Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Will he won't he?

Is it just me or is more or less everyone fed up with the whole Brexit thing?    Unless we are a top financial brain do we any of us really understand what effect it will have on our lives?   And after all these months or wrangling, of neglecting the serious issues in our society, of promising the earth if and/or when all this is behind us, can any of us really understand what is going on?   I doubt it.    In fact (and I am ashamed to say it) I don't really care any more - I have almost lost the will to live and have certainly lost the will to even try to understand the machinations let loose in Whitehall and Brussels.

I look out of the window as I sit here typing.   There are still a few flowers giving their best in the garden - the Achillea has been out for months and is still glowing its golden flowers which tower over the border;    the white Cosmos shows here and there and brightens things up no end;  the Michaelmas Daisies - some tall and stately and some quite small and tidy - shout out that this is their season and they will enjoy it come what may in Brussels.   It would be rather nice to be a plant, or an animal or any kind of inanimate object at the moment rather than live through this period in our history  which others in the future will look back on with astonishment at our politicians (they really don't deserve a capital letter either singly or collectively).

Right, that has got that off my chest.   It is a lovely breezy day - the odd quick shower  but that's all.
I inadvertently mentioned to Tess that friend S would be here shortly (it is the day she often takes Tess for a walk) and now she is sitting by the front door waiting and there is still an hour to go.

I have just eaten a lunch of Turkey Lasagne made by a Church lady and sold on the first Saturday of each month at the Church Coffee Morning (and delicious it is too), followed by a delicious ripe pear.   Shall now endeavour to not think about B***** again today.


Debbie said...

I'm at the stage that is so beyond any interest in current events that I just think that everything will come out in the wash....and that all politicians of every party should be dumped in The Wash.

the veg artist said...

I have been saying for weeks, if not months, that trying to keep up with the B news is pointless for most of us, except that it is upsetting, and as you say, we don't really know how it will affect us, so we don't even know the details of what to worry about. Far better to focus on things that we can do something about, and the little quiet things that bring us joy and hope. It's not all about politics, and as politicians will find out in the next election, it's not all about them, either!

Gwil W said...

The Italian parliament has just voted to reduce the number of MPs by 200 and senators by 150. That'd be an idea the UK parliament might like to follow. We'd save a few million there in one fell swoop.

Sue said...

Dear Weaver,
Although our situations are different, you've summed up exactly how many of us feel about the current state of politics in the U.S. The majority of of Americans did not vote for this embarrassing president, and many of us are overcome with a sense of disgust and weariness over corruption and lies at the highest level. Not to mention, the constant news cycle barrage of political crisis. It's almost too much at times. True, our democracy is at stake, and the country is more divided and polarized than at any time in our history. And yet, this too shall pass. Life goes on with all its little pleasures, and as you say, we should enjoy the gift of friends, nature and family.

Tom Stephenson said...

I find it hard to understand how something as world-changingly important as Brexit can be so utterly boring at the same time.

gz said...

When even top financial brains don't know what will happen, what chance do we have?
Good to hear that your garden is still blooming. I love Michaelmass daisies!

Derek Faulkner said...

I do believe that you have made the same comments about Brexit several times in recent months and yet you keep returning to it.
If you pare it down to the basics it's quite simple. The British public voted in a referendum to leave the EU and ever since then a number of MP's who don't give a toss for that vote and the EU, have spent three years successfully doing their best to make sure that we don't leave the EU. If Boris is forced into another three month extension then those same people will spend another three months blocking every attempt to Leave. Everyone of those Remainer MP's should be slung out of office!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes Derek, I have returned to the subject several times. I agree. I havealways been interested in politics and in the good of our country, which I love. Therefore when it gets in the state it is in now I feel a sense of despair. My father was always keen on politics and we were brought up to take an interest too - but there is a limit and I have reached it.

Derek Faulkner said...

