Wednesday 16 November 2016


I have just made my fourth Christmas List.   What has happened to the other three?   I shall probably find them - one by one - around March/April time.
And shall I understand them?   Doubtful as I usually write them in a sort of code so that if the recipient of any present listed should find the list, it would be meaningless.   This time I have cracked it and made the list and filed it on my computer under CHRISTMAS LIST.   You can't get more straightforward than that  can you?

Now that my final batch of guests have departed before the festive season I shall begin to make my cakes (I make four - three as presents and one for ourselves (I don't like it anyway).   When I have finished today's post I shall start writing my Christmas cards.

So, you will see, I am well prepared and intend to take it all in my stride.   No need to do otherwise.

Pouring rain has given way to strong wind and bright sunshine - quite a cheery day from inside but as the wind is directly from the North I expect it is a different story outside the door.

My exercise class has been cancelled as the tutor is not well.   It is five weeks since we had a class and my joints are going rusty.   I try to keep busy and energetic but it is not the same as doing it all to music (and yes, I know, I could put the radio on at home and do the exercises - but I don't.   I need others to participate).

The whole time I have been writing this a little robin has been perched on the top of the privet hedge just outside the hall window - I think he is reminding me that there are only thirty shopping days to Christmas.   I need to go out there and tell him that I don't care - it is all done and dusted.


donna baker said...

Pat, your post gave me a good laugh this morning - and a little kick in the rear. Haven't done a thing for Christmas yet, not even lists to lose yet.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I've never liked Christmas Cake...usually dry as a bone with rather cranky icing and marzipan...ugh almonds. A lot of chstimas food doesn't really interest me actually, I can take or leave xmas pud, no matter how Hestonly of orange it is.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Now your list is safe on the 'puter I hope you don't lose the computer!!

Rachel Phillips said...

You had better make a note in your handy reminder notebook, where you jot things down, "Christmas list" on computer.

Ivy, Phyllis and Me! said...

Good Afternoon Pat, I had to smile, because like you, I have been making Christmas present lists written on scraps of paper as well. The trouble is, I think of something and write it down, thinking I'll remember where I wrote it, but I don't, I forget. Usually it is on a piece of paper my husband has decided to throw away.
Oh, I have to tell you I love, love, Christmas cake and Christmas pudding, perhaps not on Christmas Day, but a few days afterwards, it's just perfect.
How lovely to sit and watch the little robin in your garden.... they are cute aren't they.
I hope you don't have to wait much longer for your keep fit group to get back together again.
Best Wishes

jinxxxygirl said...

We have gotten down to the place where we don't exchange presents... Its a little sad to me but financially its better for all.. We do occasionally exchange homemade gifts if any of us are so inclined... We give giftcards to the two grandchildren as sadly we really don't know them well enough to know what they would like.. But the rest of us are all grown ups... hard to believe my daughter will turn 30 just before Christmas.. and my step son turned 36 a few months back... getting old i tell you ... getting old... Retiring is grand but not so grand when you are living off of not as much money as when you were working...almost makes you want to go back to work... almmost... lol Lovely to hear you are getting all your Christmas 'chores' done... I have yet to start my Christmas cards...i do enjoy sending and receiving them... i don't think that will ever change.. :) Hugs! deb

Librarian said...

Here in Germany, we don't have Christmas cake and Christmas pudding, so I have never tried either. But I find it funny that you make four cakes in spite of not liking it, while some other bloggers I regularly read say they have to downsize and make only a very small one because they are the only ones in their households to like it!

I love Christmas a lot and usually keep adding to the notepad feature on my mobile phone all year round. Whenever someone mentions they like this or that, or would love to read this or that book, or have been thinking about buying something or other, I take a note of it. Then I consult those notes before Christmas or when a birthday is coming up. No danger of me losing the list, as it would mean losing my mobile phone, and I have never lost a phone, set of keys or wallet.

Nice image of you typing while a robin sits on the hedge out in the sunshine!

angryparsnip said...

