Tuesday, 28 July 2020


Today I have cleaned my bookshelves as my major job - and a major job it turned out to be as one by one I had interruptions either phone or door bell.   Finally the door bell rang and it was a friend - she came in, we socially distanced and had a coffee - and I felt much less stressed afterwards.   Afternoon was no different, a friend brought my medication from the chemist, my Amazon book came, my son's computer came, I had a Zoom booked for 4.30 and had trouble getting on to the site.   I had already had a bad night's sleep so that has  not helped.   But cleaning out the books and putting them in some sort of
shelf order I came across a paper on which I had typed up this verse.   I don't know where I found it; I suspect someone else posted it on their blog (Thelma springs to mind) but it sums up things today so well that it is worth repeating:

Lines from an Anglo-Saxon poem 'The Wanderer'

All is troublesome
in this earthly kingdom.
The turn of events changes
the world under the heavens.
Here money is fleeting,
here friend is fleeting,
here man is fleeting,
here kinsman is fleeting.
All the foundations of this world
turn to waste.

Can't help thinking it was ever thus.

The top photograph is after and the bottom one is before the tidy.   I have grouped all the Poetry books together, all the Nature books toget sher and all the Travel Books together.   Most of the novels, cookery and art books are on my other set of shelves.   Alright it doesn't look all that different but at least I now know more or less where everything is (for the time being at least.)   Sorry about the fuzziness - due to my shake.


JayCee said...

At east the interruptions were pleasurable.

bornfreev said...

Did your first husband create the painting on the wall?

The poem certainly projects my feelings for this year very well.

The Feminine Energy said...

Never let anyone under your roof, who doesn't live there, without a mask, my dear. No matter if you stay 6 ft. apart or not, they're depositing all sorts of respiratory droplets into your air and if those droplets carry the virus... well... not good. Love, Andrea xoxo

justjill said...

Well done. I have my first friend visit tomorrow and not sure whether to wear a mask of not! I shall measure the 6 feet.

Joanne Noragon said...

I can see you have been busy. And time for a friend was the best time of all.

Cro Magnon said...

The Wanderer sounds as if he could have been a 21st C observer.

Librarian said...

This sounds like a busy day - a bit like a typical work day for me, with frequent interruptions in the shape of phone calls, video/phone conferences and other things.
Thank you for showing us your book shelf! I notice that you have not only changed around the books, but also some of the cards/pictures. Do you leave them out as reminders of dear friends who sent them, or are they seasonal? (I do both with cards that people sent me or I have found at shops and could not resist buying.)

Ursula said...

Most my book shelves are functional and unadorned. However, I once bought, on a whim, one that looks suspiciously like yours. Last time I moved house it got "lost". Oh well, at least it's found a good home.

What I liked most about it was its smell. Cedar Wood? Not sure. If yours does too it's an open and shut (book)case. I won't sue for damages.

Hope you'll enjoy today's Wednesday. In the motherland it's called, literally, "middle of the week". When a child this used to puzzle me since it's only day three (if you count the week from Monday) and the week has seven days. I suppose, never looked into it, it's because the weekend is exempt - being days of rest.


thelma said...

I am also untidy with my bookcases, and sometimes sad about all the books I have given away but the core I have chosen are my favourites.
And yes you got that A/S poem from me, I love the depressive poems 'The Seafarer', 'The Ruin' supposedly of Bath, lying in ruin after the departure of the Romans. They are of course supposed to be spoken and I can always imagine them being spoken aloud in the halls of that time.

Anonymous said...

Love your posts. Relaxing and interesting. If you have the inclination and time, could you please tell us the story of your art work to the left of your bookcase? I'm smiling at the "if you have time"....that's one thing we have isn't it๐Ÿ˜‰

Heather said...

It is nice to be able to find the book you want easily. I wish my freezer was as tidy as my bookcase! I start off separating the various types of food, then have to make room for a batch of cooking and it all goes hairwire.
Your interruptions probably helped the day to go well, and I love the poem you found. So fitting for our current situation.

Rachel Phillips said...

You have more interruptions in a day than I have in 5 years.

Derek Faulkner said...

I pretty much agree with Rachel, though much comes from not encouraging people to visit me.
How a single person of your age, without an animal, finds enough reason to clean is beyond me, I doubt that you rush around making things untidy or dirty.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Ursula - my shelf is pine. My other book case which I haven't photographed is oak.

Derek - sorry but I am bit of a cleaning fanatic and I have always been so shalln't change now.

The cards are all cards I have received during lockdown. The floral postcard has another 13 behind it as the friend send me 14 altogether.

Anon - the Chinese 'poem' on the left of my bookshelves - I bought it during my last trip to China - it is written on fine paper which was rolled up in the shop where I bought it and carried home carefully. I then had it framed locally.I understand that it would be difficult to translate but it is poetry..I love it

Thanks everyone.

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