Wednesday, 15 July 2020

This and that.

I have just taken this photograph of myself with my old digital camera (I don't have a smart phone) - not very flattering but not bad for eighty seven I suppose.   Anyways I am stuck with what I've got.
'O would some power the giftie gi us - or something like that said the poet.   I must say I was hoping I looked more the like gardening expert Carol Klein - my only excuse is that I have slept on my hair all week and it is due for 'renewal' in the morning.

It is 227 years this week since that wonderful poet of the English Countryside, John Clare, was born.  What a miserable life he had - what privations - and yet what inspirational poetry he produced.   Maybe it was a blessing that he spent a large part of his life in a madhouse, not really knowing who he was.  On the day of his birth the young William Wordsworth watched from the Isle of Wight as the British Fleet gathered in The Solent preparing to fight the French.

I must say it does get one thinking about Time and its passing.   227 years since Clare was born.   As I said yesterday 130 years since my own father was born and now here am I at 87 in the photograph - the passage of time,  so many 'improvements' in the way of life, so much scientific achievement - and here we are - stopped in our tracks
 by Covid 19.   Sometimes I think we do too much thinking about it all.
It is what has become seen as a 'typical July day' 
here - and St Swithin's Day at that - not very warm, cloudy with no sign of a sun, a slight drizzle falling - not enough to amount to anything but just enough to make it feel 'unSummery'.   I have spent the morning doing various jobs which needed doing, cooked a light lunch, and now after putting on today's post I shall top up my week end Tesco order.   Then I intend to put my feet up.   I saw last week that 'The Thirty-nine Steps' was on television one evening.   I might go on to iplayer and see if I can find it.   It is years since I saw it and it might be a totally relaxed couple of hours.   I had a poor night's sleep so that might just do me good.  Enjoy the rest of your day.


Derek Faulkner said...

Well if nothing else Pat, you look like a lot younger version of the thumbnail photo that has always been down the right hand side of your blog.
Here, it is yet another warm and humid and cloudy day and we continue to dream of green and growing lawns.

The Weaver of Grass said...

And that Derek was taken at my Grand daughter's wedding eight years ago.

the veg artist said...

I was just going to say the same as Derek - your hairdresser was right - it does suit you!!!

Sue in Suffolk said...

Looking good - short hair is good for making people look younger - that's my hope anyway! I shall be doing mine with clippers again I think before I go back to the hairdressers

Marcia LaRue said...

Wow! For being 87 ... you look darned good! I'm 76 ... 77 next month ... Yikes! And folks tell me I don't look my age ... I thank them for their kind words ... I have mirrors, you know! LOL
Short hair is so much more attractive on "most" older gals ... however ... I have seen some older ladies with long hair and they can get away with it! I say ... if it looks good on you, then just do it!

Oklahoma Girl said...

Very nice Weave. I wear my hair short. We were 112 yesterday, our seventh day in triple digits. Short hair is much cooler.

Librarian said...

Your hairdresser did a great job in advising you and cutting your hair this way! And you have gentlemen calling out compliments to you from their car!
One day (I keep saying that) I shall stop colouring and will proudly walk about with my white-grey hair. Just not yet... (I am 52.)

Librarian said...

PS: I meant to say thank you for your thoughts on the passage of time. Right today I feel very emotional about all that; my parents ageing, my husband gone for almost 11 years, my own youth long past... your post is very good for reflection. Thank you.

diana said...

Oh you look great and need to use this photo!

Susan said...

You look lovely. My indigenous friends are very respectful of elders. A society where age is venerated. The rest of us have some catching up to do.

Caz.P. said...

You have just jogged my memory. My husband bought me John Clare "Major Works" book recently. I keep dipping into it. I didn't know who he was but I have quite a few of John Lewis Stemple's books and he quotes him a lot. He also quotes "BB". who was an inspiration to him.I have 2 of his books, which are really childrens books.His descriptions of the countryside and animals are wonderful.(as we travel upstream with the little gnomes). It isn't a "kiddie" story though. Its about survival in the countryside.
I too like your new hairstyle.

Ellen D. said...

Wow, I would never guess you were 87 from your photo! Where are your wrinkles? Your skin looks very smooth. Do you use a special face cream or lotion? I turn 70 next month and am starting to feel old already! I will have to take a page from your book and keep more active so I age better!

Heather said...

That is a lovely photo. I have a new mobile phone and have taken some awful 'selfies' by accident - I am still getting used to the phone!
I have only recently discovered John Clare's poems and love his work. One would never think he led such a sad and difficult life, but what a legacy he has left us.
I am still optimistic about life in general but do agree that it doesn't do to think too much. We must all do whatever we can for ourselves and the world in general, and be satisfied with that.

Rachel Phillips said...

You look very nice and young Weave.

JayCee said...

I think your new hair style definitely makes you look younger than your original profile photo. It is wonderful what a good haircut can do to enhance one's feeling of wellbeing. And you gardener noticed too which just shows how good it is!

Bovey Belle said...

You look good for 87 Pat. Your hair looks shorter than I imagined - do you have it set every week? I bet you felt good coming out of the hairdresser's last week!

