Thursday, 3 September 2020


Two more achievements to tick off on my list today.   It is a quarter to three in the afternoon and I am pretty exhausted, but nothing than an hour on the settee watching 'Escape to the Country' shortly won't cure.    First it was Hairdresser at 9.30 as usual, going half an hour early to get a nearby parking place and sitting doing Mind Games in The Times until time for my hair appointment.   Then it was home again.   Lunch and then my two achievements for today.   The first was to get filled up with petrol - the first time since Lockdown began (well I haven't been anywhere to use any petrol until this week have I?) - try doing it with mask, hearing aids and specs, handbag and stick.   No easy matter but achieveable.   Job one done.


Then it was up to the Council Tip with a plethora of cardboard boxes which had been cluttering my garage for weeks.   The young men were unable to help me at all so I had (with all the accoutrements as above) to empty the boot and the front passenger seat and carry them to the appropriate skip my self.One young man took pity on me and did open the passenger side door and take the largest box.

I drove home exhausted by the effort but well-pleased with my day's work.   Tomorrow is another day and there is (hopefully) a good night's sleep i between.



Derek Faulkner said...

Good to see you still sticking to all the Covid precautions Pat, hard and as awkward as they might be. Despite near 47,000 deaths due to the virus, some people still find some of the precautions a bit of a joke and just scaremongering.

The Feminine Energy said...

There's nothing like being able to mark things off a To Do List, is there. Good for you, altho I'm sorry you got such little help with the boxes. :-( Love, Andrea xoxo

Rachel Phillips said...

Like you said with the shopping bags to the car the other day, help no longer given, it seems wicked that an old lady cannot be helped any more, with masks and social distancing precautions, that could be engaged.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I have enough trouble with mask and specs, frequently dislodging my glasses when taking off the mask. How you manage with hearing aids as well I don't know. I'd be catapulting them across the room, I'm sure. I'm baffled as to why you can't get help loading and unloading your car: my brother does 'click and collect' from Tesco - he backs in, unlocks the boot and they put the shopping in for him; he doesn't even get out of the car except to shut the boot after they've gone.

Heather said...

Well done you! I have had two trips out today on foot and feel worn out just for that.

Unknown said...

Be very careful while wearing your mask and your hearing-aid. A good friend lost her hearing-aid and didn't realize it. While fiddling with mask, steamed-up glasses, etc. She was very upset. We always feel great with our jobs well-done.

Unknown said...

Hi Weaver, I am the unknown and subject about the hearing -aid. Created a google account so I could reply. I am tech-challenged. Supposed to have my name. Nope I am an unknown. Oh well! My name is Bev. I reside in N. California. Have enjoyed your blog for a very long time, I will try to figure out how to get my name in there. Take care.

Sackerson said...

If I do anything where I think I've a lot to fumble with I start by taking my card out my wallet and sticking it in a pocket. I then leave wallet (or handbag if I had one) in the car.

Sue said...

Ridiculous state of affairs when young men can't help you out at the tip. I'm sure there are rules and regulations but even so.

Unknown said...

What a shame that you weren't offered assistance with the boxes. It must have been quite a struggle. I have been reading your blog for awhile and enjoy it so much. You are not daunted by much and I think it is a wonderful attitude to have especially for someone of your age. I too am an avid gardener so I quite enjoy hearing about your garden and your new patio!
Glad you are enjoying your soup maker. Your meals always sound very appetizing.

I am located near Toronto, ON Canada, in a sleepy little village which my family has lived in for 5 generations.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Well done and now time to put your feet up, watch some tv, have a cup of something warm and comforting. I love being able to tick things off a list. -Jenn

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

You get so much done. I wish you'd come and fix my boiler!

Joanne Noragon said...

That day would have put me out, too. Well done.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Unknown. A sleepy little village near Toronto - lucky you. Toronto is one of my favourite cities in Canada - have been a few times over the years.

Unknown 2 - nice to hear from you too. I am technically challenged too. Keep trying - nice to hear from you both.

Unkknown 3 - thanks for advice about hearing aids and masks. I am conscious of the fact that I can easily lose a hearing aid and try to always be sitting down when I remove my mask (often in the car)

Derek - as to precautions I have a son nearby who is keeping me on the straight and narrow - he is isolating with his wife who has very poor health and is making sure I keep to the rules.

Librarian said...

Well done, especially considering the difficult cirumstances! Like someone else here has mentioned, I find it bothersome enough to wear a mask AND specs, especially now that the colder season has begun and my specs fog up when entering a building or stepping on the train anyway.
I also don't understand why the young men at the tip were not able to help you. Covid-19 is not spread by carrying cardboard to a tip, and I doubt you and the young men were about to hug and kiss!

Derek Faulkner said...

Well good for you Pat and in your position, so you should. Some of the precautions do seem daft but they have a reason and I don't see why some people have to write on blogs mocking them.

GillyK said...

Next time you need stuff taking to the tip, let me know and I'll do it for you. I seem to go there a couple of times a week so an extra trip is no problem. You can email me or phone - 622446.
Don't forget!

Rambler said...

I do sympathise with you, Pat about the problems at the tip - though very well done for coping well. I also decided to get rid of some accumulated rubbish that was taking up space in my garage, so I loaded my car and drove to the tip. It wasn't my usual one as that one was limiting what it accepted to 'normal household waste'. But when I drove into the other one, it was to find that I was expected to carry everything myself up the flights of metal steps to chuck it into the huge skips. Separate skips for wood, glass, cardboard, metal, small electrical items (I was getting rid of a broken iron). No help was offered, so I had no choice but to return home. Grrrr!

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