Friday 25 November 2016


And not Black up here in The Dales I must say - we are just not cajoled into spending our hard-earned money on things which are supposedly 'special offers' for Black Friday.
It has been the most beautiful cold, sunny, still, late Autumn day - the kind of day when it feels good to be alive.  I have a friend who has had a severe stroke and I was conscious this morning of how J would be missing her beloved birds as she lays semi-conscious in her hospital bed.

I have finished my Christmas shopping (says she boastfully) - mainly because most of it has been done on line.   I am now going to sit down and finish writing my Christmas Cards.   That only leaves me to make four Christmas cakes, which I make every year - one for us, one for my son and his wife and two as presents.   I shall just make those in odd moments as and when I have an afternoon at home - and I shall enjoy it, knowing that the pressure is off.
   I am going out to lunch tomorrow with friends and looking forward to that greatly.   Always something to look forward to - that is the solution for me. 
 **Hot off the press.
This afternoon the farmer came in half way through the afternoon having slipped into the beck while cleaning in out (it was blocked with weed and backing up so in danger of flooding the field).
Totally wet from the waist down he got a good telling off from me - not for getting soaked but for doing a job which I don't think he should have been doing - he should have got someone in to do it.   So his clothes are all now in the washing machine and he is warm and dry again.


donna baker said...

Didn't know you also had black Friday in the K. They start it Thankgiving night and I always avoid shopping on Thursday and Friday. I was watching a piece on television while reading and you are like the 29 year olds doing most of their shopping online. You are quite ahead of me, but somehow it always gets done.

jinxxxygirl said...

Pat i'am sorry to hear about your friend J...I will keep her in my thoughts today.. and wishing her well... Not much gift giving going on this year... if we give gifts.. its usually something we've hand made as both hubby and i are the crafty I've always liked the idea of a handmade Christmas... its more inline with my thoughts on Christmas and not spending alot of money.. its more about the time and love that goes into something.. But then not everybody is into making handmade things..

Your going out to lunch with friends sounds wonderful! Think of me... I'll be painting my front foyer area the most wonderful shade of blue... :)AND i will start unpacking some boxes...!!!!! Putting some decorations on the wall...Big Hugs! deb

Elizabeth said...

How wonderfully well organized you are, Pat!
This gives you time to savor the season without rushing about like a mad person!
And yes, I can resist 'black Friday'.
Hope to make many presents.
But I have to work on my Christmas card designs and list.
Warmest wishes to you both from both of us here.

A Heron's View said...

Black Friday's here in Ireland take place the last Friday in every month when prices come down a bit. Having said that some people believe that prices are pushed up a week before hand and then reduced to the normal price; I know that sounds cynical but it is business after all.

Derek Faulkner said...

Black Friday has nil effect on me, I buy most of my stuff from Amazon but only when I want it, not because it's cheap on a particular day, that's for people who lack restraint. The same people who will go out again after Christmas and spend another load of money at the Christmas Sales, once again on stuff they don't really need.
As for Christmas effort, well I have bought a pack of six cards this year, now who do I send them too.

Maria said...

I also, "always have something to look forward to" - you have expressed my exact feelings, Pat.
Greetings Maria x

Heather said...

It's good to always have something to look forward to, even if it's only getting into a nice comfy bed! I usually write my Christmas cards in the first week of December and hope I dont receive any late ones from anyone who hasn't already had one from me.
We have had a glorious day here too, and I have been able to remove a load of dead stuff from the front garden which had made a great improvement. Sadly there are still weeds growing and I it is still too wet to give the lawn it's final cut of the year.
Enjoy your lunch out tomorrow and I do hope your friend will be able to recover - even if not fully - from her stroke.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know it was Black Friday! Sorry to hear about your friend, I hope she recovers in due course. I'm concentrating on Christmas stuff next week x

Joanne Noragon said...

It is the same bright day here, after a drizzly start. When I came back through town to go home, there are cars at all the shops and cars in every parking lot and street parking space, many sporting trees tied atop. It all made me smile.

angryparsnip said...

I always try to have something to look forward. Even if it as small as sitting down and watching a movie where the big TV is and not doing any work at my desk.
Beyond sorry to hear that you have Black Friday. Not the best export from America.
I have all my shopping done, also on line. Just a few handmade gifts to finish. I was late this year with them.
Hope your friend will be better soon and not miss this lovely season and her birds.

woofs from thehamish
cheers, parsnip

Librarian said...

Up until last year, I never heard or saw anything about Black Friday here in Germany; I only knew it through books and films set in the US. But this year, my hometown's biggest shopping mall boasts a large banner "Special Friday" (not "Black", no idea why), and I've seen leaflets stuck in with my weekly paper advertising various shops' "Black Friday" offers. The thought of so many shoppers, all intent on that super bargain (which most of the time is just something of low quality at still too high a price), puts me off it completely.

Well done for having finished nearly all your Christmas preparations! I have bought and ordered most presents already, but will put together the packages for the family in Yorkshire some time next week, when I will also write my Christmas cards.

Hildred said...

Just getting caught up on my blog visits, Pat, and have lots of things I would like to say about your last three or four posts, but will contain myself and just comment on Black Friday, which I look upon as a horrendous commercialization of Christmas, but still am tempted to buy $29.00 shirts for the boys which are regularly $54.99. But I resisted! I am knitting socks and weaving scarves.

Gail, northern California said...

Most fellas just react to the situation at hand and worry about the consequences later, especially if they've handled things all their lives. They don't give the scolding they deserve much thought. I'll bet he couldn't wait to get to the house and his loving wife!

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Well done already having your shopping done! I have yet to begin. -Jenn

Cro Magnon said...

My shopping starts around Dec 23rd.

Gwil W said...

Well done. You can now start your Easter shopping . . .

Jennyff said...

Makes me feel very guilty that I have done precious little to organise Christmas, maybe you could do my shopping too, and make me a cake, and decorate the house. Nice to be back in Gods country despite the pressure of upcoming festivities.