Tuesday, 22 October 2019

An Anniversary

It is two years today since I moved into my bungalow - assisted by dear friends W,C and J - and because C comes from a service family and has moved about regularly to various married quarters - my bungalow was reorganised and everything put away in no time at all.   I remember sitting down in the evening on that first day and feeling at home immediately thanks to their help.   They will never know just how much they helped me.

Now, two years on and two years older (eighty seven next week) I do feel really settled here in spite of various set-backs with things going wrong.   And Tess has settled much more easily than I expected and seems to have forgotten all about the farm and the fields and running about with no lead on.   Although, having said that, I was here today when J, my dog-walker, returned with her and told me that she can now let Tess off the lead and she runs round the field with the other dogs and really enjoys it - and comes back when called.   Not bad for almost thirteen I feel. 

Into town this morning, as every Tuesday morning, to go to the Bank, do a bit of shopping (not much this week as my Grand-daughter and her husband and my Great Grand-daughter are calling in on Sunday and as they are vegan I have taken the precaution of having an order delivered from Tesco, so little or no shopping to do today.)
After that it was into the cafe where we meet each Tuesday morning for coffee with E,C, and L - and then down to discuss my de humdifier with the man in the rental place and then a call into the best shop in town for buying little presents for little people.   I chose a set of 'doggie dominoes' and a sticker book about animals under the sea - hope they are both enjoyed.

As they are vegan I have arranged to make a hearty Farmhouse Soup with pasta added and will serve it with Garlic Bread which they will bring as it needs to be made with garlic and olive oil rather than butter and then a vegan tray bake which they will also bring.   So very little for me to do as the soup is best made the day before anyway.

It is now half past two in the afternoon and, although fine,it is breezy and quite chilly so shall not venture out again today as Tess has had a long walk with her dog walker.


Dc said...

Make sure the pasta is not egg based just to be safe.

Ruth said...

How did two years fly by so fast! You are so blessed with good family and friends, and with the fact that Tess has done so well. Missing the Farmer and the farm are huge things to overcome, and I truly admire your courage and grit. You are such an inspiration to me, and I can only hope I do as well if I find myself in similar circumstances. May you enjoy many more years in your lovely home!
("Home is the sacred refuge of our life." John Dryden.)

Rachel Phillips said...

When you get them to cook/prepare for you do they do things you like? I have never heard of what vegans do in return.

JanF said...

I think you are an absolute marvel to be planning meals for folks at this point in your life.

thelma said...

Interesting question from Rachel. When I cooked for several people in our household, would cook meat as well as vegetarian for those that wanted it.. But when you come to think of it that was trying to please everyone and not sticking to principles....

Terra said...

Your week sounds nicely filled, especially with the visit. If I had vegan guests I would have to look up what to serve them and what not to serve them. Good for Tess for being able to run off lead and return to your dog walker.

busybusybeejay said...

Where have those two years gone? I remember you wondered whether to take Tess along but just look how well she has adapted and still giving you so much pleasure.You are an inspiration,a real role model.

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary! So glad you and Tess settled in so quickly and are well established now. It has been a beautiful day here today - very fresh but sunny. Hope I don't get soaked tomorrow when I do my weekly shop. Enjoy your visit from your grand daughter and her family. Lovely cuddles with little one.

Derek Faulkner said...

We seem to be being taken over by vegans at the moment - another fad that will no doubt die a death some time in the future. Have tried some of it and it's pretty bland in my opinion. Really can't see why these people can't respect your house and eat what you eat.

the veg artist said...

So glad that you decided to keep Tess with you, and that you have both settled so well. Stages of life are not always welcome as you know, but you are making the most of things - a little damp notwithstanding.

Sue said...

I can remember when you were waiting for the purchase of your bungalow to be completed with all your boxes packed. Doesn't seem like two years ago.

Bovey Belle said...

I agree, those two years have flown by - like Sue, I can remember when you were in limbo with your boxes packed. I am glad you have settled in well there and of course, Tess too, who is having the "walkies" time of her life!

Lovely to have guests (as I did earlier today) and a good idea to let Mr Tesco take the strain with that delivery.

Rachel Phillips said...

Don't forget to hide your leather jackets.

Librarian said...

Two years! They have certainly flown by, and I am glad that you and Tess have both settled in so well.
You are a very good hostess. Like you, I was brought up learning to be hospitable and making sure it is my guests who have all they need and wish, not myself. Why would I serve my guests something I know they would not like? I can have my preferred dishes all the time when I am on my own.
Having said that, I don't know anyone who is vegan. My sister is vegetarian, but since I do not need to have meat each and every day and really like all veg and salads, I don't mind at all eating vegetarian with her. Also, O.K. and I have been invited to a vegan restaurant a few times and I always found something I liked.

Oklahoma Girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Oklahoma Girl said...

What a wonderful attitude. I was brought up the same way.

Oklahoma Girl said...

Happy anniversary and upcoming birthday. I have found that dogs are content anywhere as long as they are with those they love.

I commend you for making your guests comfortable with their food choices. I am also a Vegan and appreciate people who understand.

Veganism has been around for centuries so it's not a fad and will continue for centuries more. There are many reasons why people choose a vegan lifestyle, or vegetarian lifestyle or carnivore lifestyle. I think all should be respected.

Have a great day Weaver.

Joanne Noragon said...

When I moved here in June, two dear friends came and hung all the pictures, moved furniture, washed stickers off, all the little chores. I know how you appreciated your help.

Cro Magnon said...

It seems to be Cauliflower season here, so I am making creamy Cauli and Potato soups. Easy and delicious.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Rachel and Thelma raise an interesting debate here - wich we could all get together.

Not sure where I could buy non egg based pasta. I assume from this that vegans do not eat eggs. Nothing was mentioned when I told them I was making it, so shall go ahead and see what they say.

Thanks to you all. Off to Poetry now.

Derek Faulkner said...

I guess the simple answer to would they cook meat for you if you requested it, is to ask them this weekend and let us know.

Rachel Phillips said...

Or more to the point, if you didn't request it would they cook non-vegan offerings for you as you are doing for them vegan-wise. (I assume they haven't asked you for specific food, you are just doing it).

Bea said...

Well, Happy Anniversary! It's good to read that Tess is so well-behaved when out with a walker. Your vegan feast sounds like it should hit the spot.

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