Tuesday, 18 August 2020


 Tuesday - notable here for being Dustbin Day - one week Green bin for Garden Rubbish and then various recycling receptacles and the other week for Grey 'Ordinary' dustbin.   Works like clockwork and -because of my age and disability - my stuff is collected from the top of my drive.   But don't let's feel too smug about how we collect all that plastic for recycling when we see on the News the amount of plastic in the sea and read in the papers how tiny plastic particles are now regularly found in the human body.

I am gradually getting used to my new Dell but I do apologise how I never seem to get the same size of print two days running.   This is the size I prefer so I will try to stick with it from now on.   The trouble is that this new machine is so very sensitive that I only have to move a finger and I lose the whole thing or I change the size of the type or something else happens to throw a spanner in the works.

All Summer long a little mouse has lived in the wall behind my only rose.   We have met regularly and I have become quite attached to him/her.   Now this morning he lies dead on my patio.   A tabby passes through my garden each morning - are the two things connected?   I expect so.   Nature red in tooth and claw.

I'm afraid Autumn has arrived overnight here.   I do hope we get just a little more Summer.   My Mares Tail weed has yet to be sprayed for a start and my Patio has still to be finished.   At present it is a quagmire - there is no way I can walk over it to cut back my antirrhinums - a shame because one cut back and I just might get a new crop of flowers.   Still, you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs as they say.


Yellow Shoes said...

One of the nicest aspects of your blog Weave is the size of your print. Bigger than most and nice and easy for these aging eyes to read. x

justjill said...

I doubt it was the cat. They leave bits.... When does your gardener come again, could he not sort the anti thingys. I can spell most things, but not that.

Terra said...

I too am concerned about plastic pollution in the ocean and in our bodies. Poor little mouse, if a cat or wild critter killed it, it likely would have eaten it. When first married my hubby and I adopted a cute little mouse with 3 legs, that we discovered in our kitchen. It eventually died, probably of old age, which for a mouse would happen rather quickly.

Susan said...

Your blog is a nice as ever! New computer and all. Your mouse on the patio seems strange, maybe he got sick and decided this was a good friendly place to depart? I like to think this. I hope your garden man can stop by soon and help with a few tasks. It is always nice to enjoy the garden.

Chris said...

I also have a mouse (or two!) in my garden but I have only ever caught one glimpse of it. Unfortunately I found one (a baby) at the bottom of my pool the other day. Life is hard for the wild things!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

My local "pet" is a little pipistrelle bat, been watching it in the reflected glow of the street lights

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Joanne Noragon said...

And the cat left you the mouse to say See what I did you you.

Bonnie said...

You might be able to adjust the sensitivity of your mouse. Try going to: settings, devices, and then click on mouse. Once there you can make adjustments to your mouse and your cursor. You may be able to change the sensitivity of the mouse and also change the size of the cursor. If you have trouble with it maybe your son can help. I have a Dell desktop and sometimes make those adjustments. It is terrible when a computer is overly sensitive!

I'm happy for you to hear that you are otherwise getting used to your new computer!

The Feminine Energy said...

I do believe the sensitivity of the keys is a "setting" you can adjust. I wouldn't like it that sensitive either. But how exactly you would adjust it? I don't have one single little clue. :-) Love, Andrea xoxo

thelma said...

Our recycling day is today, I normally put it out once a month, as I do 'proper' rubbish, but the garden bin goes out fortnightly. These men have worked all through the Covid period as always unsung heroes.
What I don't like about computers is all the updating, not sure we need it all but Dell is a good make. Mine becomes overly sensitive when it sits on my knee, or I rest my wrists on the front. Think I shall take Bonnie's advice.

Heather said...

It is my personal recycling day today. I separate plastic, glass and paper then put them into my shopping trolley and take them down to their correct bins. Then I go to do my weekly shopping and refill the trolley.
It is pouring with rain this morning so I have given it strict instructions to stop before I go out!
Poor mouse. Cats will be cats. Ours used to bring them in as gifts - not appreciated.

Librarian said...

Like some others here have said, I don't think the mouse was killed by the cat; it would have eaten most or parts of it. Mice do not live to a grand old age in the first place, and you never know what else could have happened to him/her. Still, it is sad to know you won't see the little animal in your garden anymore.
Most of the plastic and other rubbish polluting the oceans is washed in there from rivers, where it was thrown in by people living along the rivers, more often than not in countries or cities with no proper waste management. Cruise and freight ships are also responsible for a lot of waste.
Not long ago I read an article about plastic (and other) waste recycling in my country. They said there is still plenty of room for improvement, but they also stated that not one piece of plastic that is put in a bin here will find its way to the ocean. If it can't be recycled for some reason, it will end up in landfill and not just dumped in a river.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks everyone for your contributions - I do enjoy reading them.

Bonnie - thanks for the advice - I have already adjusted both the size and the colour of my cursor -I shall now try your advice about the sensitivity.



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