Thursday, 12 September 2019

Busy Day

I have had quite a busy day - hairdresser and shopping this morning plus an early-morning dog walk and another before getting my lunch.   Then this afternoon with W and S to Sycamore Hall in the village of Bainbridge to play ukuleles for the residents to sing 'the old songs'.    We had an enjoyable, but tiring, afternoon.   The thought of taking Tess for her final walk of the day was a bit daunting but luckily, just as I was about to set out,
H rang to ask whether Tess would like a walk 'along The Shawl ' (a popular walk in our little town.   Needless to say, Tess heard H's voice on the phone and went to sit and wait by the front door until she arrived.   I breathed a bit of a sigh of relief.

It has been a slightly rainy day here all day - the kind of day that only happens up in the hills, when one is almost in the clouds, so that a fine missle is falling.   Now as dusk is falling the sky is lightening and a breeze is getting up.   The forecast for the rest of the week end is a good one with quite a warm temperature.

If you are one of those who 'blog with' Thelma of North Stoke I am sure you will join with me in sending her our love and all our sympathy as she comes to terms with her very sad loss.


Penhill said...

I had just read Thelma's blog and wished someway I could express my love and sadness for her. Thank you for this Pat.

Heather said...

It has been quite windy here at times as well as humid and showery. Hayfever seems to be still bothering those who get it and we are all looking forward to autumn and fresher, crisper days. I have had quite a busy week and am looking forward to a pleasantly quiet weekend.
So sorry to hear of your blog friend's sadness.

angryparsnip said...

Sadness and happiness in a day. Sorry for your friend, such a loss.
Then there is Tess's happiness at hering her friend and walker voice on the phone. !

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Gosh it's muggy but bearable, I'm battling with toothache so a telling off from the dentist in a couple of week's time

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

That is so cute that Tess could recognize your friend's voice on the phone. Our Fuzzy Pomeranian used to get so excited when he heard our daughter's voice on the phone because it often meant that she was bringing our grandson over for us to babysit. Now that Fuzzy is deaf, he can't hear those calls. Fuzzy was crazy about our grandson from the time he was an infant and Fuzzy would lay beside the sleep and play and keep an eye on him every minute he was there asleep or awake. Fuzzy really loved it as our grandson was growing up. Now that our grandson is 9 years old, Fuzzy still wants to play fun games of toss the ball and just be petted, but our grandson is more into video games now, but Fuzzy is very insistent and always gets some playtime with our grandson.

Gwil W said...

Long ago when I lived alone I used to watch 'One Man his Dog' sheep dog trails on TV and I kept dog that used to watch TV with me. Now and then if a sheep dog ran off camera for a few seconds, my dog a greyhound would run behind the TV to see where it had gone.

Terra said...

Thank you for mentioning Thelma's sad loss, we widows have some understanding of the grief therein. Your day sounds very busy. I did one errand and came home so I admire your energy.

thelma said...

Thank you Pat for your understanding, and for those who send good wishes. My world is very dark at the moment, so much to do and missing him so much. X

Bovey Belle said...

I had a shock when I read Thelma's blog too - I was hoping Paul might be able to come home soon. A proper gentleman in the true sense of the world.

It sounds like you had a busy day and a relief for you when your friend came to walk Tess. She is on the right wavelength by the sound of things and Tess obviously associates her voice with Walkies!

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