Saturday, 11 July 2020

Yum Yum

Saturday is usually my pasta day.   I almost always have a Zoom Coffee Morning with friends which finishes about a quarter to eleven and it is rather nice to then not to have to think too much about what to have for lunch.   I have tried various pasta sauce recipes (I have never enjoyed one out of a jar or a tin) and they rarely come up to my expectations.   So today I thought I would try one posted on her blog by Sue (The Cottage at the end of a Lane) for an Aubergine Sauce.   It was delicious and I shall certainly put it on my list to have again.   It is vegetarian but would not come amiss with either chopped streaky bacon or chorizo as a garnish.
It is marginally better weather in that it isn't raining, but there is still a sharp wind blowing.   But I fear I shall have to brave the weather and go out with Percy - it is almost a week since I went.   Yesterday I got all togged up to go and the heavens opened and it poured for a quarter of an hour so I daren't go in case it happened again.

Last evening there was a bewitching programme on the television about the East Anglian Fens - I blog with two people who live close by - Rachel and Sue.   I think (hope) most of us love the area in which we live.   But I must say the wildlife in those wetlands was amazing.   I am not a great television watcher - I hate soaps and sitcoms - but there is another programme I wouldn't miss and that is the one on BBC Four every Saturday evening - This Farming Life.   How my farmer would have loved it.   I was chatting to one of the two farmers who bought our farm (it was separated in two when we sold it) the other day and he too said he would never miss it.   If you don't already watch it (it is about farming in Scotland) do give it a try.

Well, it's not July weather out there although the Weatherman assures us that it is on its way (sadly he is always talking about London and speaks about  'up here' as though it is beyond redemption) but Percy and I must gird our loins and go for a perambulate.   See you on Sunday unless anything exciting happens to bring me back on here later in the day.


coffeeontheporchwithme said...

That pasta looks very good! I like farming programmes as well, but there aren't many to watch here. Sometimes I think I should sign up for Acorn tv which features British tv shows. Maybe it would be featured on there. -Jenn

Jules said...

That pasta looks delicious. The temperatures are making it feel much more like late August here, rather than July. X

the veg artist said...

I never use a shop-bought sauce on my pasta, but make it in batches and freeze in single portions. Yours looks lovely, but what's the cheese? I can't stand parmesan, but Cheddar's OK.

Tom Stephenson said...

Like H.I. I see you don't skimp on the Parmesan Weave.

The Weaver of Grass said...

The cheese is Parmesan - I like it because it is nice and strong.
Tom - there isn;t that much parmesan on the pasta - I have a fancy wheel thing which 'grates' it very thinly.

Rachel Phillips said...

Looks like you've got some rubber tubing on the same plate.

Bonnie said...

What a delicious looking meal you have prepared! I hope you and Percy had a pleasant walk this afternoon and maybe saw a friend or two while out. Enjoy your Farm program tonight.

Heather said...

Your pasta dish looks delicious. I hate shop bought sauces too, they are always disappointing. I hope you and Percy manage a walk this weekend. It has been almost like summer here today but I'm not sure how long it will last. I have had 2 or 3 soakings during the past 10 days and don't relish another. Enjoy your farm programme.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

I am not a pasta fan but that looks delicious and is vegetarian too. I am not a farmer either but I have watched the program you mention and it is interesting. The new farmer who owns the field beside our cottage is not as good as his brother who farmed before him - the field has now a good crop of ragwort and he is not bothering to do anything about it - his brother used to walk the field and remove it so it didn't spread. I suppose even all farmers are different in how they farm.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

That pasta looks good to me. I believe a lot of the programme on the Fens was filmed at Wicken Fen, which is the only bit of untouched fen left, however there are ambitious schemes afoot to return large areas back to the wild. Not that I'll live to see it completed; parts of it are on a one hundred year time scale.

hannah jane said...

I have really been enjoying your blog for a few months now but haven't commented. So today I thought, why not? I struggle to find good programs to watch and enjoy documentaries so thanks for the recommendation. I hope your walk was dry and pleasant! It's awfully muggy where I live so my dogs will often plop down during a walk when they get too hot. It's tough to find a perfect day/time to walk with them during the summer!

Frances said...

Have you tried Lloyd Grossman's pasta sauces? They the the only ones I like....the others are always too "sweet". Your lunch looks very tasty.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hello Hannah Jane - nice to welcome you. Hope you are keeping safe from Covid.

Ragwort is a scourge although I believe it is the favoured plant for a particular moth to lay its eggs. A friend lost two donkeys to ragwort poisoning.

Rachel - it is the one pasta shape I don't really care for but had some in a bag which needed eating up. After your description I shall definitely not put it on my shopping list again!! PS I promise you it didn't tasts like rubber tubing. Do I take it you are not a fan of pasta?

Thanks for calling in everyone.

Himawan Sant said...

Apart from making healthy your artificial pasta looks delicious.

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