I have all my shopping done of what I buy, I shop mostly, shops are hard for me I like to look and see the decorations. But I have step away from the germy kids and people.
The Christmas Card is being drawn tomorrow. Then to the printer. Should have been done already but I had some home repairs to get done first.
I can look out my window and see all the birds and animals that mosey through my side yard. I love your little robins. They are so round and cute.

cheers, parsnip

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I don't know how to say this Mrs Weaver but err..talking to garden birds is one of the first signs of madness.

Derek Faulkner said...

But there's worse ways of going mad YP, talking to some people can drive you madder.

Heather said...

If talking to birds is a sign of madness, I'm already there. I always have a chat with the robin who comes and sings to me while I am gardening.
I don't need to be organised this Christmas as it will be a very quiet one and we are giving money instead of gifts. Not as much fun perhaps but at least they can choose what they want to spend it on.
You are very well organised - I shall probably write our cards in two or three weeks time.
I don't go to an exercise class but hope that gardening helps. I planted 10 raspberry canes today and am already looking forward to reaping a nice little crop.

Frugal in Derbyshire said...

I haven't started anything yet Weave. I saw this post and decided I should at least make a few lists! I save £25 per month to buy presents. Food-wise, as there always seems to be many around my table all year, I'll just have to ramp it up a bit for Christmas. On Christmas day nearly everyone who comes brings something towards the meal, which helps a lot.
As for Christmas cards, I really don't like them, but hate those "round robin" jobs even more!
We are low on robins this year, but plenty of wrens and nuthatch.

Midmarsh John said...

The nearest I got to being a good Boy Scout today was to put in a preliminary grocery order for delivery 21st December. Had to grab a delivery spot while there were a few left.

Joanne Noragon said...

We will decorate here a little, but the real job is for Laura to decorate, the week we are in Wisconsin at Christmas.

Cro Magnon said...

My supermarket has recently erected a huge Christmas tree in the entrance hall. I look the other way!

Whilst my back was turned yesterday, Lady Magnon made Rock Cakes and Shortbread biscuits. Both were stunningly good. She's getting very good at baking.

Gwil W said...

I always go to the Christ Church Christmas market. It's at the weekend. It's where my Christmas starts. They have everything from a bagpiper player to whisky tasting and much more.

Bovey Belle said...

Christmas is going to be all last minute for me I fear, as my friend is sinking now, and I will have a funeral to attend. Mind you, I may take a leaf from your book and make a start on my Christmas cards this afternoon, and at least get the three or four overseas ones done and ready to post. I need to answer a few letters too, but those will have to be typed up onthe computer as my scrawl will be illegible if I sit on the sofa and write them.

I am one for losing shopping lists - or rather, writing them, getting to town, and finding I have left the list on the kitchen table . . .

Anonymous said...

I'm a list maker too, and also write mine in code, and then can't remember what it all means :o) I'm ahead with presents etc as well. I love Christmas, but not the rushed version so I always try to be ready ahead of time. Does anyone actually like Christmas cake? Almost everyone I know doesn't eat it! Hope you can get back to your classes soon.

Derek Faulkner said...

I love Christmas cake but it has to be good and moist cake. My ex-wife always started her's off in September. She would mix all the ingredients in a bowl with rum or brandy and then leave the mixture in the bowl for a few days before baking. The cake would then go into a tin in a cupboard and at regular intervals up to Christmas she would pierce it with a skewer and pour more brandy into the holes.
The result would be one seriously lovely and moist cake.

Frances said...

It's fun to read about the Christmas preparations you and the earlier commenters have been making.

I've finished painting over half of my Christmas cards, at a pace that was relaxed. I've got some gifts to make, a few to buy, but any Christmas baking is weeks away. One of my brothers will be baking my grandmother's Christmas fruitcake recipe with our Mom officiating from the sideline. It's grand that he enjoys baking and is very good at it.

I would love to be able to see a round little British robin outside my window.


Terry and Linda said...

I've been making lists also. Working on putting all the food together, grandchildren presents and the things that must be done SOON!


The Weaver of Grass said...

I enjoyed reading all the little quirks in your Christmas preparations. Also - YP -
I know I am a little mad so shall continue to talk to the birds, especially that robin who seems to know that showing off in front of the kitchen window means he gets a handful of suet.
Thanks for making this a Christmassy start to the season!