Friday, 25 October 2019


It is absolutely pouring with rain here in The Dales and has been doing since just before lunchtime.  So soon after the catastrophic floods of July 30th means that every time it rains like this there is fear around here.   Many of the houses in our village are still being repaired after that day.

As usual I went into town for coffee with friends before coming home in good time for my dog walker J to arrive (Tuesdays and Fridays).   This time she came armed with a present.   Usually she gives all of her dogs a present at Christmas but as Tess is not a 'toy' dog -( she hasn't played with toys since she was a puppy ) J has bought her a lovely fleecy coat in a very bright red.  Off she trotted wearing it and obviously adoring it.   She came back equally excited about it and was not happy about having it taken off.   So sincere thanks to J for the lovely present.   She has now promised to source a new harness for me and let me have details when she calls for Tess next Tuesday.

Once Tess had gone off for a walk I returned the dehumidifier to the  place where I hired it (£39 for the week) - I just hope I had it working for long enough.   The man in the shop thought I had had it on long enough so I shall have to wait and see.

On the way there I drove through our Market Place and the tempting smell of Fish and Chips wafted into the car as I waiting at the pedestrian crossing.   There was a parking space right next to it and I decided that if the space was still there on my return I would pull in and buy myself fish and chips for my lunch.   Lo and behold it was still there - I had to wait for the fish to be cooked which meant my meal was piping hot - I drove the mile home and was eating it in no time at all and it was delicious. 

At just after three in the afternoon it is still pouring with no sign of it easing up at all.   I think I shall shut up shop early tonight , close the curtains and turn up the heating - it is a very dismal day.   Out to lunch tomorrow to friend W's where her friends, who are now also my friends, are staying for the week-end.   I always enjoy seeing them and also eating Wendy's roast ham which she always serves when they come - nobody cooks roast ham as well as W - it is out of this world.


the veg artist said...

Absolutely pouring with flood warnings here in West Wales too. It's dark as well, but it feels wrong to be putting lights on in the day at this time of year. Keep dry!

Derek Faulkner said...

Watch the programme on BBC2 at 8.00 tonight, all about weasels and stoats, that should be very good.

Librarian said...

A beautiful sunny day here today with temps as high as 21 C or so - "Golden October" as its best.
Fish & chips so freshly made, how good is that! I have to have my fill every time I am in Yorkshire, but I even had some not long ago at our Irish pub, not bad I must say.
So interesting that Tess loves her new coat! Whenever I see dogs wearing coats, I wonder whether they actually like (or need) them or is it just their owners who think they need them. I suppose some of the ones with very thin fur are not bred to handlecold and wet weather very well, but then I have never had a dog and can not really call myself an expert on them.

Jennyff said...

Whilst I’m not envious of your weather, still in the low 20s and sunny here, you made my mouth water at the thought of fish and chips and what wouldn’t I give for roast ham. Obviously pasta and prosciutto are wearing a bit thin though the tomatoes are still good. Have a good weekend.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Librarian - interesting what you say about coats and dogs. I have always fought against having one. But my dog walker, who is very experienced with dogs, says that elderly dogs benefit and as Tess is now elderly I think she qualifies and she was certainly not happy to be divested of it when she came in. I will post a photograph of her in it when she has had her final trim of the year next Tuesday and then you can see just how smart she looks.

Yes Derek I have the programme on Weasels earmarked for tonight - I have always been rather fond of them and look forward to it.

Bettina Groh said...

your fish and chips story recants one of life's small pleasures!! Lucky you!!

Sue in Suffolk said...

Coffee out and fish and chips sounds good to me

Heather said...

The weather is dismal down here too. I do hope that this winter won't bring problems before it has got started.
Some of the dogs we have had wouldn't put up with wearing a coat, but I can just picture Tess proudly strutting along in hers.
You made my mouth water with talk of fish and chips. Enjoy your lunch and chat tomorrow.

Bovey Belle said...

Yup, agree with the Veg Artist - peeing down, blowing too now, and 'tis 'proper miserable" out there. I dashed out briefly late afternoon to pick up a big bag of windfall apples and pears and have been stewing pears up. Hate to see the baby slugs get them! I expect our river will be way up in the morning, but it was fairly low yesterday so hopefully won't go across the lane.

I don't blame you having those fish 'n'chips. The smell is SO tempting isn't it! Have a lovely day tomorrow.

Rachel Phillips said...

If I had fish and chips at dinner time it would finish me for the rest of the day (breakfast, dinner and tea in Norfolk). I sometimes get them at tea time though if I am around when the shop opens at 4.45 pm and bring them home to eat, all 8 miles and still hot, freshly fried.

justjill said...

We have excellent fish and chips in the NE of Scotland. But you gave me a nudge we havent had them for a while. No rain here. But cold.

Chris said...

Gloomy here too, but mild and no rain. I am making fish and chips for dinner tonight but I bet they won't be a patch on yours!

Joanne Noragon said...

I can see Tess and her bright red coat in my mind's eye. Lovely.

angryparsnip said...

I am so sorry but I don't know where my mind is. I have missed most of your posts. I have missed most of everything this week.
How sweet that Tess loves her coat !

Tom Stephenson said...

It's still pouring here too Weave. Big winds as well.

Sue said...

Ooh fish and chips. Our nearest fish and chip shop is in Market Rasen and just a bit too far to fetch and bring back home.

Robin Mac said...

How sad that we cannot get the rain to fall where it is wanted - here in Oz most of the eastern part of the country is in desperate drought with many towns and even small cities in danger of running out of water in the next couple of months!
I certainly hope your village does not get flooded again. Roast ham sounds wonderful. My husband loves fish and chips, but I am not a chip lover.

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