Sunday, 5 January 2020


A good old ding-dong of an argument yesterday on my post - nothing to get nasty about but just a nice, chatty argument in my front room.  I do wish you could all have been  there to join in the fun.

Back to normal today as I am sitting here, post lunch, and trying to think of something to put on today's post.  The four of us have been out to The Golf Club for lunch - they were very accommodating and supplied U with a small bowl of crisps and a bowl of pasta and refused to charge.  She ate every morsel.  They also had a good selection of both vegetarian and vegan food on offer.   So we all had a very nice lunch.   As my guests then had a very long (over two hundred miles) journey home they needed to be well fortified.

It is lovely to have guests but I now find it tiring, so this evening I am taking it easy and intend to have an early night before Book Group in the morning.

We are now   nicely into January - Twelfth Night is tomorrow - and the weather is mild and set to continue so through the next couple of weeks.   I keep remembering 'The Beast from the East' last year so must keep up my stocks of food in the freezer in case of such an emergency again this year. I'll be back again tomorrow.


Tom Stephenson said...

Twelfth night used to be the biggest celebration of the lot before Cromwell spoilt the party.

justjill said...

I too find visitors tiring. Nice to have them tho. But now find I get breathless talking!

Red said...

I went back and looked at the previous comments and yes you did have a ding dong discussion going on. Interesting post and comments.

Cro Magnon said...

It's good to throw a little petrol on the fire occasionally, it catches them unaware. I quite often play 'Devil's advocate', then sit back and watch the fun.

DUTA said...

'The Beast from the East' won't come back. Climate Change is like an experienced War General; it changes its tactics from war to war, from place to place. After the fires in Australia, we don't know what it has in store for other places. We can only try to guess.

Librarian said...

I love visitors, but as I am used to living on my own during the week (and have been doing so for 10 years now), I am also very good on my own.
Your meal out sounds good, and I hope you will see the family again before too long.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

When the weather turns mild at this time of year you are lulled into a false sense of security - you do right to stock up the freezer it could and probably will change.
Glad you enjoyed time with your visitors - our house is quiet now and I am slowly getting it back to normal.

Heather said...

When we get used to living alone visitors can be very tiring, even when they are welcome and we enjoy their company.
I am usually prepared for most eventualities and don't like to run short of any of the essentials just in case the weather turns nasty on us.
Enjoyed your ding-dong.

Rambler said...

I had a couple of visitors for 5 days over Christmas, who said they went home refreshed and relaxed. Trouble is, they say they need to visit more often and hope to see me over several relaxing weekends in the future!
I'm so used to living on my own - is it awful of me to want them to back off?
It wasn't relaxing for me with all the shopping, cooking, bedding to wash (2 beds) and my peace shattered. I think I'm cranky in my old age!

EM Griffith said...

So nice to have visitors, but also nice to get back into a normal routine again afterwards. Glad you had a nice visit with them. I read through the previous bog post and comments, and got to thinking... have we forgotten what a HUGE blessing it is to have an available, accessible, wide variety of foods to choose from every day? Enough to be able to make choices about what we'll eat? Oh, how I wish 2020 will bring about change in society. Maybe we can learn to bicker less and appreciate more?


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