Sunday, 24 November 2013

Stir- up Sunday

Today is stir up Sunday, the day when traditionally we make our Christmas puddings and get anyone who calls in to give them a stir and make a wish.   I know that now many people buy a Christmas pudding but I love the tradition and have kept it up.

Christmas pudding is the easiest pudding in the world to make and making it fills the house with a delicious Christmassy smell.  It is just a mixture of shredded suet, brown sugar, dried fruits and citrus fruits mixed with spices, flour, breadcrumbs and eggs, then well-laced with alcohol.

I suppose one drawback to making your own is that the pudding then needs steaming for many hours, but having an Aga means that I can do this in the bottom oven and just leave it in overnight.

And at Christmas when the farmer is responsible for firing it with brandy, carrying it to the table and slicing it up to be eaten with ice cream, fresh cream or brandy sauce it makes Christmas complete for me.

So today, pudding made, stirred and ready to go into the oven tonight.


Twiglet said...

mmm I am sure i can smell it fom here - I bet it will be delicious. x Jo

Heather said...

I was just going to say the same as Twiglet. I used to make everything for Christmas before our children all left home. My husband, who doesn't/can't/wont cook, seems to think it is all too much trouble and went on so much after he retired and was at home to see me in Christmas preparation mode that I finally gave up trying to persuade him that I actually enjoyed it. Sad to say, I now buy it all but it's not as good as homemade and maybe that's why I find it hard to get into the festive spirit.

angryparsnip said...

Dear, Weaver If you don't mind I am there in spirit string the cake. I can just small your kitchen all the way over in Tucson.

Heather... If I can jump in here.

Make your Christmas Cake !
Don't try to persuade him. Just do it.
For so many years I gave up doing certain kinds of cooking and festivities I liked because of my x and his family. Way to many heavy casseroles.
I want you to do what you like and it will make your heart happy. The smells along will get you in the holiday spirit.
What is a small cake or two ? I feel if your going to eat something let it be the best you can eat.
If you live somewhere cold what better start to the holidays than a cake, pudding ? cooking in the oven.
If husband complains tell him I love doing this It makes me happy. If you think it is too much trouble
#1your not doing it !
#2 I enjoy it !
Thank Goodness I kept up other traditions that my x thought stupid.

Hope you don't mind me jumping in.

cheers, parsnip

Nick said...

Suddenly you remind me of my childhood - thank you.

Em Parkinson said...

What a lovely thing to do together. One particular farmer friend and his wife seem to be like ships that pass in the night so it's great to hear you get to spend proper time together.

Terry and Linda said...

If I were there I would give it a stir and a thank you for your friendship!


Arija said...

Pat, you are so industrious and it is well worth it. Home-made is always best and I can just see the farmer bringing the blazing pudding to the table. Wish I were there to enjoy the aroma.

Mary said...

.......all I really need is the AGA, I can just about rustle up all the ingredients, except perhaps the suet!

Sometimes I'm able to find genuine English Xmas puds here in the shops - which makes me want to go searching this week perhaps, after this big Thanksgiving dinner is a done thing! I got roped into cooking it this year, should be fun though. I'm borrowing my neighbor's meat thermometer for the turkey as I no longer own one being vegetarian!

I love keeping traditions alive, especially in the kitchen. I bet you have a really gorgeous farmhouse kitchen Pat.........and it's definitely authentic, lucky you!

Hugs - Mary

Willow said...

Oh you have definitely given me a craving ! :)

Midlife Roadtripper said...

I'm thinking this is similar to fruit cake - the cake that weighs a ton. Personally, the brandy sauce is my favorite part.

The Weaver of Grass said...

As I write the pudding is in the warming oven quietly steaming away for twelve hours. Smells love

Crafty Green Poet said...

Your kitchen must smell wonderful!

thousandflower said...

Can you send me a link to a recipe that is more or less like yours, please.