Friday, 29 August 2014

Shortage of posts this week.

There has been a shortage of posts this week, mainly because I have been too busy doing cleaning jobs - Autumn cleaning rather than Spring cleaning here on the farm.

Cleaning is one of those jobs that when you start, each job you do shows up something else that needs doing - and so it goes on.
First of all the farmer rubbed down, cleaned and re-stained the back door.   That made the shed door opposite look very shabby, so her rubbed down and painted it, which in turn made the shed window look grubby.   And so it went on.   Then the sweep came and moving the wood burner showed up that the wall behind it needed attention, so the builder came and did that.   Finally today the farmer hired the carpet cleaner and cleaned the carpet.   This made the china on the Welsh dresser look in need of a wash - that is now done and that is it!

However I did take time out today - first to have coffee with the 'girls' as usual this morning and then this afternoon to go with friend W to see an exhibition of religious art painted by well-known twentieth century artists - Graham Sutherland, Elizabeth Frinck to name the two I can remember.  Interesting stuff.

The exhibition was mounted at our local Auction House and there is a Sale tomorrow, so today is viewing day and there were a lot of people looking round.  We had a look round the Lots for sale.   I often watch Antiques programmes, mainly because they usually occur around tea time and we have tea on a tray and sit by the wood burner.   The experts always seem to pick up a bargain.   I must say, looking round the stuff on offer today there did seem an awful lot of rubbish.   I'm sure that judging by the number of people there who were marking their catalogues and looking into boxes and crates with a serious look on their faces, there was a lot of good stuff to be had - but it was hard to see from where I stood.   There were several fur coats, each with an over-riding smell of mothballs.

I do think all these antiques programmes have made us all much more aware of what there is on offer and what is to be found among stuff that all looks pretty useless.

Autumn draws on here - today there has been sun but also some very heavy showers - fine, warmer weather forecast for next week.  It can't come too soon.   We still have three fields to second silage yet.



jinxxxygirl said...

Oh i clean some in the Spring too but my 'deep' cleaning tends to happen in the Fall before we have to close up for Winter.... Not sure why that just feels 'right' but it does and thats what i do....

Flea Mrkts have taken on a whole new meaning out her in California for us.... Flea Mrket does not mean another man's 'treasure' here.... No a flea market in CA means cheap goods brought in from china or some such place sold at a good price..... so NOT what i was looking for.... I have yet to find a flea market here in CA that fits my idea of a flea market... I guess i like an eclectic mix... some old some new...some antique items some hand crafted know just a nice mix... If i wanted some cheap plastic thing from China i would have went to Walmart! Geesh! my soapbox now.. :)

Sounds like you had a good time...I'm sure i would have enjoyed it too.... Our temps here are in the 90's... uuughh... Fall where are you?!! Sun, sun and more sun... Ah well i'm off to clean! :) Hugs! deb

MorningAJ said...

Oh Sutherland and Frink are two of my favourites

Heather said...

Glad you have taken time off to have some fun after all that cleaning - I am feeling very guilty!
Watching the Antiques Road Show I am amazed at some of the items that are valued so highly. However, I would never buy anything for the sake of owning a valuable piece if I didn't like it.
Looking forward to that promised warmer weather.

angryparsnip said...

Wow all that cleaning and still time to visit with friends !
This is for jinxxxygirl.... I lived in California for many years and decided no to the flea markets. The way I figured it out was so many people moved west ( Arizona and California) and sold off everything they could. Less to move.
So no real finds.

cheers, parsnip

Amy said...

so it's autumn for you and spring for us here in NZ. I had coffee with the girls too yesterday along with pavlova :-)

Rachel said...

It is drizzling here this morning and lots of wheat still to cut. Harvest wont be finished this weekend that's for sure.