Sunday, 15 August 2021


 Walking quite early this morning, as soon as the sun appeared because the forecast is not brilliant, I suddenly realised that my daily walks and exercises have begun to show.   Today is the easiest I have walked for a long time.    Now I really must keep up both the exercises AND the walking every day where it is possible.    Winter is a long time and there could be weeks when I can't go out.   Now I must root out some old balance exercises and see if I can improve my balance too.   It is just after nine in the evening now, almost dark (nights are drawing in) and this is the first chance I have had to return to my post.

Friend and neighbour H came in after lunch for a cup of tea and a chat - passed a nice afternoon.   Sundays always seem so long.   It has stayed fine all day which means the world and his wife have been out with their dogs.   There are so many on our estate - I would go so far as to say that there is almost one per household -  I know there are a lot of houses without dogs but there are also a lot where there are two and  even three.  

I suppose the over riding breed is the Labrador - both black and golden (I know two black ones intimately - lovely, friendly animals).   But over the last week or so I have been noting the different breeds.   I have never once in the four years I have lived here seen an unaccompanied dog or one off the lead, but there are few which are not pedigree and such dogs are expensive so it is hardly surprising.   Most of those which are probably not pedigree are the sheepdog/border collie type - again lovely, gentle dogs.   A good breed to keep.

So here are a few of the ones who live around me - two Labradoodles on my bit of road.   Both of these are very well=trained animals always walking to   heel.   A very friendly Whippet and a Greyhound (who this morning - in August- already had his winter jacket on).   Three if not four Schid-zus, a Pekinese, a black Pug (I used to own one called Algy) several Border Terriers (my last dog in the photos here was this breed - Tess), a Great Dane, a few Fox Hound types and one or two Schnauzers.  As always various Parson Jack Russell terriers and one Airedale Terrier (haven't seen him lately).   There are also a few Spaniels around, one lives directly opposite me and friends lower down the estate have two.   I would love to have another dog for company but sadly Priscilla and dogs don;t mix.

I am finding it difficult to stay awake while typing this after a not particularly busy day so I shall sign off with a Woof!   See you all tomorrow.


CharlotteP said...

Well done, Pat! It's a lovely feeling when you begin to feel the benefit of an exercise regime.
Border collies are lovely dogs - but probably best for people who enjoy a LOT of walking. Some neighbours of mine got one a few months ago, and he is causing them quite a few problems. He's probably bored!
My Turbo is a cockapoo. We got him almost 12 years ago, when I had never heard of them, or seen one. Labradoodles are lovely looking dogs, but too big for my small house, and I wondered if we could get a spaniel crossed with a poodle, tried asking Google, and yes, we could. He has been a great companion, but I'm very sad to see that the cost of puppies has gone up exactly 5 fold since we got him. This possibly does not guarantee a happier home for the puppies...especially when people in cities, who have been working from home during Covid, have to go back to their offices.

Tasker Dunham said...

I think you are right about regular daily exercises being important. It's a slippery slope when you don't do them.

Ellen D. said...

I had a good walk today too! I went to a forest preserve for a hike and saw a dozen egrets in the marsh pond. I will follow your example and try to exercise and walk each day. Well done!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes Charlotte there are also a couple of Cockerpoos on the estate too - forgot them. They are lovely dogs. I think they combine the best aspects of both their parents are far as temmperament goes.

Joan (Devon) said...

You are an inspiration to me to carry on with the exercises I have sadly neglected of late Pat, thank you.

Bonnie said...

It is wonderful that you are already seeing the difference in adding the exercises to your routine! I am so happy to hear that. I love hearing about the wonderful assortment of dogs you have to watch on their walks. I enjoy seeing how each dog has its own unique personality.

sparklingmerlot said...

I am so pleased to hear your exercises are working. It's hard to begin but the results make it worth while. Balance is something I have become very aware of (and I'm not quite 65) especially since my knee replacement last year. Your posts have made me remember I need to do my balance exercises.
We have two German Shepherds. They are only young (13 months and 6 months, replacing the 2 we lost last year) so are still being trained and we aren't allowed to walk our dogs off lead unless it's in a designated area - not that everyone adheres to that rule. I'd love to be able to walk them off lead at heel. As Charlotte observes, the cost of pups has skyrocketed. Here so many are known as Covid dogs as people bought puppies when they were forced to work from home hence the shortage and price.

Susan said...

