Monday, 5 April 2010

The Poetry Bus.

I Prefer Shades of Grey.

I do not wish to see
my heartbeat;
black ink on a white page.
I would watch for
blips and hiccups.

When it becomes a thin
straight line, my wish
will be fulfilled.

I found this week's challenge very hard - maybe because I am very busy and also still suffering a bit with back pain. I thought the photos were absolutely beautiful, particularly the first one, whatever it was! However, I did not want to miss the challenge - it keeps me on my toes.


Heather said...

I nearly forgot to post my effort even though I had remembered to have a go at it. You have echoed my thoughts with your poem. Hope the back pain is becoming less.

Titus said...

Powerful, Weaver! Very glad you made it to the Bus now.
And best wishes re the back.

Argent said...

Aaah, someone else had chosen the ECG as well. I thought I would be all alone. Mind you, mine's not so startk as yours is, spare and stark and chillingly beatiful

dinesh chandra said...

good poetry, god give u all power to write poem.


dinesh chandra

swiss said...

short and sweet! just the way i like it

Totalfeckineejit said...

Glad to be grey? Sad poem Weaver, really well written, love/hate the image of a heartbeat as black ink on a white page. Too good.

Peter Goulding said...

Kind of like a glass half empty, watching for blips and hiccups. Another very sad poem.

Phillips said...

I'm positively getting worried about you.