Friday, 23 July 2021


 A lot of heavy, black clouds floating about as it begins to get dark (9.15pm) but no rain forecast for up here in the North - it is all destined to fall down there in the South where you have had plenty.   This intense heat has more or less finished my pots off by the front door - I cut the flowers right back yesterday, gave them a good watering and this morning I fed them.   I will give them a couple of weeks to recover and if they don't then the two large ones will have to be emptied and redone with something like pansies which will last over winter.   My pot of Gazanias and one of Pelargoniums are thriving - but then they love the hot weather.

I set out on a walk this morning.   There was a nice cool wind blowing and I thought it would be reasonable to walk in it.   But by the time I had gone a couple of hundred yards I knew it was going to be too hot.   M next door neighbour was gardening in the front garden so I chatted to her for ten minutes or so and then came in for my salad lunch.   And then I fell asleep.

I awoke to find friend S tapping on the front window.   She brought me my first 'boiling' of broad beans (always my mother's favourite summer vegetable) and some very pretty courgettes.   I had them for my tea - they were a taste of Summer - sheer delight.   How can some folk not like vegetables?

That is the sum total of the work I have done today.   It has just been too hot and I have been unable to summon up any energy.   Friend B, who used to live up here but moved down to Kent a few years ago, rang at tea time and we had a lovely chat.   How nice it is to chat with old friends.

So I have failed again to tot up six folk to speak to today - I have only managed J, my carer, M, my neighbour, S my friend who called in, B my friend who rang and D, my son who called and chatted through the window and collected half of S's vegetables to cook for their tea.   Well that's five so not too bad for this hot weather.

See you tomorrow.   Sleep well if you can on these hot nights.


Rachel Phillips said...

You do very well if you think you can achieve six people in a day. My daily range is 0-2.

CharlotteP said...

It's quite a bit cooler here tonight, I will definitely sleep! No rain forecast for us; there was...but it has disappeared from the Met Office forecast. It baffles me that if you look at the BBC and Met Office forecasts, they are usually quite different; surely they are based on the same (Met Office) data?
I have also chatted to 5 people today...but only if you count the lady who sold me an ice cream this afternoon. Six people a day is quite an ambitious target. I'm interested to see how many I manage next week.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Rachel - I almost always do - remember I live on an estate and many of the retired folk walk their dogs and I know them from the days when Tess and I walked. Also I am partial to babies and mums like to show off their babies

Charlotte - I try to maintain 6 because if I don't speak to folk at my age I don't think i does my powers of conversation any good.

Tom Stephenson said...

The wind is getting up here. 100% chance of rain by 3.00am my phone says. In a way it is a relief. Our gutters are cleared and I am looking forward to the deluge. I spoke to at least 7 people today - more like 20, but that is unusual.

Rambler said...

Here in Cornwall the temparature has decreased - blessed relief as far as I'm concerned. I feel completely wiped out by the heatwave, so hopefully it has broken now and we can have some sweet, refreshing rain. This afternoon I managed to cut my front lawn/meadow; so glad it is done before any rain comes. Still the back lawn to cut yet . . . .maybe tomorrow.
I spoke to just 1 person, a lady who walked past as I was mowing the grass. But I spoke to my little dog quite a lot!!!

Susan said...

You seem to have a full day most days. Hopefully your hot weather will end soon. The acorns have started to fall from the Oak trees and this signals Fall is approaching. Also, at 8 PM it is dark so daylight is closing in. I am looking forward to a cool Fall and less heat.

Joanne Noragon said...

I took a nap today, too. Some days it never occurs to me and other days it's essential.

Cro Magnon said...

We were expecting a storm last night, but it didn't arrive. 34 C yesterday, so we spent the day swimming.

Bonnie said...

You are wise to take it easy when the weather is very hot. Walking in the heat can be difficult to handle and sometimes not even safe. We are under heat advisories here as the temperatures are 100+ F. That is definitely staying indoors weather. I hope your temperatures cool soon.

Sue in Suffolk said...

It was cloudy here all day yesterday until 6pm and so strange to be chilly after the 4 hot days.

Bovey Belle said...

My comment's pretty well a repeat of Rambler's - only speaking to cats and husband instead of dog!

I woke up about 4 a.m. feeling cool enough to need a thin patchwork quilt over the bed and it is refreshingly cool this morning. I may get a walk in, we'll see. Risk of thunderstorms though.

More family history research today - close to finding the "missing link" I'm hoping.

JayCee said...

Cooler here today too and a cloudy start so far. Much more comfortable for walking to the shops.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I spotted the first combines of the year out in the fields yesterday, trying to make a start before the rains arrive at the weekend - though I see this morning that the weather men are less confident in their forecasts now. One can afford to be a little lazy in this hot weather; not much preparation or washing up when you're living on salads.

Derek Faulkner said...

Talking to people is not a necessity in my life, it's not something that I worry about, or go out of my way to do each day.
I was a cool night with a stiff E. wind blowing into the bedroom. This morning so far has been almost dark at times with grey skies, an E. wind and some rain, making the heatwave seem as though it never happened. No doubt the people that can't put up with just a couple of weeks of decent summer will now be rejoicing.

Rosie said...

Just to say that although I rarely comment I look forward to reading your blogs. There is always food for thought in your reflections.

Anne Brew said...

I'm a bit like Derek I think.
As long as I know my family are ok I can go a long time without making actual conversation.

Heather said...

You speak to more people per day than I manage. We had overnight rain and I was caught in a short shower this morning (Saturday) but it is thankfully cooler. However I think it will take me days to shake off my exhaustion.
We have been fortunate not to have the awful extreme weather that has devastated parts of Europe. I keep hoping that the governments around the globe will wake up to what is happening, and actually do something about it.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Very cloudy here and pleasantly cool although noi sign of rrain.
Thanks everyone. I have just switched on to write today's post.

The Feminine Energy said...

I have central air-conditioning so fortunately the hot nights (or days) don't bother me. It is hard to not be able to go outside much tho, but I can't take the heat either. Never could, even as a teen. I don't talk to two people in a week, let alone that in a day. Of course that's the way I prefer it.... I love my monastic-type life. :) ~Andrea xoxoxo

Rachel Phillips said...

Does your husband not count Andrea?

Ellen D. said...

Quite warm here. I have a fun book to read so I may not head outside at all!

Red said...

With your counting of contacts made in a day, made me wonder how many contacts do I make? Daily contact are very important in the overall scheme of things.

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