Sunday, 29 September 2019

A Wet Sunday

Incredible heavy rain here overnight and through today - first chinks of blue sky appearing as I write this at 5.19pm.   The World Cycling Championships, which came through here at lunchtime, had to be re-routed because of standing water and many locals who had walked in to town to see the race go through missed it as it came through earlier than planned because of the re-routing.

 I and two friends out on our usual jaunt for Sunday lunch - we all three had the same today - Salmon and a bed of spinach with Hollandaise Sauce and a good selection of vegetables to go with it.   I followed that with Bramble and Almond tart - the other two had Jam Poly Poly (it was that kind of day, but I don't have a sweet tooth).   Then a nice sit and chat in the Bar over a tray of tea.   Home again before four, heating on, phone call from my son, feed the dog and now settle down for the evening.   If the weather improves sufficiently I shall take Tess for a short walk at some point, otherwise it will be out in the garden for her.   She is very good about such things.

Sunday evening is one of my favourite viewing evenings so no need to plan reading.   I never miss Country File - the farmer's favourite programme, he was always interested in that and I still love the idea of farming.   And I love the Antiques RoadShow, which always has some absolutely beautiful treasures on it.   There is a new programme on at Nine this evening about life in the first year of the Second World War - I hope that will be as interesting as it sounds. 

What did we do before television I ask?   Well I do remember gathering round the radio to listen to favourite programmes - Henry Hall's Guest Night,
I T M A,  Dick Barton - Special Agent,  and many more.   I wonder if any of you who are old enough remember any more. 

Well another week begins tomorrow - and my God-daughter comes to stay next week end - I am looking forward to that and am subjecting her to a new recipe tried out in my Slow Cooker - a Lamb and Pearl Barley Irish Stew - I will report back how good (or otherwise) it is.


the veg artist said...

We only had radio until I was 7, and even then, it was only put on for set programmes, including Listen with Mother! I don't remember any of the adult programmes. The rest of the evenings it would be books, crafts, board games and the like. Then we moved into town in 1962 and soon a TV arrived!

Derek Faulkner said...

I wonder how much Salmon that you eat through the course of one year?
I watch Countryfile out of habit, not because I especially like it, it's very limited on what it shows going on in the countryside - for a start, when did you last see old countryside pursuits such as ferreting rabbits on there.
Sunday lunch times in my childhood were spent, while preparing and eating Sunday roast, listening on the radio to "Two-way Family Favourites", the "Billy Cotton Bandshow" and "Beyond our Ken".

Midmarsh John said...

We also had a very wet night, not that the day was much better - well over an inch of rain so far.
I still prefer the radio to the television for some programmes. It allows the imagination to work.

Oldies fondly remembered are The Goon Show, Journey Into Space, In Town Tonight, Meet the Huggetts, Have a Go (with Wilfred Pickles), Down Your Way, plus the ones Derek mentioned.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

No blue sky here today, just the rain. Glad to hear you've got your Sunday evening viewing sorted out. When I was at work I looked after one particularly lively young man who ran us ragged all week, but on Sunday evening we had a brief respite while he sat and watched Antiques Roadshow and Songs of Praise. Unlikely viewing for a teenager but he never missed watching those two programmes. We didn't have a "telly" till I was about 12 so I remember quite a few of the programmes from that time; the Clitheroe Kid was a big favourite of mine and I could do a good Jimmy Clitheroe voice then, I can still hear it in my mind now! I haven't had a TV for years and can't say I really miss it.

Bovey Belle said...

I can remember Mrs Dale's Diary, the Archers, the Goon Show, Sing Something Simple, Billy Cotton Bandshow, Whacko (on a Saturday morning) and Family Favourites on the Radio. We first got a very 2nd hand ancient and tiny tv in the latter half of the 50s (dad worked in the family tv and radio repair shop). It had just the one channel of course and I can remember coming down because I couldn't sleep, when Quakermass and the Pit was on and being terrified!

Countryfile isn't something I follow but we always watch the Antiques Roadshow (recorded, which is just as well as it'sstarted already and I've not had my bath yet!)

Heather said...

I remember all those radio programmes and always enjoy Countryfile and the Antiques Road Show. I saw the atrocious weather conditions those poor cyclists had to endure, along with all the locals of course, and hope things improve soon. Hope you manage to get your walk with Tess.

Joanne Noragon said...

We had different radio shows, but the radio certainly was our go to.

Librarian said...

When I first got married, for a while we did not have a telly. And we didn't really miss it, either; we read a lot, saw friends or had friends over, and I can not remember any boring evenings.
I still read a lot, not as much as I'd like to because of my bad eyesight, but I often flick through the 200+ TV channels and find nothing that captures my interest.
Stormy here with a few sprinkles of rain yesterday, but nowhere near enough.

CG said...

My maternal grandfather used to listen to Dick Barton. I would sit on the wide wooden arm of his armchair (it had a roller at the back to adjust how much it leaned back), and listen with him while he fed me chips from his supper.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Derek - thank you for those radio reminders - I remember them vividly, especially Two Way Family Favourites - can't remember the names of the presenters but rather think they were a husband and wife.
Midmarsh John = thanks for those reminders too - remember them all. Those were the days.

What lovely memories you all have. Thanks for all the reminders.