Friday, 16 November 2012

Getting ready for Christmas.

Friend, W, has just sent me an e mail to ask if I wish to go shopping for Christmas with her this week.   When I think that Christmas is only five weeks away next Tuesday, the answer has got to be yes.

I love Christmas and I love the giving of presents.   I make lists and lists of lists and I tick and cross as I go.   I print out my card envelopes and get them all ready in good time.  I start relatively early and try to have everything well in place.

But I have got into the habit of making four cakes for family and friends and four Christmas puddings - and they are still to be done.   So yes thank you, W, this should kick start me into thinking hard about dotting the i's and crossing the t's.

Each year I put away the decorations for another year and the next year I get them out of their boxes like old friends.    There is something about Christmas that is good for the soul and I would not like to get into that mode which says I am not buying any presents or sending any cards this year.  (mainly because I like to be on the receiving end too!) - and really expense does not necessarily come into it - I love tiny home made gifts just as much.

So this week sees the freezer receiving food specially for the festive season and a real start being made on serious gift buying.  The farmer is probably my most difficult one to buy a present for as he never wants anything - but this year I have had a brilliant idea - all will be revealed on my blog on Boxing Day. 


Em Parkinson said...

I'm like you - I like to have everything organised early otherwise it's so stressful. I've nearly finished my Christmas shopping already!

Rachel said...

Hi, i like your post. It doesn't feel very Christmassy to me yet, hard to believe it is only five weeks away. I can't wait to hear what you are getting the farmer for his present. The mind boggles!

angryparsnip said...

Love the Christmas season... and I always design my cards so that gets me going very early. I start thinking in the summer.
I don't make several cakes like you do (wish I did,I remember the ones you posted last year they looked and sounded so good) but I have to make sure my Christmas Boxes are sent off to Japan and the UK on time so I get started early.
I so dislike when people say "Oh it is too much trouble"...blah blah blah, to send cards.
When did sending good wishes to family and friends become a chore ? It is really besides ones birthday that is the right time to send a card or even if you wish a small gift too.
Most of my friend do not need or want anything so something to eat or a plant is so easy and so perfect.
Remember to post your cakes again, I can't eat them but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy seeing them.

cheers, parsnip

rachel said...

It's so hard to buy a present for someone who has everything they want and no imagination to make your task easier! I know that I am that person - it drives friends and family mad.

I haven't made a start yet, either, but thank you for the much-needed prompt.

Heather said...

I can't leave things until the last minute either and am doing quite well with my preparations. It's a lovely moment when you think of a suitable gift for the man who has everything! Happy Christmas shopping.

Shirley said...

Having spent all my young years over there enjoying a cold Christmas and hot food, even though living over here in Aus for over 30 years Christmas doesn't feel quite the same when it is hot and the menu is salads, cold meat, sea food because usually it is a really hot day!

Gerry Snape said...

my lovely daughter-in-law has started feeding the christmas cakes.....that means two things....1. it must be nearer than I realised and 2. puts me in the mood!!!

Cloudia said...

Yes; Good for the soul! As a hermit couple, we have no obligations and get to enjoy the music, food, and fuss from a comfortable, peaceful distance!

Happy Aloha Friday!
Comfort Spiral

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acornmoon said...

Good to hear you have things under control and are not stressed by the thought of Christmas.

ArtPropelled said...

Weaver, how can we wait until boxing day to find out about your brilliant idea? Sighhhh .... ah well we don't want the farmer to get wind of the surprise so patience is the word.

Golden West said...

I'm with you on all counts, Weaver. I look forward to Christmas all year. I've started bringing out my decoration already (!), as it takes me a couple weeks to get it all organized - so many memories rekindled and new ones to make!

The Weaver of Grass said...

More preparations made today and also the ingredients for Christmas puddings bought - so preparations well ahead. Thanks for your visit.

Mary said...

Oh i love getting going with the Christmas stuff! The ribbons, bows, wrapping of gifts. I really DO like the giving better than the receiving, especially for my ten year old nephew and seven year old niece! :) Fun. And i like the baking too.. i share a lot as i'm trying to watch my figure. Good luck with your arrangements!