Friday, 14 May 2021

Friday again.

 And not all that warm with it.   It is cloudy and 'almost' drizzly and what is more it is cold.   Certainly not May weather - I am still wearing many layers and have just been on my constitutional wearing many layers and also woolly gloves.   But I have walked and that is the important thing - I absolutely must do it every day.   My son and his wife called - it is my daughter in law's birthday today - her birthday treat so far was to be driven down to the Medical Central to have her blood tests.

What to write about today.   I was so pleased with everyone's response yesterday - so many different opinions.   It almost feels like sitting in a room with you all and having a wonderful discussion (I won't say argument).

What seems to be headline news today is the sudden Upsurge of the new Covid variant which so far it seems may or may not be the Indian variant, may be more likely to attack teenagers, doesn't appear to make  anyone seriously ill.   And then there is Foreign Travel - on or off.   And that brings me to another thing.   The word Staycation - do I assume it has been specially coined to imply a mixture of 'stay at home' and 'vacation' - clever.   I lay in bed thinking of one or two other similarly coined special words but by the time I came to write this several hours later I can't remember a single one.   Feel free to compile a list.

I am trying hard to have a day when I don't think about all the terrible things in the world, about all the problems in the Royal Family (which are on the front page of The Times.   Why can't they let the poor people get on with their lives without publicising their every hiccup?)   I could go on but that is just bringing them to the forefront of my mind and no- not today.   I shall think instead of going and getting my lunch, pottering in the garden with Priscilla (weather permitting), watching 'Escape to the Country' and 'Antiques Road Trip' and then it will be time for tea.   See you tomorrow.


Anne Brew said...

Escape to the Country is my absolute favourite programme.
I don't know why, I don't want to escape anywhere.
It may be just the music.
I always think their existing house looks jolly nice anyway.
Stay warm Pat, we had the Haar on the East Yorkshire coast last night.
For those living elsewhere its an unusual and almost instant cold local fog that rolls inland a short distance rom time to time.

Rachel Phillips said...

The best way to let these people carry on with their lives is to not talk about any coverage given by the media. I wouldn't worry about the Indian variant, also no doubt blown out of all proportion by the media and, as you say, doesn't seem to make anybody seriously ill, and I wouldn't worry about foreign travel. In fact the best thing to do is get on with life as if nothing is happening, enjoy home, and make a decision that airports are best avoided this year for reasons of lack of border desks open and embrace a life free of Covid hysteria. No words comes to mind like staycation except Brexit to describe Britain withdrawing from the EU

Derek Faulkner said...

Well done Pat for accepting that different people have different opinions, regardless of whether you agree with them or not.
Cold and grey down here on Sheppey today, not pleasant.

JayCee said...

It is rainbow weather over here today, with a stiff breeze. At least all the trees have now burst into life and everything is a myriad of green hues.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Presumably if everyone flies off to foreign lands and then there's an increase in Covid they'll coin the term "Folly-days".

Ellen D. said...

I am glad you got out for your walk even if the weather wasn't perfect. Hope you have nicer weather coming your way. It is nice here today so I will get out to weed and walk. Happy Friday!

Librarian said...

Well done, walking in spite of the cold!
It's been all sorts of weather again today, from warm sunshine to cold wind and rain.
You've just reminded me that I want to watch more episodes of Escape to the Country on youtube.

The bike shed said...

There are lots of compound phrases we use all the time without really thinking. Try:
ROMCOM - romantic comedy
SHEPHERD - Shep and herd
FORTNIGHT - fourteen nights
COCKAPOO or LABRADOODLE - fancypants mongrels!!!!

and of course...

BLOG - which comes originally from web-log

CharlotteP said...

Folly-days...very good, John! No, I can't think of any of them, either, Pat. they will come to us (too late!) in the night.
Hopefully the interest in Meghan, and her pronouncements will eventually wane, and the Royal Family will be left in relative peace. though you do have to have sympathy for Harry saying 'It was like living in a zoo'. Quite. If a rather upmarket zoo. Rather them than me!

The Feminine Energy said...

Yes, "famous" people get roasted in the news these days. People can be so cruel. I'm sorry but I wish Meghan and Harry would shut the heck up!! They wanted to leave and they're gone now, so I wish they'd simply live their lives & stop bashing his family. What's the purpose?! I always thought Diana, as pretty as she was, was a brick short of a full load.... and I'm afraid Harry has taken after her.

Our weather was downright frigid the last 10 days but now it's starting to warm-up. Hopefully your cold will vanish and make way for spring/summer type weather soon.

~Andrea xoxo

Bovey Belle said...

I want to give Harry a good shaking - best not to air your grievances in public, whoever you are.

Glad you got out for a walk. K and I had our usual toodle round the park, but then got slightly lost coming back "the road way" as we had to park on a side road as town was packed solid. I've just been up the hill (before the rain set in again, thank heavens), and looked at the view with the trees all starting to green up finally. The wild flowers are so beautiful now.

I have a few Escape to the Country's recorded now - will check and see if they are new-to-me - if not I shall do the ironing and watch one.

Anonymous said...

The blended words you refer to are called portmanteau.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thank you Anonymous - Portmanteau - interesting.
Anne - sorry about that Haar.
Rachwl - I am just ignoring the News on the whole.
Brexit - thank you that's another word.
JayCee - Rainbow weather is a darn sight better than saying pouring with rain.
John - clever you - Follidays!!!!
Thanks Bike Shed for adding to the list

Gail, northern California said...

Daily walks, weather permitting....makes me proud to know 'ya!
Keep up the good work, Weave.

lil red hen said...

I have a question about your header picture. Where did all the rocks in the fences come from? Were they picked up from the fields? I've noticed the same type of fences on other U.K. blogs. I can't imagine building such a fence.

Heather said...

I check the news headlines each morning and then switch off. That is enough for me, and the best part of any newspaper is it's crosswords and other puzzles.
When one gets to our age I think we can be allowed to occupy ourselves in any way which brings us enjoyment, keeps us active and perhaps is of benefit to others so that we don't become too self-centred. Goodness knows we can't do anything to alter the sorry state of the world at present.
Not a bad day down here but we had more rain in the evening. Who knows what tomorrow will bring - it's all a bit of a lottery.

The Weaver of Grass said...

littleredhen - your question about our dry stone walls. Originally the rocks came from our land - it is very rocky/stony land but the stone walls are traditional and have been built for hundreds of years. There are men called dry stone wallers who build them up when they fall down, which they do after a long time - sometimes knocked down by the sheep.

Thanks Gail for the compliment.

Anonymous said...

Escape to the Country is on every evening here in South Australia. I love it.. can count on my husband's return from work by the roller door garage noise just as the mystery house is featured. He usually enters the door with an eye-rolling glance of 'what is it this time ... converted barn or thatch?"! I love the predictability of everything in the situation..Pam, Aust.

Susan said...

Here, here to a conversation with others throughout the world via your blog.

Crafty Green Poet said...

We're having very cold weather for May up here too!

I like the word staycation, for some (including me!) it means stay at home and take day trips for others it means take a holiday in your own country!