Thursday, 9 January 2020


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What is odd about the weather this winter is that we keep getting a few very warm days and the weather chart is bright yellow as the warm air drifts our way from Africa,  then suddenly the wind changes direction and the chart turns blue as the cold air races down on a North wind from the Arctic.   Today the arctic is winning and the weather man this morning said there would be snow on the tops of The Pennines.   I will take his word for it, although I can't see any snow from my window.

Snow, North wind and damp conditions means one thing to me - an increase in the trouble I get from my arthritis.   In an hour my son is taking me to see my doctor, hoping for stronger pain killers which in turn hopefully make it easier for me to walk.   And speaking of walking, Tess has had her first walk with her dog walker today since having the break because of her arthritis.   J, the dog walker, took Tess alone and walked her gently.   J says she was pleased to see her and enjoyed the walk so - so far so good.

Friend R has just been with eggs from her chickens - free range and so inviting that I might well have one scrambled on toast for my tea.

My fridge is full of bits left from the week-end.   I had an idea when I was thinking what to have for lunch.   It turned out very well.

I  cubed one large jacket potato (left in its skin) and chopped one large onion, tossed both in good olive oil and put them in my Remoska for half an hour.   Then I added a dozen or so cherry tomatoes and four or five chopped mushrooms together with a pack of lardons.   After another quarter of an hour, when the kitchen was full of delicious smells,  I heated a Naan bread under the grill and seasoned my mixture and scattered chopped parsley from my garden over the top and poured in the mixture.   It was delicious.   Try it some time.


Rambler said...

That sounds like a really tasty treat; I might be trying that myself.
Here in Cornwall, although temperatures have dropped slightly, it's still comparatively mild at present so my arthritis is not bad at all. I'm not looking forward to the time when Winter really kicks in.

Sue in Suffolk said...

No sign of winter here - only two or three frosts so far and temps around 10C so still mud everywhere - still plenty of time for snow - it was early March two years ago, when there was several inches.
Hope you got on OK at the doctors

JayCee said...

I hope your GP was able to help with the painkillers? This weather is certainly not good for the joints.

Librarian said...

The description of your meal made me hungry - but I haven't got any fresh food in my kitchen, as I've not had time to go shopping all week, and Monday (when I would have had time) was a holiday. Never mind, I've had good cooked meals at work and shall enjoy my Mum's home cooking tomorrow for my sister's birthday.
It has been very warm here today, around 13 C! I know it won't last, but I enjoyed NOT shivering while waiting for my train to work this morning.

Terra said...

That meal sounds delicious, now I will look up what a lardon is. Good news about Tess and her gentle walk, and I hope your GP gets you what you need in the way of painkillers and healing.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I've just polished off some scrambled eggs on toast, so I hope you enjoy yours as much as I did mine. Who will prove the most effective at treating arthritis - the doctor or the vet? Lets hope that it's both of them.

Heather said...

Your lunch sounds delicious. It is amazing what can be knocked up from bits and pieces in the fridge and some taste better than 'proper' recipes.
So pleased Tess's walking is easier and I hope the doctor prescribes an effective painkiller to aid your walking too.
Our weather chops and changes almost daily and it can get so monotonous, but we are so much more fortunate than other parts of the world. I often wondered why Australians call us 'whinging Poms' - it must be down to our weather. I certainly don't envy them theirs.

angryparsnip said...

Your lunch sound wonderful.
So happy tess is walking better. Hope you get some relief also.

Sheila said...

Ask your doctor about Celebrex (generic version: celecoxib). My neurologist prescribed for me, and it's been very helpful, especially when combined with paracetamol.

Bonnie said...

The weather has been so strange around here in the US too. We will have cold weather and snow and then warm up to the 60's (F). It was warm today but now they are talking about a big snow tomorrow night and Saturday. I think when the weather changes quickly back and forth like that it makes arthritis hurt you even more.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

I had to Google Remoska! Sounds like a delicious lunch to me - we had good old egg and chips for tea as we didn't get home until 8pm and needed something quick - we don't have it very often but when we do it is just the thing to satisfy an apetite.

Joanne Noragon said...

That sounds like something I'd make to eat. Tomatoes perk things up so, don't they.

Mary said...

As someone else mentioned, US weather is just as fickled. The high temperature was 2c yesterday. Will be 20c tomorrow. No wonder plants are confused.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Tess is much better.
Thanks for the vaious tips and suggestions.

Ruth said...

I've just learned what lardons are!! The "lard" was a clue, making me think it was some kind of pork. They would be a good addition to most anything!!

I truly hope you're finding some relief for the arthritis. Weather seems to have a lot to do with it. Some warm sunny days would do a world of good, but we have to wait for that. I'm so happy to hear Tess is better.

pam nash said...

Yum - sounds good!


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