Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Honey cake

I was sitting here just trying to get on to a site selling a possible birthday present for a friend when the same friend and her partner arrived with cheese scones and a slice of honey cake which has just won him a cup at a local show.   Since then we have chatted for an hour and they have just gone.

It isn't a cold day here but it is a damp, windy, chilly day with no sign of the sun - and that is really so much worse.

The bins are out for morning - my carer does that before she goes.   A green bin for garden waste (I have nowhere for a compost heap), a blue bag for newspapers and a plastic box for tins and plastics.

When it is windy like today they have to be well-anchored  otherwise they are prone to blowing down the road.   This fortnight (the other week is ordinary dustbins) all my hedges have been cut and my lawns too so there is an excess which will have to wait for next fortnight.

In the old days when I was  child I remember we had the dustbin men who came round every week.  As for garden rubbish everybody had a compost heap - or a "muck heap" as it was commonly called and absolutely everything went on it.

That's it for today.   I have been busy finishing my Book Group book for next Tuesday.   Now I have until next Tuesday to make notes.   It has been a really good choice this month.   See you tomorrow.











Heather said...

Cheese scones and honey cake - what a treat. The very thought makes my mouth water, but I try not to think about such delights.
It hasn't been too bad here today. Not much sun but quite mild with a pleasant fresh breeze. However, as I look out of the window it is looking very grey with a strong possibility of rain. No doubt we can still do with some after that long period of dry weather.

Barbara Anne said...

What a delicious treat for you and how nice of friends to come bearing gifts!

It's a chilly day here with clouds and a cold wind. We've had lots of rain recently as Tropical Depression Ian went by to our west.

I plan to cut the fabric for the next-to-last border on my Christmas Single Irish Chain quilt! It's getting to be large but that is needed.


JayCee said...

Same weather here too today. Some of that honey cake would help me feel better about it, I'm sure.

Jennifer said...

What is your book group reading this month? Apologies if you've said already and I missed it. I'd be curious to know. I've finished two books recently and should probably blog about them. It's been a while since I've had a book review post.

Honey cake sounds delicious! How nice of your friends to bring you some.

Enjoy your evening!

Susan said...

Honey cake with friends sounds excellent especially on a cloudy day. No sunshine with occasional showers all day here made quite a chilly day. It's been a good day for hearty soup and many cups of hot tea.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

God the thought of cheese scones!

Anonymous said...

Wild weather here for Spring with many bins blown over, unfortunately before the garbage trucks arrived to empty them. 35,000 South Australians lost power yesterday, and 5,000 still without power today. 8 stories of glass have fallen from a building in the city, smashing all over the road. Such strange Spring weather. I feel for those overseas with Hurricane Ian, as we don't get big hurricanes this far South in Oz, and wild weather, apart from the occasional flooding is unusual.- Pam.

Joanne Noragon said...

We've had some wild and wooly weather taking vengeance on trash cans ourselves lately.

Cro Magnon said...

If I was nearer, I too would bring you a slice of Honey Cake.

Librarian said...

Hmm... I was sure that I left a comment here this morning.
Cheese scones, lovely!!

We're having a few precious sunny and rather mild days right now. The rain was welcome and necessary, but my walks to and from hospital every day feel so much more like a walk when the sun is out and lights up the trees in their beautiful autumn colours.

thelma said...

I bought some hot cross buns this morning. Then thought that there had been a time slip and Xmas had flown by without me noticing!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Si -yes they we every bit as good as they sound.

Thanks everyone for dropping by.