On the topic of gardening, my front lawns, which are quite large, are split in two by the steps that rise up to my front door. Fed up with large chunks dying out in these recent dry summers and inspired by Monty Don, I have spent the last few weeks preparing one half as a wild flower meadow. This has meant mowing as close to the soil as possible and then scarifying the surface (back and neck breaking) as much as possible, planting 60 crocus bulbs and 20 wild daffodil bulbs into it, plus a number of Ox-eye Daisy plants and today I spread a large packet of bought in wild flower seeds all over it. Just a matter of waiting till Spring now to see what comes up.

Heather said...

I gave up trying to understand it all some months ago. I think it is far more important an issue to do what we can to protect our planet, and when our politicians have all stop squabbling and back-biting I hope they will realize it too. Brexit is a total farce and we as a nation have become ridiculous. Roll on Guy Fawkes Day!!

angryparsnip said...

Everything is a mess I agree especially over here.
I like Derek's idea on the front yard. I leave as much wild on my property as I can for all the wild critters

wisps of words said...

Hello! I am a lady of "A Certain Age"... Well, why be shy about it??? I am a lady of the age of 83!!!! -smile- At this age, I am quite proud to say it.

Anyway, where did I pop in from??? From another blog, where I read a comment of yours. Saying exactly my feelings!!! On blogging. On those who cry about not getting comments!

They have to go find blogs, with which they resonate, and comment in them!!!! Bookmark them, and keep commenting in them. To see if these bloggers, will come back to their blog click-able link, and read/comment on their blog.

Duhhhhhhh, hu??? How simple is that? How wise are we? For both thinking of this?!? -smile-

And I personally, do not feel that replying in our own blog, is sufficient. We all have to "put on our big girl panties" and go out, and find blogs and comment in them. We all like comments. It's human nature, to like "strokes," which is one way they say it. To like knowing that someone else, appreciates what we do.

For me, blogging is my only "craft." I don't sew, knit, paint, love cooking, etc., etc. But I do love reading and commenting and dooooing my own blog. Love to change my Header, and maybe change my blog look, and etc., etc., find pretty pictures. Find different things to post about. Etc.

I used to be embarrassed about this. With all the crafty women out there. But I finally figured out....This is me! And I have a right to be me. And if I love to blog, so be it. -smile-


wisps of words said...

Annnnd, I am tired of all the chaos, which "The News" dumps into our lives. If we let it. "The News" is full of acrimony, untruths, and just plain anger and hate.

We have to protect ourselves from it, and its effects on our health and life.

I do what I can, like vote, and try to not purchase things, not good for the environment, and recycle, and turn off lights, and etc., etc. Those things, I can do.

But I refuse to allow all the acrimony, untruths, anger and hate, broadcast by "The News" to hurt my life, and health.

You said about the dream, of being a flower, for instance. Well, we can be. We do not have to let it all, into our daily lives. The world will keep on turning, with or without our worrying about it.

OK, I'll get off my soap box. -smile- Sorry for getting so wound up. But this topic has been front and center in my mind... And in my blogging... And I hate to see others, consumed by it, too.


Gentle hugs,

Joanne Noragon said...

Politics all over the world are increasingly ugly.

Librarian said...

Dear Pat, you say that unless one is a financial super brain (or something like that) one can not really understand what the consequences are going to be. I dare say that not even "they" understand the consequences. So far, all I have read and heard are speculative predictions. One thing is for sure: Everything will become even more complicated, with more beaurocracy involved, not less.

thelma said...

Think I am with Tom Stephenson on this, politics are interesting but why are they so boring at the moment. Blame the media and its commentators, read the people you are interested in. Such as Matthew Parish maybe. Cut out the deadwood noise on the BBC. Actually the news is much more interesting at night where you actually receive world news.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

OK, lets not mention it then.

Gwil W said...

Dear Pat, the folks at UK TruePublica have managed to sum it all down to 4 words.

Its no-deal or Corbyn.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Between you all you have lightened my mood considerably. We are all in this together so lets enjoy the ride. And thanks for the comments Wisps.

Rachel Phillips said...

It is the fault of Remain, not Brexit.