Sunday, 18 July 2021

Good Morning

Bright and early.   My dear God-daughter and her husband came yesterday - we had a lovely day doing nothing.   They had driven for two hours, directly across the country from Lancashire to Yorkshire and we just sat and chatted.   I  had a job to stay awake several times but they were good at keeping my eyes open (and my cup of tea level so that I didn't spill it).  They set off home just before the hour's catch up of Le Tour.   I watched that, sat in my chair and woke up well into the night - it was dark and when I put the light on it was in the early hours of the morning!  I managed to go round locking the doors and drawing the blinds before tumbling into bed and I have just woken up at almost seven o'clock.   I must go now and unlock ready for my carer - I'll be back later for the doings of today - not much I hope as I expect to be tired today - but it was worth it to see them both and to see them so happy together.

I hope Le Tour is on TV at 4pm ish - -  it doesn't show it in the Times but Rachel and my son both assure me it is on so I eagerly looking forward to it.   The last stage of all and hope that Mark Cavendish features somewhere in the results.   The scoring system is so complicated that I have yet to understand it but I have learnt a lot about it this year and will learn even more another year if I am still here.

It is another hot day but a lot more cloud today and a cooling breeze.   Priscilla and I went round early and watered the tubs using water from the water butt.   Surely it will soon be empty and then it will be harder unless of course we get more rain.

Tom talking about past holidays on his  post set me off think about the wonderful holidays I have had first with M for thirty nine years and then with D for twenty three years.   Which holiday was the best he asked?   Well all I can say is that there has never been a bad one either in this country or West or East.   Cockroaches in the bedroom in Mongolia was a bit scary but wouldn't have missed it for the world.The Blakeney Hotel  in  Norfolk took some beating in this country.   The hotel in Dallas, Texas was a dream.   As to the places - well everywhere new is fascinating isnt it?   Seeing Guernica - seeing The Night Watch- standing in S t Mark's Square in Venice, standing eating in the Square in Marrakech - every experience widens one's horizons.   Sadly it all dies with you.

See you in the morning.  Hope there are no mistakes above but I am very shaky today so I wouldn't bank on it.   Off to Paris now  (I wish) 


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure travel experiences die with the traveler; in your case for example your adventurous spirit will surely be an inspiration to friends, family and even blog readers.


Derek Faulkner said...

Around 30 degrees here in unbroken sunshine and so the kind of weather we've been waiting for. I'm sitting in the shade indoors watching the excellent 20 over one day cricket match from Headingly, Leeds, between England and Pakistan.
If you're now getting into sport you should try the cricket, it's great sport.

the veg artist said...

43 degrees here, and we are certainly not used to it in West Wales!! Sounds like you had a lovely visit - worth going to sleep in the chair over!

Anne Bee said...

Couldn’t agree more Derek. There’s nothing so good as a picnic, a couple of ice cold lagers and a day of Test cricket to enjoy.

Rachel Phillips said...

My house has been invaded by ants. It is cool indoors so I am happy even with the ants.

Susan said...

Sounds like a lovely visit with your God-daughter. Vacations are always fun to remember. Travel is wonderful and experiencing different places and cultures is always enjoyable.
You talk about feeling tired and I wonder if your MD has checked your iron, B-12, D and magnesium levels? (I always insist on this testing.) Supplements when needed can make a big difference in general health and wellness.

CharlotteP said...

To have had such a lovely visit makes it worth feeling tired.
We had cockroaches in our holiday cottage bedroom and bathroom Shropshire!
Rachel, you have my sympathy - my kitchen has been invaded by ants, too.

Librarian said...

Your goddaughter‘s visit was a good day, by the sound of it; no matter that you were tired afterwards, you had the next day to yourself and could give yourself all the rest you needed.
It‘s been a perfect summer‘s day here today - sunny but not too hot, with a slight breeze keeping things nice and not too oppressive.

Heather said...

Very hot down here today and not a breath of wind this evening so I imagine a hot night will follow.
Fingers crossed for Mark Cavendish, not that I am really interested in cycling but I like to support our sportsmen.
What wonderful holiday memories you must have. My husband wasn't keen to travel, so we didn't. However, in my 50s I was invited to join a friend on a 3 week trip to the USA and Canada to stay with relatives of hers, and seized the day. It was the holiday of a lifetime.

Bonnie said...

It sounds like a wonderful visit with your God-daughter and her husband! I always enjoy hearing about your past world travels. The nice thing about holidays is that you can enjoy them over and over in your memories! As someone else said, those lovely memories will live on because you have shared them!

The Weaver of Grass said...

After reading your comments so far the first wet day we get I shall get out one or two of my photo albums and go through old holidays.

lynney62 said...

Hello Weave...I'm one of those "lurkers" who loves reading your blog everyday...have followed along with you for about 3 years now. I watched The Tour today in the US, the replay this afternoon for our time...I'm like you in that I just don't yet understand all the rules and scoring, but, oh my, I enjoyed it so much...I got such a fantastic tour of Paris almost as great as being there in person!! Such a beautiful city! I read Rachel's blog also and she has helped me begin to understand the scoring and stages. It's been great fun following it this year! Hope you have a nice restful night tonight..Thanks for always taking some time to blog!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Welcome Lynney62 - yes Le Tour has been good both for the race and for the marvellous scenery hasn't it?

Thanks everyone.

The bike shed said...

Oh, I wish I was off to Paris too. I was due to travel to France today, but now after the latest rule changes. Never mind... this too will pass.

Tasker Dunham said...

It's good to get up bright and early (not that I manage it very often). Yesterday and toady we were up to our 11 o'clock coffee break before 9.

Victoria said...

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