it, for the coastal erosion in those parts is bad enough without speeding it up.

Rachel said...

Well the best of British luck to him. He will need it.

angryparsnip said...

I do not know who Tristram Hunt is but I love The Victoria and Albert Museum.
I hope that Mr. Hunts passion is the Museum also.

cheers, parsnip

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

They didn't used to have people called Jeremy and Tristram in the Labour party.

Joanne Noragon said...

As Bilbo said, two breakfasts are better than one.
I think Friday the 13th is just stupid. Half my granddaughter's school stayed home today because a rumor of a shooting has been making the rounds for the last month.

Fairtrader said...

I'd say that friday the 13th in Sweden, at least in january is nothing but the day we throw down the santas and the elfs and the decorations and candlesticks and nativityscenes in boxes and eat up all the last boxes of christmas chocolate and candysticks.
This year, the 13th isn't always a friday and I have no idea whatsoever what makes the number so bad! Oh I do know the story behind it, but hold your horses, there are real dangers lurking here, on every date possible.

Anyway, Pat, I love to read your post, I would actually love to live in the farm next door and follow you around the grounds, enjoy teatime and visits in the villages. Yorkshire Pudding is very right about that, it's a nice way to follow life as it comes in the Dales of today. I feel like part of family. Keep up these pleasant and interesting posts, they are such a good mix of this and that and deep thoughts and personal concern about the state of things. And the state of things needs both good thinking and a fabulous breakfast or lunch with friends!!! Stay out of the blizzards and take care, Pat, my best regards to the Farmer as well!

Cro Magnon said...

Of course Mr Hunt was right to take that job; he'll be the V & A's top man for life; in Jeremy's Labour party he would have been nothing.

Hildred said...

I remember a wonderful English breakfast in the middle of the day, in Teddington. Both Charles and I indulged and it carried us through until the next morning. Sorry about your wintry weather, Pat, but I must tell you it was -20C here this morning, and up north, on the meadow where my sons and DIL live, it was - 35 C - that is getting close to 40 below F. However, the sun was shining and the sky was blue!! And there was no wind. Hope the Farmer will soon be feeling more himself!

Librarian said...

I love the sound of your leek and potato soup, Pat! Nothing better this time of year, is there.
Good to know the weather has not been too harsh in your area. We have had two relatively stormy nights (by our standards - people at the coast would laugh) and nearly all the snow is gone.

The V&A is one of my favourite museums ever!

Elizabeth said...

Hooray for bacon baps!
Your politics is almost as bad as ours - well nothing is as bad as ours!
Hope the weather improves.

Tom Stephenson said...

Being bullied by Corbyn or running the V and A? I know which I would choose!

Derek Faulkner said...

Is there any difference, they both seem pretty boring to me.

thelma said...

Think being a politician must be a pretty boring job, though I often wonder what they do do for their salaries, so well done Tristam. Weather here was not remarkable, wind, snow and then sleety rain. Whitby experienced high tides, that lapped over Pier Road and Church Street but the 'terrible' bad weather we were told was coming, really failed to materialise - and that is no bad thing.

Heather said...

There is one benefit from horrible cold winter weather and that is homemade soup and the comfort it brings.
I have never bothered much about Friday 13th - it's another day in the calendar.
Glad you have got off lightly weatherwise - no snow here, just cold and wet.
Good luck to the new V and A boss - I hope he looks after it.

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