Saturday, 16 July 2022


 Next to the incredible number of tourists in the town the topic of conversation here - and I suspect all over the country (and even Europe) is THE WEATHER. There has been a strong breeze here for the last week, so I have needed a cardigan.   But today the breeze has all but gone and it is warming up - according to the Weatherman (or woman) could be up to forty degrees by Monday (poor Derek - I fear for your garden).   I have one window (the bathroom) wide open but keep the rest closed - I find it keeps cooler that way.

I was out by a quarter past eight this morning giving my tubs a good watering so I can at least forget them until tonight.   At present there is no hose pipe ban but it is only a matter of time before one comes into force - rightly so - agriculture, drinking water - plenty of things have to come first.  As I am watering my tubs I happen to glance up and there quietly gliding across the sky - looking so low that I feel I can almost touch them= are five hot air balloons - my carer tells me they went up at our Rugby Club.   They make a lovely sight as they glide across the sky and I can't help but think back to the days when that was the accepted mode of transport - what would those travellers have thought of air travel today I wonder.    Faster without a doubt but nowhere near as beautiful on a day like today (who would like to be in a queue at Heathrow today?)

It certainly is a lovely day,  slight breeze, pure blue sky, nothing much about to disturb the peace of this Saturday afternoon.   I forgot to put strawberries on my order but hopefully my son will have got some on his for me.   It is only four  o'clock so there is time yet for him to appear with them in time for tea.  I am afraid that I have sunk

into a kind of lethargy where I can think of nothing whatsoever to say.   I have read TheTimes cover-to-cover and that has given me no ideas either.  I see there are still a few people taking their dogs out for their usual afternoon wee walks as I call them - in spite of a vet yesterday on television saying that in this kind of weather we should not contemplate taking a dog out for a walk.   He said that no dog of its own accord would walk in hot weather.

And any day now John (Going Gently) is about to get Roger - his new Welsh Terrier-pup.   As I am too immobile to have another pup myself I need to get a new pup second hand off John's site.   Hope it isn't long coming.


See you tomorrow


Barbara Anne said...

It's to be 30*C here today with the coming week's high temperatures in that range, more or less. I share your concern for parts of the world with frightfully hot temperatures.

We'd like another dog, too, but with allergies and fatigue issues have decided we couldn't properly care for a dog even though we're more than a decade your junior. We'll have to share Roger vicariously!


Chris said...

Yes very hot indeed Pat, but like you we stay in, curtains closed and bathroom window wide open at night, and as it is an upper slit type so fear of a stranger appearing in the night. Our Nell has had some late evening walks but it is suggested that even night time we'll be in the 20s, hubby took her last evening down to the beach and even at 9 people were still there and in the sea! Oh to be young again!!

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

You won't need that cardie down here - still 28C at almost 6 o'clock this evening. They don't seem quite as confident about that 40C next week, though it's still going to be mighty warm. Hope you get those strawberries!

Rachel Phillips said...

Well as I have nobody to talk to the weather has not been part of any conversation for me today and as I don't look at weather or news bulletins I just look out of the window and assess each day as it comes. As today was hot and fine I did a line of washing. I enjoy hot summers and long may it continue.

Derek Faulkner said...

Like you suggest Pat, the next few days will determine how my garden will end up for this summer, it's a waste of water to water it, it dries off in very little time. It's basically down to the survival of the fittest plants, some clearly look like they won't make it and clearly if this is going to be how summers will be now, then a re-think of how I garden and what I plant, is needed. Already a large part of my front lawns are now sown as wild flower meadow and it could now see several wild flower beds in the back garden by next year.

Rosie said...

Like you I am staying in and doing some watering and not much else of consequence but love reading your blog!

JayCee said...

The threatened heatwave seems to be passing us by over here. A pleasant 18C with lots of cloud, just right for our friend's birthday picnic lunch on the dunes today.

Anonymous said...

I too am looking forward to hearing and seeing picture of Roger! We had a dog named Roger years ago; dumbest dog we ever had. He was absolutely untrainable (and we consulted all kinds of experts - the consensus was that he was just not as smart as most dogs). Hopefully the new Roger will be totally different!


Chris said...

Here the dog walkers seem to be out early in the morning or after the sun goes down. Even here we would find 40C extreme! We are in the high 20's this week.

Anonymous said...

Gardens and extreme heat are a challenge, unless its tropical heat, in which case, they thrive.
40 degree heat is not unusual here as you can imagine, but after many years of enormous water bills to maintain my garden, not helped by three rainwater tanks on our large block I decided to give up and downsize. Fuchsias fare the worst.
I 've had a few incidents lately of nearly tripping over our cat, out of my line of vision, particularly behind me as I turn around. I am in 'the broken hip' consideration category age-wise, particularly with osteoporosis , and I guess some older people consider the trip factor when declining pets. He chose us however, and I'm pleased he did.- Pam, Aust.

Joanne Noragon said...

40C is unreasonable! That's over 100F. That seems to be the norm in our midwest, and they are suffering.

Susan said...

I hope you get your strawberries. Locally grown strawberries are wonderful right now. My dog steps outside to do his business and comes straight back inside. Wearing a fur coat in the sunshine and heat is simply intolerable for a Bernese Mountain dog. He's a dog from Switzerland and loves the cold of winter. Do we have a date for Roger's arrival?

Red said...

I would love to have a balloon ride.

thelma said...

It is sad not having a pet, though I do have my daughter's incontinent dog to look after, we put him in a nappy every night. But I do watch two lively springer spaniels go for a walk around Keswick, and enjoy their boundless energy and the beautiful scenery.
so enjoy Roger the pup when he arrives, as we all will do.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thelma - must have missed a post - didn.t know you were in Keswick.
Red - too scary for me and couldn't get into the balloon these days. Don't you have them where you live? If they do why not ask for one from all friends and relations?
Susan - No date for Roger coming but soon.
Forty forecast for Monday here Joanne - hope they are wrong!
My dog died of old age but I am sure I wouls trip over one now and I have had one broken hip - don't wish for another. Anon
Chris - we rarely get a high temp and if we get 40 it will be a record.
Anon - maybe the new Roger will learn from Mary.
JC Hope the party went well.
Rossie nice to have you on board.
Derek - sound advice for me too I fear
Rachel - if we do get forty degrees I fear too hot for me.
John - lay off photography and stay cool fo a day or two.
Chris - not sure about being young again - think we had the best of it.
Barbara Anne - many of us sharing Roger without the hard work

Ellen D. said...

Aren't we lucky that we can stay cool at home and don't have to be out working in the heat!
My daughter got a puppy a week ago and she is an Australian shepherd named Sofie. My daughter is thrilled because she has always wanted a dog and we never had one. Training is a lot of work but she is enjoying it!

Debby said...

I second what Ellen says. The last time that I was at my son and Daughter in Laws, it was so very hot. We spent most of the day inside or at the pool. But at one point they had some furniture delivered. Those poor men! They seemed to take it all in good humor. I don't know how they could hold up all day.