Friday, 22 May 2009

Six things that make me happy.

Reader Wil has tagged me to list six things which make me happy. I was surprised how difficult it was to actually put them into words, but here they are. Happiness is often fleeting, isn't it. I do get sudden bursts of happiness - sometimes just seeing the farmer walk down the drive and realising how lucky I am to have met him, or having a long chat with my son (which often turns into a "friendly" argument), or seeing all my grandchildren sitting round the table together, talking. But I have listed six specific times when I know I shall feel happy:-

1. Sitting out in the Dales somewhere with a glorious view and revelling in the fact that I actually live here.
2. Knowing that all my family are well and happy.
3. Walking with my dog in the lanes around the farm and looking for wildflowers and birds.
4. Sitting by a log fire on a winter's evening with a good book.
5. Meeting a group of friends and family in the evening for a meal and a chat.
6. Closing the farm gate and getting into the taxi at the beginning of a holiday.

Now I am supposed to tag six people too. Instead I would invite anyone who reads my blog to ponder on what makes them happy and - if they feel like it - to commit it to cyberspace. Just off to complete number 3 now!


Cathy said...

I think your six are sweeter than mine but made a list anyway. Have a lovely weekend.

Jenn Jilks said...

Thoughtful prompt, Weaver. I am happy that my former arguments with kids have turned into thoughtful and lively discussions and debates with adult young people!

Since the bugs are so bad here, I chose to remain indoors and write!

I took a different direction.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

What lovely happy things on your list! It makes me happy reading them.

I shall think of six things too over the next few days and post them! Hope you've had a nice walk, say hello to Tess from Hals!

EB said...

1. Watching swallows. 2. Hearing B's band when they're improvising 3. Walking with the dog 4. Walking around the garden 5. Seeing my father or mother again 6. Writing something creative (and a great many more)

Good post!

Merisi said...

Reading about your six things that make you happy made me feel happy, thank you! :-)

globeonmytable said...

I'll have a think.

Heather said...

I could put most of yours on my list but that would be cheating, so here are six others:
1. Finding that several of my favourite bloggers have published new posts.
2. Working in my garden.
3. Learning new techniques for mixed media textiles.
4. Having a meal or doing my needlework in the garden.
5. Eating our own homegrown vegs. and salads.
6. Living in England, inspite of everything.
There are probably quite a few more but these came to mind first.

Anonymous said...

1. The smell of fresh cut grass and the sound of the lawn mower in the distance on a warm spring day.

2. My children's hair flying about their joyful face as they run along the beach in the first days of summer.

3. lilacs fresh cut from the yard sitting in a mason jar full of water on the kitchen table.

4. The genuine -happy to see you!- look on my dogs face when I come home at the end of the day.

5. The second day of a tropical vacation when you can lie in that hammock with a good book and a fresh mojito.

6. Blueberry pie just out of the oven made from fresh-picked berries.

gleaner said...

hmmm, lets see...
1. Walking in gardens and forests.
2. Finding a quiet nook to read or dream.
3. A bookshop with all my favourite authors/books.
4. Acts of natural kindness.
5. Finding kindred spirits.
6. A good story, whether book, film or some-one who tells a good story.

Arija said...

Nice gentle thing that that make you happy. They are the best anyway.

Woman in a Window said...

Simple pleasures go a long way! Nicely done, Weaver.

Teresa said...

You chose well... all six of these are wonderful. You know how to live.

Hildred and Charles said...

You set me thinking about what I would put on my list, and I was overwhelmed with the big things (which I posted) - but there are all the lovely little simple things too, that bring joy to a day. I have enjoyed reading them all.... Thank you for a smiling post...

Derrick said...

Hello Weaver, (I am aware of my environment this morning!)

You have got folks thinking! But it usually is the small things that bring the greatest pleasure.

Pam said...

1.When the phone doesn't ring for substitute teaching work or alternatively,when it does ring if money's tight..
2.My husband's off-beat humour.
3.If my daughter is happy.
4.Hot water.
5.Great art.
6.Flowers,flowers and more flowers.

Phoenix said...

A lot of things make me happy... a cup of tea with a lot of conversation with my mom, a well written book, a nice heavy downpour to relieve me from the scorching heat of summer... so many! :)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Jenn - I once experienced black fly in Nova Scotia - they were enormous and everywhere. You have my sympathies.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Isn't it lovely that all of us choose simple things to be happy about - none of them include the necessity of spending money or travelling far - maybe we have learned a lot over the years.

Reader Wil said...

Great things that make you happy! I also love your 6 things. Thanks for your visit. I am sorry but I don't know anything about the sheep. Your husband knows probably exactly what kind of sheep they are.