Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Name your presents!

Santa is busy compiling his lists, feeding up his reindeer for the long journeys ahead, polishing the skis on his sled, keeping to his strict diet so that he can manage to squeeze down the narrowest chimney, instructing his elves......I won't go on get the picture.
Here in Cyberland money is no object. If all we do is "think" things then they become relatively inexpensive, don't they?
I don't know about you lot out there but I honestly can't think of anything I want to put on Santa's list this year. I do always have a Christmas charity (usually a cancer one as a dear friend died of the disease a few years ago). But I have to say that it is rather nice to sit round a log fire on Christmas morning, the turkey in the oven, a glass in my hand and take the presents from under the tree and open them. Such a lovely feeling - especially if they are books.
So here is my task for today for you to do. Choose yourself three cyber presents - money no object, doesn't matter how fanciful they are (yes, girls, you may choose George Clooney if you wish) - just tell us all which three presents you would like to find under the Christmas Tree on Christmas morning.
I'll start you off. Well, one thing I really would like (hint, hint to the farmer) is a really good, bright floor lamp with a magnifying extension so that I can embroider in the evenings; another thing I always admire is a really, really good fountain pen and a supply of good quality ink (yes, I know everyone communicates by e mail or writes with a biro but this is cyberland remember) and to go with it some really top-quality writing paper and envelopes - wonderful;thirdly - well a supply of fresh flowers throughout the year would be rather nice.
I began to think of fanciful things - all my family back round the Christmas table (I am the last remaining one as I was by far the youngest); my past dogs - Oscar the pointer and Algy the pug (both long dead now) falling out with Tess over who sits nearest the Aga; a solution to the Israeli/Palestinian problem would be wonderful too. - Oh how long a fanciful list would be.
So here is your task for this evening, dear readers: Compile your cyber santa list - money no object. Three things you would like. And if you fancy naming three things in the category I have called fanciful, then please do that also.


Sande said...

I'm with you with the fountain pen...

...three things hey?

1. a light and sunny living room
2. lens digital camera
3. healing

Sure. A little harder to wrap but who's not up for a challenge?

Heather said...

Like you I can't think of anything I really want this Christmas but there is a book. This is quite a challenge but a single storey barn conversion with lots of character but a modern bathroom and farmhouse kitchen. Plus a garage workshop for my husband to play in and a studio for me. An easy to manage garden as we are not getting any younger - country aspect but near shops, doctor, dentist, etc. I this would fit the fantasy list too.

FireLight said...

Weaver of Grass, hello. I came here to ask you a question about a term in a ballad that I use in my unit on ballads.
Have you ever heard the phrase
"turled low on the pin" ? It is in the traditional ballad "The Drowned Lovers." Let me know if it rings a bell.
As soon as your page opened, I said to myself, "You need to be here every day!"
After seeing your enchanting header, though yours is only aheavy frost, my first wish is for SNOW on a Christmas morning! (The Weathr Channel here in the US has a contest going for this...write an essay ...if you win...they will make it snow at your house.)It is not too likely where I live. Reading your poignant wish for family around the table went straight to my heart. Each year, I find myself coming to terms with all my dear Ghosts of members and dear friends who have left this realm. Also among the Ghosts, are many beloved pets...all a part of my life. Just a message or a sign from any one of them would be a treasure.
On the more realistic level....How about a trip to Yorkshire???...Maybe in March when there may still be some snow, but lots of daffodils?
And if I am really lucky, tea with you and that darling border terrier!
I am going to remind Santa about your fountain pen!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is like talking about lottery money. Ha... I can spend it many ways. Just for a start...

1. New kitchen
2. Watercolor classes from great teachers.
3. Around the world birding trip.

I remember as a child in class the teacher asking what I would want and I said World Peace. She said it wasn't a gift and I had to choose something else. I always wondered about her response. I still wish for it on more than this one occasion for wishing.

Dominic Rivron said...

I wonder if one can apply to Santa for a SantaCard? It would save him trailing round with a sleigh and, using it, you could shop online for whatever you wanted. Santa would pay for it.

Titus said...

Ooh Weaver, I'm good at these, being of an materialistic bent. Instant decisions too.

1. A Chrysler 300 (black, please). Top spec, biggest engine.
Looks like the sort of car Vinnie Jones would drive, and it also resembles the car from my favourite B-movie of all time, "The Car". In which a... car is possibly the devil, or at the least a demon, and terrorises a small American town where James Brolin live.

2. A House Elf who would do all the housework and ironing. I'll keep the washing and the gardening, thanks.

3. Any painting by Piero della Francesca.

Thanks, imagination Santa!

Grizz………… said...

Three things…

1) An agate from a Lake Superior beach.

2) A small wood box, handmade from Osage orange.

3) A half-dozen books of poetry from no later than 1940—used rather than new books, because used books "feel" better and have a history—the poets being giver's choice so long as they have the breath of nature and country life in their verses occasionally, and are not by those household names everyone tends to quote.

