Tuesday, 11 June 2013

An Afternoon out.

How I wish you could all have been with me on my walk this afternoon.

I arranged to go over to see friend, M, after lunch.   She only lives a short distance away over the fields and maybe a couple of miles by road.   I normally take Tess with me but today, because of my mode of transport for the journey there, the farmer  took Tess for a walk while I was clearing away the lunch things.

You will be surprised to hear that I went by tractor!   The farmer is busy cutting grass for our friend and neighbour and was going very near to M's house so suggested I rode there and walked back later.

Have you ever ridden as a passenger in a tractor?  If the answer is 'no' then I suggest don't do it.  It is quite the most bumpy, hair-raising ride I have ever had.   Climbing in up three iron steps was hard, the seat was hard and slippery and the ride seemed as though we were travelling over rocks rather than the normal road.

However, I got there safely and the climb down the steps was easier than the climb up.

We had a lovely afternoon, as we always do; talking about the old times, reminiscing about childhood, chatting and laughing - old friends are always the best aren't they?

My walk back was idyllic.  The air was heady with the scent of May blossom; the fields were full of wild flowers; the curlews were issuing warning cries to their young to stay hidden as I passed; the beck was full of water crowfoot in flower; the 'commons' field was full of frisky Holstein heifers.   Ah.   What to do?

At least I didn't have Tess with me - that is like putting the cat amongst the pigeons.  'Come on,' I told myself. 'You are not a wimp, you are a farmer's wife.   Just get going.'   So I did and the little heifers behaved impeccably.

Coming home up the final pasture, through the sheep and lambs, I picked up a lot of stray wool.   The ewes are shedding wool like mad and Fiona (Marmalade Rose on my side bar) has indicated that she would like to have it.   It will take a lot of washing, carding etc., but she would like to try it and see how she gets on.    She intends to call for it at the week end.   So good luck Fi - we all look forward to hearing how you get on.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

One of the women in my knitting group has just started spinning her own yarn. I'm fascinated by the prospect so, yes, I would love to hear how your friend gets on with her newly gathered wool!

And I think it's marvelous that you traveled to lunch on a tractor.

angryparsnip said...

What a way to arrive at your friends home. She must have had a giggle over that.

cheers, parsnip

the veg artist said...

I spent many holidays on farms when I was a child, and yes, I have travelled a few miles by tractor. (I can also drive one, but that came much later.)
My uncle did not have a car, just a tractor and bicycle. No cab on the tractor in those days, nor a roll bar. I used to stand behind the seat, on the hitch. It wouldn't be allowed these days - probably just as well!

Cloudia said...

Oh thanks for getting me out today!

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
~ > < } } ( ° > <3

Country Gal said...

Sounds like a lovely walk through the fields . I do like your header photo I could dreamily get lost in that field ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

Arija said...

I fear Pat, that your friend will not find much joy with the wool as shed wool is also 'tender' wool and breaks easily and therefore not easy to spin and needs to be plied to make it useful.
I had to laugh over your tractor ride, what did you expect, a stretch limousine with a liquor cabinet?
Loved your description of your summer walk home.

Rachel said...

Now you are really a farmer's wife!

Gwil W said...

You were shaken and stirred. A warm bath after I bet!

MorningAJ said...

I thought at first you were going to say you drove the tractor yourself! Sounds like it would have been more comfortable if you had.

I'm glad you had a good walk back to make up for the bone rattling.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for the comments. My friend is not a spinner but she makes and then dyes and embroiders felt - so that is what shje intends to do with the wool. If you want to see some of the things she makes, go to Marmalade Rose on my side bar.

Golden West said...

Thanks for bringing a part of the Dales to me in California - I can only imagine 80 million buttercups! Gorgeous!