Having lots of friendly dogs in your estate adds to the community. My neighbors have dogs too. It is great to hear that your walking combined with exercises is showing good results. Keep up the good work as the reward is well worth the effort.

Mary said...

I so enjoyed hearing about all your doggie neighbours Pat - but do they bark and annoy you ever? We have loud barking dogs nearby - two especially whom I’ve been told cost $3500 - phew!!!
Don’t know the breed but they look like giant poodle mixes.
Glad your Sunday was pleasant and that you are feeling safer on your legs - do be careful though.
Matt x

Virginia said...

I'm so glad your exercises are paying dividends. Well done. You have been a model of consistency

In New Zealand "designer dogs" have become the thing, to the point where there are "puppy mills" and people are getting quite ridiculous prices for them. The major chain Animates, that sells everything from food to equipment, ut she has has fortunately taken a stand, and will only sell/ rehome SPCA animals, which is a very good thing. During Lockdown everyone was dog walking (and kid walking!) and fortunately around our neighbourhood everyone keeps their dogs on leads. There are designated Off lead areas, but I wouldn't trust our old Goldie to return to me on command - she would to my son, but she has 'selective deafness'!!

Joanne Noragon said...

I like collie kinds of dogs, the most well trained dog I ever have owned.

angryparsnip said...

Sir Winston Mandables Churchill and Miss Agatha Tallulah would love to come over for a visit. You can drink Tea and they will eat the Cookies.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Good to hear that your exercises are paying dividends; so often they only maintain the status quo, so a noticeable improvement is good news indeed. It's unusual to see anyone walking on the footpaths around here who doesn't have a dog, in fact many dogs eye me with great suspicion when they can't see a canine companion!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Cookies galore await you Sir Winston and Miss Agatha (and you too Lady G)
Virginia selective deafness - all my dogs have had it
Matt - I never had a dog bark - I am very deaf but have never heard anyone complain so I think the dogs on this estate are well-trained
Merlot - forgot German Shepherds - a few but not a particularly popular dog round here.

As usual you have all made my day a more pleasurable one. Thank you.

Librarian said...

You are setting a good example for all of us here, Pat; keeping to your exercises and walks is an improvement everyone can reach for their own health. After my enforced break of six weeks, I have recently taken up my exercises again (never stopped walking, as you know) and been running on Saturday or Sunday mornings (never both days!).

My sister keeps saying she would love a labradoodle, but living on her own and (in non-Covid times) being out for work all day every day plus plenty of weekends away with friends is not fair to any pet one decides to keep.
It is nice that, while you sensibly opt for not having a dog of your own anymore, you can observe so many friendly dogs (and their owners) around your neighbourhood.

Derek Faulkner said...

Very important that you keep the exercise going as long as you can Pat and good to see that you are.
My partner and I did an 11 mile cycle ride along the towpath of the Basingstoke canal in Surrey yesterday (Sunday). It was very enjoyable and surprisingly, I have no ache and pains this morning.

thelma said...

I suspect that when the Covid finally disappears there will be a lot of dogs that come on the market. I miss my Lucy, and hunger after a cocker spaniel but for the moment only have Teddy the whippet for company. My daughter is cross with me because I have made him co-dependent apparently! Good that your walking is improving and you are feeling stronger.

The Feminine Energy said...

I'm grateful for your posts and am glad you share your thoughts with us. Just wanted you to know that. ~Andrea xoxoxo

Heather said...

Well done with the exercises and daily walk. I know I would seize up completely if I did not have a short walk each day. I would be out for hours in your neighbourhood with all those lovely dogs to talk to. I can't pass one with a friendly looking owner without asking if I may stroke their dog. I too miss being able to have one of my own. Onward and upward and woof to you to!

Bovey Belle said...

I'm so glad you are improving with the walking and that the exercises make a difference. Having got myself hill-fit (or reasonably so) we had a run of wetter weather and walks have been on the back boiler so I'm back to square one again! We are working on my husband's balance and walking but no Physio until latest blood tests etc back from Consultant he saw last week.

Lots of dogs where you are then. My mum always had lots of dog-walking friends she passed the time of day with when she lived in Southampton. We see the occasional dog from in the town being walked out a bit towards us, but that's all. The local yappy dogs a couple of cottages down never seem to be taken out for walks and we have only seen their owner once since January!

I hope you can keep mobile over the winter, even if it's just walking round and round the table like the Brontes used to!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks everyone - let's all keep up that exercise (and that dog stroking) together.

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