I love your snippets of history. Not everyone appreciates it but I cannot imagine life without it - like losing an arm, and you lose the relevance of so much.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thank you for the BB reminder - I hadn't thought of him for years. 'The Little Grey Men' was one of their books and I believe there was one called 'Down the Bright Stream'. I used to love them - I might look at see if they are available on Amazon.

Thanks everyone.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Caz P - I have just ordered a copy of The Little Grey Men - I loved it so much years ago and when I have re read it I shall probably give it to my great grand daughter.

Derek Faulkner said...

I used to enjoy BB's wildfowling stories in the Shooting Times.

Bonnie said...

What a lovely picture and I love your hair! The color of your hair is beautiful and the style suits you. You do indeed look much younger than your age. You maintain an active, healthy life and it shows. I can certainly learn a lot from you.

Joan (Devon) said...

I wouldn't have recognised you from the previous picture you've displayed. The style suits you and is a lot easier to keep under control.

The 'madhouse' John Clare was admitted to is the psychiatric hospital in Northamptpn where I used to work. I spent many happy years there and now, sadly, it has since been demolished and is a housing estate.

I watched The 39 Steps on TV the other night and it must have been the original version with Robert Donat. That's three different versions I've seen. Still enjoyed it though.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

You look great, and very intelligent and likeable.

Hilary said...

You look fantastic!!!

justjill said...

You do look young. x And very nice.

Jill said...

You look wonderful!

Sal said...

You look really young! It suits you!

I love John Clare’s poetry; I teach English and I often delve into his work.
My favourite is, ‘I love to see the Summer’. Simple yet beautiful. 😁

Anonymous said...

It’s strange isn’t it this blogging thing. Talking (sort of) to people you don’t know, will probably never meet, but who are all (more or less) very friendly and supportive and you feel you do kind of know them. It’s particularly wonderful in these horribly uncertain times to have the comfort of reading the ordinariness of people’s lives.
(I’m not meaning to be rude saying that)

I’ve loved John Clare’s poems since I was taught ‘The Thrushes Nest’ at primary school when i was 9. If I can’t sleep, I recite it to myself.

Malcolm Taylor said...

Hi Pat, you are looking good. You may not know me but I’ve been reading your blog for quite a number of years now. It pops into my mailbox each day although I’ve never worked out why yours does and others don’t. I’ve sometimes thought about starting a blog of my own but never quite got round to doing so, thinking it may interfere with my painting. Still, I’ll keep reading your musings as they pop up each day.

Tasker Dunham said...

Drizzle here to day too. But is it enough on St Swithins Day to make it rain for the next 40/40? A month ago I would have said what a good summer we're having. Not now. The tomatoes are almost back to where they were this time last year.

Chris said...

I think you were quoting Robbie Burns and it finishes " see ourselves as others see us" very appropriate.

Tom Stephenson said...

You do not look 87 Weave, but I bet everyone says that.

Joanne Noragon said...

What Tom said.

Red said...

When you say 1890, it seems to get a different perspective on your Dad's age. So for 87 keep being active physically and mentally.

Cro Magnon said...

I've seen the 39 steps several times, and each time I see a different film!

Ms. said...

I've been reading your posts since Grace Forest of 'Windthread' sent me and I do love these daily visits. I don't believe it's necessary to look young. That's a conceit born of advertising and sales sites. We elders know better that our history matters. Yours is lovely for me today especially with John Clare- "The Thirty Nine Steps" is a favorite too. Hope you got to see it with your feet up and a tasty treat too-
Your haircut is lovely and next time you take a self portrait, remember to smile.

Daisy Debs said...

Oh ! You look great and I do enjoy your writings on here. You are a breath of fresh air ! love Debbie x

thelma said...

I like the fringe, you look wonderful and keep me happy every day.X

A Smaller Life said...

Your hair looks lovely, and what a gorgeous shade of grey you are. This style suits you so much better and knock years off you. Now you need to update your little profile picture with this new shot.

You get it a bit more Carol Klien-y you just need to use a little hair wax to add texture and run your fingers through it to create a few tufty bits :-)

Ursula said...

My mother turned eighty seven earlier this year. You both look great. I suppose it's all in the genes.

However, I wish my mother had your spirit; be a bit more adventurous; a bit more open to suggestion. Our relationship has come to a shuddering halt - and I don't know how to restart it again. I asked my father (who is four years younger than my mother) whether there is any point to challenge someone once they are past a certain point (in age). Trying to add something to their lives. You tell me, Weaver. As it is, in reply, now my father has declined all further contact with me. Maybe therein lies the answer. And a sad answer it is. I wish my beloved grandparents were still alive.

You are an inspiration, Weaver.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Ursula - send her some flowers, tell her you love her,make her feel wanted.
Thanks everyone. Just about to try and upload a new photograph taken after my visit to the hairdresser this morning. A bit more flattering I think. You may or may not get it depeding on my skills.

Caz.P. said...

Those are the 2 BB books that I have.Enjoyed the first one.Haven't read Down the Bright stream yet. Happy to bring back memories for you.

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