Tuesday, 21 October 2008

York Minster

Yesterday I went to York and for the first time (I am ashamed to say) visited the Minster.
Initially I was quite shocked to find that paying to enter was compulsory (although there was a notice to say that if one wished to go in for worship it was free!) There were two "box offices" and we had to queue to get in.
But once inside this magnificent building we were overwhelmed by its beauty. I have mixed feelings about the paying but I do appreciate that these buildings take such an enormous amount of money to heat and maintain and I must say that everything was in superb order.
I took quite a few photographs and have posted some of them below. I thought readers of my blog might like a short tour.
It is the largest medieval gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. I quote from the brochure we were given:-
"A cathedral is the mother church of a diocese. It is where a bishop has his cathedra or "seat'".
York is also a minster, which was the Anglo Saxon name for a missionary church - a church built as a new centre for Christian worship. The first Minster in York was built as such a centre in 627AD"
I hope you enjoy looking at the photographs.


Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

What wonderful images Weaver. Cathedrals are such a work of art and wonderful to visit. Sad you have to pay to get in. I suppose as you said it does cost a lot of money to maintain these wonderful old buildings. I think I need to save up for world trip at this rate!

Annie Wicking said...

This is what I love so much about blogging, not only do I get to meet such wonderful people, but I get to see such beautiful places.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Best wishes,


willow said...

I adore wonderful magestic cathedrals like this one. Thanks for posting these breathtaking photos!

Teehee, for some reason you called me Debra, but I'm Willow! ;^)

Janice Thomson said...

These are just fabulous photos Weaver - thank you for sharing your part of the world with us! As Annie says this is one thing that is so delightful about the internet.

The Weaver of Grass said...

There is a saying we have "Easr, West, Home's Best" madbush. Wherever I go it is always nice to get back home.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I agree absolutely Annie - blogging has transformed my life and when I get too infirm to walk far then I shall still be able to talk to friends.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Sorry I called you Debra, Willow! My computer skills are very sketchy and I obviously muddled you up with Debra (probably called her Willow too). Glad you enjoyed the photos.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks Janice - isn't it lovely to chat with people all over the world?

Dragonstar said...

These are beautiful photos. It's many, many years since I visited York - the Minster always seemed to be covered with scaffolding. I'd no idea you have to pay to enter now, but I suppose it makes sense. If people think it's worth seeing, then it's worth paying for.
Thanks for visiting again.

UKBob said...

Bob and i took a friend from argentina when she came to see us a few years ago. Dont mind paying if we dident it would not be there for us to enjoy. one time churchs had rich benefactors they seem thin on the ground now. did you go down to the foudations to see the old roman ruins. my place of worship is minimal being a baptist so its good to see all the grand designs. vicki

tumbleweed said...

haven't been to York since 1983 but i do recall a visit to the Minster...and a wonderful ramble along the walls of the town

Anonymous said...

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