I already have several fountain pens… but not a Mont Blanc.

Anonymous said...

A glass paperweight by Peter Raos.

A fleece dog coat that actually fits my great dane.

My grandmother Elsie back, for even just one hour.

steven said...

everyone i've loved in my life back in one room for an evening with me. the ability to be good and fearless for the rest of my life. to see the world pass through its adolescence and into young adulthood in my lifetime. steven

Raph G. Neckmann said...

(Algy the pug! Are you a fan of Rupert too, Weaver?)

Three things ... hmmm ...

One would have to be some nice tekky computery kit.

Two is a year's supply of lovely rich garden compost!

Three - a tour of planet Earth!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Great idea Weaver, hope you get yours. I'd like..
1) 12 inches of snow on Christmas Day

2) A deliciousy strong Belgian beer that lowers your cholesterol, blood pressure and weight.

3) A silver grey Aston Martin DB9.

Thanks Weaver. (You are actually getting us these things,right?)

mansuetude said...


but my list is in my heart by the fire and its cookies and its congnac for Santa... he loves to sip and stare at the fire.

peace on earth and bounty.
to you.too.

Pondside said...

No limit? Anything? Hmmmmmm
1. An office on the mainfloor of the house - one with bookcases and a fire
2. A year's contract with a cleaning lady
3. A gardener

Cloudia said...

I want to ride a winged horse,
wearing wonderful clothes
sprinkling peace
over the Earth!

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral

Elisabeth said...

For me, Weaver, a new lap top computer that I need not share with my children; a month long writing workshop, the likes if which I've only ever managed before in week long batches; and finally, finally all the repairs that need completion at our house including a secure gate for the dog in front and back and an end to all my troubles.

There are specific ones that go beyond me and mine but it feels a bit like the wish you make over your birthday cake when you blow out the candles - it needs to be kept secret, otherwise it won't come true.

Sorry to mix celebrations, birthdays and Christmas, but it is fun imagining.

Unknown said...

Hello Weaver,

If you can help, I'd like:

1. The shop to be full of customers, actually buying stuff!
2. An exotic, relaxing Winter holiday.
3. Good health for me and mine.

ArtPropelled said...

1.To spend christmas day with all my loved ones who've passed on.

2. A round the world trip at leisure with spending money.

3. A spacious well lit studio.

Dave King said...

I shall give that thought. The idea of thinking them into existence appeals. I wonder where I can take it...

The Weaver of Grass said...

Sande - thanks for visiting - I shall call in and see you soon. I have a light and sunny living room - one of my joys - but healing, although very difficult to wrap as you say - brilliant.

Heather - that barn conversion - wow, some Christmas present that would be. I love your husband playing in his personal space while you embroider in yours.

Firelight - thanks for visiting, I shall pop over and see you soon.
Glad you are enjoying my blog.

Lisa - I like the idea of a round the world birding trip - I have always fancied seeing a blue footed booby - and also penguins in the arctic.

Dominic - I like the idea of that Santa card - it would cover a multitude of sins.

Titus - I have a house elf for two hours on a Monday - wish it were more. Don' fancy a car but Piero della Francasca - now you are talking - if I could chose it would be his nativity.

Scribe - what lovely simple things you wish for. I do like the idea of old books rather than new ones. As you say - they have a history. I like them particularly if they have an inscription in them. I bought a complete Tennyson a while ago which says in the front T0 Nellie, Christmas 1910 - there is a whole history there and I shall never know it.

Karen - lovely wishes. I expect Great Danes are quite hard to tailor coats for.

Steven - I like the idea of an adolescent world reaching maturity.

Raph - nice giraffy things you wish for and - yes - I am a great Rupert fan!

TFE - never thought of you as a silver/grey Aston Martin man! If you discover that non-calorie beer no doubt you will make enough money from selling it to buy that Aston Martin.

Mansuetude - cookies and cognac? Here Santa gets a mince pie and a cup of tea (if he is lucky)

Pondside - an office with a fire - now that would be a good idea.

Cloudia - lovely magical ideas.

Elizabeth - a month-long writing workshop with no worries about washing, ironing, cooking and cleaning - now that would indeed be wonderful.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Derrick - that shop full of customers sounds from the heart. I so often walk round shops without buying anything and feel i must be really irritating the owner.
Robyn - if Santa brings you that trip round the world you must call in here and see us!

Dave - think on, I am sure you can come up with something. The older one gets the less one wants, I find.

Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

Hi Weaver,
If I could choose anything it would have to be
1.The money to pay for an art degree!
2.An art studio full of art materials.
3.A job for my husband

Jane Moxey said...

I'd love to have a standing appointment for manicures and pedicures, a daily housekeeper, and a nice little house near a beach to go to for the winter months!

I remember being thrilled with a Parker fountain pen for my 21st birthday and thought I was so hip to use black ink in it! Hope Santa is listening to your request for a nice fountain pen.