Monday, 17 January 2022

Making a List

 I had a friend coming for coffee this morning and it occurred to me just before she came that there really are  some things in life that you look back on as being so very enjoyable - they might be expensive, they might be free  but you remember them because they 'fitted the bill'. So here are a few of mine - can you add any?

1.   Sitting with a friend enjoying a drink.   This applies to any drink - anywhere, but in my case sitting in the sitting room, the January sun shining through the window just mulling over events. This is what happened this morning with friend M, who only lives at the bottom of the road opposite.   She walked up for half past ten and stayed until half past twelve and we chatted about this and that -  books we are reading or had read - our families - things happening in the world - no subject barred.

2.   Sitting in a garden chair in the middle of Summer straight after finishing all the weeding and getting the garden straight.   Yes, when you have done this, just for a day or two the garden is pretty perfect until weeds begin to grow again - so sit down with a drink and enjoy it.

3.   Trying on, buying and wearing 'the perfect dress' - the one that is exactly the colour you imagined, fits perfectly and is not too expensive.  (and being complimented for how you look in it).


4.     Walking either with your dearest one,  with a group of friends, your rambling group - any pleasant company - on one of your favourite walks on a perfect day - admiring the glorious views, having a lovely picnic and arriving home just tired enough to have a nightcap and an early night.

5.     Arriving at your favourite holiday destination with your chosen companions, stepping off the plane, arriving at the hotel and knowing you have your whole holiday in front of you.

6.    If your dog is in kennels  seeing how pleased he/she is to see you when you arrive back in the kennels after the holiday.

We must all have different ones - what can you add?


Anonymous said...

The first cup of Yorkshire tea of the day

The first nights sleep when the sheets on the bed have been changed

Hanging out the washing on a sunny breezy day

An early morning walk on the local beach in the sunshine (followed by breakfast at a local cafe which is a birthday treat).

Anonymous said...

Hearing the crunch underfoot of the first snowfall.

Watching leaves fall from the trees on an autumn morning.

A goodnight kiss before drifting off to sleep.

The flicker of a candle bringing light to a book to be slowly read and savoring each page.

suzanne dorries said...

a good snuggle at night. and an i love you from a child or loved one

Melinda from Ontario said...

A walk through the garden on a sunny spring morning, on the hunt for the first green shoots.

A hot cup of tea, a cookie, and a new episode of a favourite series my husband and I have been anticipating.

Clean sheets, clean pajamas, and a book so good I can't wait to get started.

An evening of laughter with my best friend at the local pub.

The sound of the loons calling as I'm drifting off to sleep at my sister's cottage.

gz said...

Company of friends where you don't need to talk.
The first coffee of the day
Stopping somewhere on a ride or walk and just listening.
Arriving at places we know in the Hebrides or in AotearoaNZ....and just breathing really clean air

Heather said...

That first morning cup of tea. Getting into bed and lying down after a busy day. Walking through a beautiful wood. The first day in March when it is dry enough to mow the lawn and tackle some weeding - the smell in the air and that satisfying ache in back and legs which tells of a job well done. Looking out of the window and seeing one's offspring arriving for a visit. And probably many more as well.

Susan said...

Looking outside at my Magnolia trees in the dead of Winter with swelled flower buds and anticipating the beautiful scented flowers they will produce in the Spring.

The high of sailing into the wind, hoisting all the sails, reaching good speed and healing at a 45 degree angle.

Seeing my son reach and exceed his goals.

the veg artist said...

The kitchen full of the smell of a slow-cooked casserole.
The tiny pinpricks of green as seeds start to show through the compost, to be followed by the first tiny setting of fruit.
The smell of oil paint in my studio.

Lynn said...

The first daffodils.
Birds in the garden.
Your own bed after a stay away.
A cold glass of wine.
A clear night sky.
Clean sheets and pajamas.
The first cup of tea of the day.
Grandchildren laughing.
Family round the dinner table.
A letter through the post.
A pile of books to read.

marlane said...

Getting back from a ride on my horse with my husband on his and realizing that neither of us fell off.

Debby said...

A 3 year old patting your cheek and saying, 'I am so glad you are here!"

