Saturday, 8 January 2011

Heat in Supermarkets.

The other day I did a post about the heat in the doorways of supermarkets and how they must consider it cost-effective to waste all that power. Today, a friend who spent all her working life in a high-powered job in a major supermarket told me that in the case of her company the heat was provided by the heat generated by the freezers. Now that does make more sense doesn't it?

No post today as I have been out all day, so just my aros:

Tiny yellow faces with a green neck ruff - the aconites are out!


Tom Stephenson said...

Maybe you can answer this - Any heat generated inside a well-insulated house is, sooner or later, going to find it's way outside isn't it? If it takes 5 hours longer, then does that help the eco system? I am confused.

Heather said...

I planted some aconites a few years ago but have never seen them again! I'm watching my snowdrops get taller. I still think it is a waste of power to pump out heat through an open door no matter how it is generated. Perhaps I am just a grumpy old woman?

angryparsnip said...

When opening any door, heat or cold air will escape.
I just wonder is the store way too warm or it is just way too cold outside.
When you enter a grocery store in Tucson a blast of air shoots down on you, to keep bugs out I think but maybe to help keep air in ? I don't know.

cheers, parsnip

MorningAJ said...

The aconites are out..... I think I'm homesick.

Elisabeth said...

I worry about such things too Weaver, but how to deal with them?

How to change the way the world overuses its energy, including my excesses?

It's tough but at least we are now more aware of these things. Once we might not have noticed. It's a start.

NanU said...

I just wish we could harness the heat let off by all our computers. Some rooms are refrigerated (in January, when it's freezing out!) because of them, and others have the heat turned up for the people.

Derrick said...

However it may be generated, there is a minimum temperature that shops have to maintain for staff welfare. The freezers may generate heat but sometimes, when walking through the freezer isles, you wouldn't think so! BTW, I've done a 'Where Am I?' for you!

Derrick said...

"aisles" that is!!

rallentanda said...

As Derrick is leaving the blogosphere you might like to leave a message on the " Farewell Derrick " post at my blog.