Tuesday, 7 January 2020


It is not a cold winter's day today - in fact it is quite mild.   But it is quite windy and now, at three o'clock in the afternoon, almost dark.  So another long night ahead.

How glad I am now that I am ageing and not all that mobile, that I no longer live on the farm.  When my farmer was alive of course he was always around, always popping in and out for a cuppa, or to use the phone, or to ask me something.   Once he had gone I could go all day without seeing a living soul.   Now, my kitchen and sitting room windows look out on to the road and I see a succession of dogs and their owners - many of whom I now know so that they wave and sometimes cross the road for a chat.  Today I had three chats like that.   Then friend S came (a day earlier that she usually does) and took Tess for a walk.   I have been quite worried about Tess's lethargy but she perked up considerably when S appeared and went off in her usual style for a walk - not as long as usual but definitely an improvement so thanks to S for cheering her up.

Now I am waiting for a man to come and look at my loo door.   When my Greatgranddaughter was here at the week end the knob came off the bathroom door (it has been loose for weeks) - luckily she wasn't locked in the bathroom (that doesn;t bear thinking about) but I rang a Joiner this morning and he intends calling to have a look at it later.

Later still my Chiropodist comes to attend to my feet so I shall be walking on air for a few days.  So this has certainly not been a day when I haven't had contact with people (and that doesn't include my blog of course). 

When S was having her after walk coffee my son rang to say that my Greatgranddaughter had had a lovely day.  (She is his grand daughter of course).  She is three and today is her first day alone at an Outside Play Nursery - we have all been wondering how things are going so it was a relief to know it had gone well.   One thing is sure - she will sleep well tonight!



JayCee said...

Glad to hear that Tess has perked up.
I was thinking about your comments about your great granddaughter and how wonderful it must be to see all the generations carrying on the family line. I have no children, but I love to see my sister's grandchildren. I wonder if I will be around when they have children of their own.

Christine Hancock said...

I read your poem which brought a tear to my eyes as I too feel younger inside than my age.. my
regrets are why didn't I realise when I was young, how slim and pretty I was!
Still I do enjoy my life today and have a wonderful husband.

Librarian said...

The first day on her own for your greatgranddaughter - such an important milestone for little ones!
Good to know Tess managed her walk; sounds like her medication works really well.
It must be nice to live in a community like yours, were people are friendly and stop for a chat when they see you in the window. Here in town, I barely know the people living in the same street. But of course I am out all day and away most weekends, so there is simply not much occasion to meet the neighbours.

angryparsnip said...

Awwwww so happy that great great granddaughter had a good day !

Joanne Noragon said...

So glad the littlest one got on well in a possibly frightening situation. And Tess had a good walk, and it was a good day for goodness in a good part of the world.

Cro Magnon said...

That first day at school (even playschool) is always a worry for parents/grandparents. I'm pleased to hear it went well. It's upsetting for both teachers and child when it doesn't.

Sue said...

There are certainly advantages to having neighbours and community close by.

Heather said...

Good to know that Tess enjoyed her walk, and that your great-granddaughter enjoyed her first day at nursery school. Quite a milestone to be dealt with and a relief when it all goes well. My youngest daughter attended one at which parents took turns to be an assistant. Sadly we both disliked it, but were in it together and it did help her to settle in at the local school.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. She is back again at Outside Playgroup tomorrow -interesting to see how keen she is to go!

liparifam said...

Had the door knob come off and lock me in my guest bathroom just a few weeks ago!! Thank goodness I was able to use a nail file that was in a drawer to slide into the jamb and undo the latch. Also, I did have my cell phone with me, thank goodness, because I live alone and, had I not been able to get myself out, would have been able to call for help. Otherwise, as that bathroom is upstairs and windowless, I would have been stuck for quite a while before my daughter finally got worried about not being able to reach me and came looking for me. My preference would be to live out on acreage with privacy as I used to, but now that I am alone, episodes like that have made me realize it's best I live in town with my daughter just a couple of miles away...


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