Anonymous said...

The sound of chortling magpies
The first blackbird of Spring
The smell of a deep red rose
lLfting my face to the warm soft sun
Hot shower, clean sheets and pyjamas
Lying down to listen to radio programs with my hot water bottle
The morning and night skies
A much anticipated parcel arriving
Time to myself in a coffee shop with the paper
My daughter, her husband and 1 year old arriving.
When I make my husband laugh

Joanne Noragon said...

That list is pretty perfect. I like the addition of a grandchild greeting.

Susan said...

Such nice things people have on their lists. They would be on mine too. I keep a book beside my bed which I write down anything that gave me joy during the day. Even if I don't have anything to write, looking through it brings back happy memories. It is a lovely way to drift off to sleep.

Cro Magnon said...

Going for my early morning walk with the Dog and watching the sunrise, whilst wearing just shorts and T shirt. I used to stop, look and listen to all its beauty, and try to imprint it on my brain for future reference. Pure magic.

Gail, northern California said...

It restores my faith in the human spirit to read all of the lovely comments -- none of which cost any money. Lovely.
I especially like "When I make my husband laugh."

Hilde said...

A walk through the vineyards along the river Moselle with their old stone walls, knowing that vines have been growing there since the times of the Romans. And aterwards, a glass of cool local Riesling. Which is ridicularly cheap when you see all the hard work that goes into making it.
Hilde in Germany

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Sitting on a sunny hillside, watching the comings and goings below.
Seeing children sleeping.
Finishing a piece of work and thinking that you've made a good job of it.
The little pause between the last note of music fading away and the applause from the audience.

Librarian said...

My list would be far too long, and repeat many of what the others here have named; getting into bed with freshly changed sheets being one of them. Funny how so many of us love that!
And as is so often the case with the best things in life, much of it can be enjoyed for free. (Admittedly, I'd have to spend some money to be able to do a beach walk, being about 800 km away from the Sea, and that perfect dress you mentioned usually has a price tag, too.)

thelma said...

Life is full of firsts and we should greet each one with eagerness and joy. Opening the back door to hear the birds, a rosebud about to break, a kiss on the nape of your neck. My daughter just messaging - Morning lovely, how you doin - (she is away). One can go on counting the good things through the day and just see if they erase the bad things;)

JacquieB said...

All the above - and suddenly, on a day when things are not going so well, I feel very, very blessed to realise that I have been lucky enough to have experienced them.

Derek Faulkner said...

Getting up in the morning and knowing it's gonna be another hot and sunny summer's day.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

The joy and pride I feel when our son comes home on leave.
When my Grandson hugs me and tells me "I love you Grandma."
Happiness to see another spring come around and the hummingbirds return.
Predawn mornings just on the cusp of spring when the robins have all returned and are calling to each other in the morning.
Thankful to still have our little 17 year old dog with us and to feel the way he just melts into my chest when I hold him, just like he did the first time I held him as we first brought him home with us when he was a little puppy.

Gerry Snape said...

All six are grand Pat...just exchange dog for cats...and that's my list!

The Feminine Energy said...

Sitting down in the living room, in nightgown & robe, knowing all the dishes are washed & the kitchen is ready for the following day. :-) ~Andrea xoxoxo

Sue said...

How lovely these are! I enjoyed reading them. One of my favorites? Opening the door to our little vacation house on the river, and finding everything we need, exactly as I left it.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely reading these - thank you - not quite as good as experiencing them all but the next best thing.

jinxxxygirl said...

Late to the party...lets see what i can come up with...

The moment of starting a new book, ready for a new adventure
The quiet moment of just finishing a book, sitting and thinking over the whole journey
Sitting and listening to a beautiful song that just fills you up inside
or a song that makes you go dancing around the house.
A new one for me is the sight of my grandchildren so happy to see me...
The moment while camping that i sit by the fire and let my hair dry...
I like to go out in my yard just before sunset when the sun is low and deadhead my flowers and make them look pretty for the next day
A walk in the snow while its snowing and everything is so quiet you can hear the snow hit the ground...
I haven't read anyone elses yet.. I wonder how many are the same? Hugs! debs