Tuesday, 23 July 2019


I am thinking of buying myself a walking aid.   D, who I see when I meet friends for coffee, has one and finds it a great help.   It has a small shopping basket and a lid which makes the basket into a seat.   It has four wheels, which make it very stable and it folds so that I can lift it on to the bus.
So watch this space.   I am hoping to  buy it tomorrow - our Pharmacist has a good selection and will help with adjusting it to the right height for me.

It has been exceptionally hot here today.   Tess is not amused but I took her for a short walk this morning before friend E collected me to go in for coffee.   When I got back from town I opened doors and windows so that the house was cool but Tess would only go out into the shade if I was out there.   All my tubs were desperate for a drink and I had to water them immediately (I have done so again this evening).   After tea I took Tess round the block again but it was far too hot and even she was ready to return home.

It is our Poetry group tomorrow so this afternoon I chose what I intend to read.   Friend H came round to say she will take me as I can't drive at the moment.   What it is to have such very good friends.   I am so very lucky.


justjill said...

Check on the weight of lifting Weave. There are lighter weight walkers. My first together with my Osteopenia fractured my spine.

angryparsnip said...

I have a 4 wheel walker and it looks very heavy (it is not ) but it is big. I can lift it.
I could not go anywhere without it.

Hildred said...

I am sorry to hear you have not been feeling well - it does make one feel one's age, doesn't it (sigh). I am using Charles' walker in the house, and find it a great help. Also his cart, outside, as I no longer have a driver's license. I do need to use it more often and build up my confidence in traffic!!! I had a TIA about fifteen years ago, while in church, but have never had a repeat, so hope you will be as lucky!!! Of course, my dear, I am much older than you!!!!!!

Librarian said...

It's been said here before, and I'll happily repeat it: YOU are a good friend, Pat, and that is why you have good friends.
I am sure your pharmacist will advise you well. My Dad was given a walker when he left the clinic last winter, but he hates it and has made a big effort so that he can walk without it again. His problem was different from yours, but he won't ever be able to drive again, as his mind really can not process information fast enough anymore to cope with busy city traffic.

Heather said...

Hope you find a walker to suit you, it will give you confidence when walking and be useful for small amounts of shopping.
Yesterday was so hot and humid too, which I hate. Last night was little better but a thunderstorm during the night did bring a little relief. It is 8.30am and I am just going to do my weekly shopping before it can warm up any more!
Enjoy your poetry afternoon.

Derek Faulkner said...

Apparently, listening to the radio this morning, there were storms around the country, could of done with one here on Sheppey, but as usual, nine times out of ten, they go round us. 24 degrees outside when I got up at 4.30.

Tim B. Inman said...

I have to chime in. My mother (92) uses a walker as you describe. We call it her 'Wheelie' walker. She loves it, and especially loves that it has brakes and a seat in case she needs to sit down. She refers to the pouch under the seat as 'the basement office.' She carries her mail etc. in it. So, good luck, and stay upright but keep moving! Cheers from the middle of the USA.

Gwil W said...

I was walking to the shops this morning when a woman passed me heading in the opposite direction. She had a walker with 4 wheels, and a small dog on a long lead going ahead.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better. It sounds as though you have thought round the difficulties of being without a car and set about solving them in your inimitable way.