Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Just another busy day

What should have been an ordinary day turned out to be such a busy day that when I finally got in again I sat down for five minutes before getting my lunch and fell asleep.   A caller ringing my door bell woke me.  

It was important to get that extra plant for my patio today.   If the men come they will not be able to do the next stage unless the plant is in place.   All I wanted was a prostrate evergreen so I expected to be able to get one locally.  No such luck.   I had to drive the twelve miles or so to my usual nursery and there I found a juniper and also a nice grey Santolina which adds another colour to the mix (also makes me back to an even number again!)

I didn't get back home until half past  one and was so tired that I had to have a sit down before lunch and as I said above, fell asleep.   Now, three hours later I have unloaded the plants from the car and carried them round the back of the bungalow, put away the empty containers for papers, tins and plastics (it is recycling collection day), wheeled my green bin round the back.   Just sat down again when the door bell rang and it was the local builder to look at the eaves of my bungalow which need pointing - I am going to have some tiles put along the edges - he is coming to do it next week.   It is four minutes to six and I am dying for a cup of tea.


I stopped to look at The Repair Shop on television only to see the face of Boris talking about the dangers of the increase of Covid again.   I suppose it was inevitable that complacency would set it and that the young in particular would revert to type during the warmer weather.  We have all been there, done that, got the T shirt.  We have all gone through that age when we think we are invincible.  The friend who came yesterday has had Covid and has recovered.   She had it early on in the outbreak. And as somebody writing in The Times today says - if the elderly don't die of Covid they may very well die of loneliness.   As I said on here a few days back - my confidence has been shattered.   I am just beginning to get it back but am by no means back to normal.   Am I and thousands like me going to have to take a few steps back and go through it all again?   I do hope not.

On that cheery note - have a good evening.   See you tomorrow.



Rachel Phillips said...

I don't imagine you will die of loneliness.

Sue in Suffolk said...

You won't die of loneliness as you have all of us in blogland for friends!!

The Feminine Energy said...

Simply wear a mask and use good hygiene, especially with your hand washing. All this surge could have been avoided if everyone would simply "wear the stupid mask", as many of us are saying. I don't understand the aversion to mask wearing by some folks. It's such a small price to pay for the decrease in spread of the virus. Love, Andrea xoxo

Derek Faulkner said...

Unfortunately there are still people who feel that having to wear masks is stupid and pointless, that mock the rules and regulations because they think that covid is being over-hyped (despite 41,000 people dying from it) and the sight of a gang of schoolchildren huddled together in a cafe ignoring social distancing, is a great thing to see.

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

The uneven number might mean there's a wonderful plant somewhere nearby that can be put in the ground as a leader to tell the plants to look smart or else it will take up root and go back to where it came from, leaving them even again.

The return of the covid19 updates is depressing. I look at them like they are ancient artifacts.

I am glad you had a nice nap, unexpected, but nice just the same.

Brenda said...

Same thing going on here in the states...beach trips...weekend parties...fraternities and sororities partying...what a mess. I have five grand is living on campus at a senior...she was spending her junior year in U.K., and the Virus sent her home. One is a sophomore, commuting from home, at university...closer. The youngest grand girl is a sophomore in high school...still home schooled, as always...the grandson is in third gifted school...working E. learning during this virus...the youngest is kindergarten working Virtual at home...during the virus. One day, we will say...nothing about Covid...all kids learning in different ways. I teach on Facetime-the grandgirl...and another friend...what a busy time for everyone trying to make sure their children received a good education. I love your blog-enjoy it so so much. I am curious as to why there can't be an even number of shrubs.

Terra said...

I relate to what you write, as a widow and senior citizen I am being careful, but it is exhausting not to be able to meet friends at a coffee shop or visit the library, etc. Regular relaxed social interaction is missed. If I lived near you I would invite you over to sit six feet apart on my front patio and share a tea and a chat. Be well.

Joanne Noragon said...

You know what, Weave! We will get through it.

ron said...

perhaps you can gift one of your existing plants to a friend, instead of buying another 1

the veg artist said...

We missed the Boris Briefing - what a shame! Whatever we have to do, we will cope, and at least being warned of tighter restrictions gives people time to prepare better for a winter of semi-lockdown, and a more home-based Christmas! Am I the only one who doesn't miss the Office Christmas Party?

Librarian said...

Same here reg. the masks; it is such a small thing to do - for others as well as for ourselves - and yet some people see it as limiting their basic human rights, when it so clearly is NOT. So far, in my country they are compulsory on public transport and in shops. No big deal for us who just visit the shop for a short while, but for those working there, it means they wear a mask all day long, every working day - same has been the norm for many in the health sector for ages, and they do not complain.

Pat, I admire your stamina - doing all that and NOT falling asleep would have been a miracle! Funny how your plants seem to drift to an even number again and again.

thelma said...

Forget odds and evens, after all another plant may drift by in the future. Well I suppose we have been warned early about Xmas. With two grandchildren in London, another in Manchester and the last at school, somehow I think I shall not be seeing them. Sleep is good for you, especially as you are so busy.

A Smaller Life said...

I had to laugh when you said you were back to even numbers of plants again ... I almost added at the end of my comment yesterday 'Whatever you do don't be tempted to buy two plants'.

You won't die of loneliness, your blogging buddies and the builders won't let you.

Mary said...

At least you are lucky to have garden people who actually turn up! I'm still awaiting mine and now think I need to go back to square one and start a new search as the ones I was expecting don't want the job!

Masks. . .yes, yes yes, everyone should be wearing them! We cannot go inside a shop without one - also the hand washing is so necessary.

No schools open here in NC - started allowing uni students back and the COVID numbers sky rocketed again as they refused to distance or wear masks to social gatherings - so they were sent home. Education is suffering - some will never make the grade and some don't seem to even care. Our death rate continues to climb, businesses are closing down permanently, and life is almost unbearable some days.

Roll on the vaccine - perhaps our only hope.

Beryl Ament said...

I am reading the second volume of the letters of C.S.Lewis, and came across a wonderful line which says it all:

“And have you ever noticed what a fine line, crossed in a split second, separates the snugness of privacy from the vacuity of loneliness?"

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thank you doe that quote Beryl - well said.
Thank you bloggers all - you keep me in good spirits!

Heather said...

At least you got your shrubs - even an extra one can be tucked in somewhere!
I despair for our lovely country and have given up watching or reading the news. It seems to go from bad to worse and there is nothing I can do about it and I have to think of my blood pressure. As an elderly friend of my mother would say: 'We'll just have to poke up with it'!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks one and all.

Sackerson said...

One can take steps to combat loneliness. However, if you get covid 19, it makes the decisions.

What is particularly terrible in this regard is the plight of elderly people in care homes.

A bit of a non-sequiteur but I saw an interesting quote attributed to Sartre today: Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Sackerson - I need to think about that Sartre quote and 10.30 at night is not the time to try and do that so will try tomorrow!

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