Sunday, 6 December 2009

New Poetry Site.

I am busy today and so short of time. But I am just posting a short blog which may be of interest to all of those would-be poets who are missing TFE's Monday Poetry Bus (oh how I am missing that sense of direction it gave me).
Poet in Residence (see my blog list as I am useless at links) has a new project which I am quite excited about. If you go to his site and click on Poetry Twenty Ten on his side bar (it is a little picture of a shop with someone entering at the door) you will be able to download a Print your own pamphlet about his poetry twenty ten project. It has already got me thinking, so if you feel deprived of Poetry stimulation that's the place to go!
Have a good Sunday evening by the fire. See you tomorrow.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Thanks for the tip!
And yes, I shall be sitting by the fire this evening! It is COLD here!

Jinksy said... Some beautiful frog fasteners to contemplate here!
I can imagine a couple of fastenings that would work, but, without sending you one made up, I'm blowed if I can explain what's in my mind! I could possibly send a diagram, if you email me your address?

Anonymous said...

I'll go check it out - thanks.

Gwil W said...

Thank you for the plug Weaver.

I'll stick it on the electric blanket...brrr!

No, seriously Weaver many thanks.

It was Dominic's idea. If it all goes pear-shaped we'll blame him
(;>) he, ho!