Thursday, 15 November 2012

Back to normal.

Whatever normal is.   I have had a visitor staying for a few days and it has been lovely.   We have spent many hours down memory lane.   My visitor was my niece and as there are only eleven years between us, in many ways we were like sisters.   Each time we meet there is a lot of catching up to do.

Also we have been out and about.   Yesterday we went to Kirby Lonsdale in Cumbria - about forty miles away through spectacular scenery.   We had a mooch round the shops, already full of Christmas things, and a walk to Ruskin's Lune View, which I have talked about on here several times in the past.   After a lovely lunch of Blackened salmon served on a bed of saute garlic potatoes with tzatziki we came back by a different route.   Sadly dear blogging friends, I blotted my copy book!

Driving along a narrow road I pulled over too far to let another approaching car have more road and caught my wing mirror on a piece of hedge which was sticking out.  'Bang' the glass in the wing mirror broke.   I do hope it is not seven years bad luck.

The farmer was wonderfully unfazed by it (it is his car).   This afternoon he has gone into Northallerton to take my niece to the station to catch her train home and to get a replacement wing mirror glass.   I did offer to pay for the mirror but he turned down the offer - it is wonderful being married to someone who goes along with such an even temper and in such a state of generosity.  He has earned a lot of Brownie points in addition to the pile he already had.

This morning we have walked round Richmond and called in the King's Head for hot chocolate and a toasted teacake - neither of which we really needed - so now I am feeling over full of food.
Still, chatting over old times has been lovely, as it always is.

Tomorrow I hope to be back to normal.  Today has been voting day for the new Police commissioners.   No-one has been round to canvass for votes here, there have been no fliers pushed through letter boxes - I have no idea about who is standing, what their policies are, what the job entails.   I shall therefore not be voting.  If the candidates can't be bothered to call and discuss it with me, I can;t be bothered to go and vote.   Some people are predicting a turn out in single figures.  Tomorrow will tell.   Did you vote?   


MorningAJ said...

As a woman I feel it's my duty to vote. Women died, fighting for my right to place an X on a piece of paper. The candidates haven't campaigned in our neck of the woods either. But we have a postal vote, so at least I know what parties they represent because it was written on the ballot paper.

Elizabeth said...

Oh yes, I did vote!
Could not bear the thought of yet another was and the Republicans were all gung-ho to bomb Iran.
I'm much too left-wing for the US and a great supported of socialised medicine and taxing the rich.
I'm surprised they allow me to stay here at all.
I always enjoy your food updates.
A toasted teacake would go down quite well about now.
Yes, the Farmer sounds an excellent husband.
I managed to be reasonably kind to mine when he ran off the road in a snowstorm some years ago......going down a hill I told him was too steep for bad weather.

Elizabeth said...

WAR sorry error above.

Heather said...

Breaking the wing mirror must have been so frustrating Pat, but it could have been worse and you were being a courteous driver. Your niece must have enjoyed her visit as much as you did.
Yes, we both voted today. We thought more information could have been forthcoming but managed to make a decision. I have a feeling that it has been an awful waste of money but time will tell and I wish the elected officers well in their unenviable roles.

John Gray said...

yes I did..... alas only a handful from the village ( 50 or so) did before I did

Rachel said...

I dont think breaking a wing mirror counts! Quite right that the farmer was nice about it; just the way I would expect him to be. I did vote, by party.

rachel said...

I voted - but only because 38 Degrees, whose political pressurising and opinions I trust, urged us to do so. But what a disgraceful sham it all is - phoney democracy at its worst. I just couldn't bear being one of the huge majority who didn't because they (and I) didn't have a clue or any information either, to make an informed decision. But oh, I was sorely tempted to spoil my paper with some rudeness!

shadypinesqltr said...

Hello, Weaver. I read your blog often and enjoy it immensely.
Wen I became old enough to vote in the UK, I was stationed in the Far East and didn't bother. Then I married and came to the States and wasn't able to vote. It didn't really bother me as my husband voted the same way I would have. However, as we grew older his politics changed. After 35 years, I decided it was time to take the plunge and got my citizenship. I now relish the opportunity to vote and do so proudly.
I am coming over next week to visit my sisters and am looking forward to a lot catching up, tea and toasted teacakes!

Cloudia said...

" it is wonderful being married to someone who goes along with such an even temper and in such a state of generosity. "

So agree, and so delighted that we both share this boon.

Yes! Voted for Obama!

Aloha Dear
Comfort Spiral

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Dominic Rivron said...


Dave King said...

I didn't vote for the reason that you give. Absolutely no information about the candidates.

I also broke a wing mirror in almost the same way you did - but ours was mirror to mirror> Funny though, I congratulated myself that it was ONLY the glass that had broken - never thought of the 7 years bad luck angle. Guess that's why the fates are paying me back now!

Crafty Green Poet said...

we didn't have those elections up here, otherwise I would have voted (largely due to the campaigns that were going on to put wildlife crime on the agenda). I agree with you though, it certainly feels less imperative to vote if the candidates can't be bothered sending out information

The Weaver of Grass said...

The apathy is sad and I feel ashamed that I am part of it, but the turn out is terribly low and the cost was tremendous. I suppose that is the price of democracy.

Gerry Snape said...

we adore the walk to
Ruskin's view!! well will be a while before we do that again.