Saturday, 29 August 2020


As I sit here at the computer, next to a radiator, I notice that the heating is on.   Is that extravagant of me?   After all, it isn't September yet and it is half past eleven in the morning.   Well, my thermostat is set at eighteen, the sun is out intermittently but not at the moment and I do feel the cold.   I won't go into how many layers I am wearing, but I will say that I do begin to wonder what I shall wear in Winter.


We have had our usual Zoom coffee morning this morning - and as usual it was very pleasant.   A friend and neighbour is coming round for a cup of tea this afternoon and there are two interesting programmes this evening on BBC Four (This Farming Life and Michael Palin's Pole to Pole, which I have seen before but which I enjoyed so much that I am enjoying again second time round). So that is today taken care of.   There will be no stroll with Percy because it is too windy.

I watched The Proms last evening but it is just not the same without the audience and with the players so spaced out.   They did their best but I felt that they too felt the lack of audience.   There is a piece in The Times this morning which made me smile, speaking of the Proms.   If you are old enough to remember Constance Shacklock (never been beaten in my humble opinion) there is a piece about her having a recording of her singing Rule Brittania at The Proms and somebody asked her to play it for them.   She did so and they asked what was on the B side of the record.   She played that for them too - it was the applause!  As for whether Rule Brittania and Land of Hope and Glory should still be played at the Proms - well I can see both sides of the argument and I don't really wish to come down on either side.   That we milked countries dry in the days of Colonialism is in no doubt but personally I can't say I ever thought of that when hearing those two 'songs'.   That doesn;t make it right though.

Well, I shall go now and eat another dish of my soup and then a Forestiere Mushroom omelette with parmesan on top.  I actually switched on to add a few things to my Tesco order - I intend to try out tortilla wraps - a recipe in today's Times magazine.   It's about time I  cooked something different.   Have a good weekend.



Derek Faulkner said...

Hi Pat, 5.30 this morning on Sheppey was like a winter's morning. Because my bungalow faces the Thames Estuary and then the North Sea, there was a Northerly gale bashing against my windows accompanied by rain and it was cold! Just the end of August and it looks like shorts will be replaced by trousers and thicker jumpers - crazy!

Dc said...

Wind and rain here. Was 11C when we got up, now 12C. Heating on here as well.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

A chilly wind here too so proper Bank Holiday weather even if nothing else is the same! I have no objection to anything being changed to keep pace with the current thinking, Proms or otherwise. Have fun with Mr Palin!

the veg artist said...

Just went out to water the greenhouse about 5pmm, and it's really cold here, and inside the greenhouse was cold as well. Heating will certainly be on later!

justjill said...

I tried to watch the Proms but found it quite creepy and switched off. Cold breeze here seems to be permanent.

Heather said...

It's definitely cooler down here today but I don't need the heating on yet. If you are taking certain medications they can cause you to be more sensitive to cold weather. Your soup should help warm you up a bit.
I think we should still sing those songs at the Proms, but be mindful of what they represent to some people. It is how we behave now and in the future that matters.

Bonnie said...

It is not extravagant of you to have the heat on if you are cold. You know, I think when the weather first starts to change to colder temperatures I get colder than I do later in the winter. I suppose that could be because we are used to the much warmer temperatures so the sudden cold feels quite chilling.

No cold weather here in Missouri for us yet. We've just finished a very hot week but we are hoping for some slight cooling off in the coming week. Our air conditioner usually remains on through most of September.

I hope you have a lovely weekend Pat!

Bovey Belle said...

We put the heating on if we are cold - my husband's heading for 80 now and had a health problem this summer so we don't think it's an indulgence if it's suddenly chilly. That said, it's only been on once in recent weeks, when we had a particularly miserable wet chilly day.

Your omelette sounds wonderful and enjoy your wrap recipe. They're something we have regularly here - Tam does a tasty Fajita filling with chicken breast, onion, tomatoes, peppers, smoked paprika, etc. They hit the spot and don't take long to make either.

To keep warm when it really DOES get cold, invest in some silk vests. A friend swears by them. I still think longingly of my Liberty Bodices in the middle of winter!!

The Weaver of Grass said...

BB Your mention of liberty bodices brought back a memory of when I started Grammar School and stockings were part of the winter uniform. I had never worn them before and I was so afraid of them falling down that I wore two suspenders on a suspender belt, two suspenders on a liberty bodice and a garter on each leg. Incidentally any chance of that fajita reco[e please?

Mary said...

Liberty bodices - oh my! I guess those of us who remember them are really showing out age.
Sending some of our humid 90F your way - please send me some cool air. Our a/c runs until October usually, then if lucky we have a few weeks before requiring heating - then my windows are open at night, but only the upstairs ones with screens as mosquitoes won't be gone until the first real frosty night arrives.

Enjoy your sure to be tasty tortilla wraps Pat.

Rachel Phillips said...

Did your mother not help with advice about suspenders and stockings? At that age mums were normally in charge and the source of necessary garments.

Joanne Noragon said...

Not quite that cool here today, but it was nice after all the rain yesterday.

Sue said...

Dear Weaver, I read your blog every morning. Way over here in Seattle, we're enjoying the most lovely late summer weather, despite all the decidedly unlovely things happening in our poor country. Don't judge us too harshly. I'll be complaining about the bad Northwest weather soon. Eat, drink (maybe) and be merry.

Hildred said...

Oh Pat, I was always proud of my English (British) background, and sang Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia with great gusto.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Rachwl - to be honet I really can't remember - but I do know my stockings ever fell down.

Thanks everyone for the comments.

Rachel Phillips said...

PE days must have been a nightmare.

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Librarian said...

It is Sunday now and a really chilly, grey and wet day here - feels very much like autumn already. But here, the sun is forecast to come back by the middle of next week, and the first September weeknd may well be very hot again.
Right now, the thought of hot soup is very appealing!

Bovey Belle said...

Pat - just noticed you asked for Tam's Fajita recipe. I've put it up on my blog for you now.