Sunday, 7 July 2019

Morning route

Cats are strange, unfathomable creatures aren't they?   I think that is why I like them so much.  If it weren't for a combination of Tess and quite a busy road I would probably get one.   As I sit here a very large tabby tom has just walked along the wall top across my garden as he does every morning more or less at the same time.   Often he catches my eye but he takes little notice - just continues on his way as though to say 'you may think this is your garden - I know different'.   I love him for it.

Down South they seem to have had showers yesterday - wish we had had some up here as the ground is very dry which means much watering of tubs and newly planted plants - all a bit of a chore.
I understand that more unsettled weather should arrive midweek so I shall probably be complaining then.   That's the trouble with gardening, things are never perfect.   A day of nice gentle rain non-stop would suit me fine.

I do not feel 'back to normal' (whatever that is) yet health-wise but better than I was so I shall go with my friends out to lunch.   Week-ends are never easy as anyone who lives alone will agree.   I suppose it is different if one has always lived alone, but after many years of partnership  when week ends were time to be spent together (not always the case on the farm of course but at times like haymaking a picnic lunch in the field was always an option and a jolly good one on a nice day.   The smell of cut grass always reminds me of such things. 

Are you a tennis fan?   I certainly couldn't just sit hour after hour watching it all but seeing the joy on the face of the fifteen year old as she gets into the last sixteen was a pivotal moment, as was the Red Arrow flypast when Andy and Serena came out on court for the mixed doubles yesterday.   As a nation we are pretty good at pulling all the stops out for a special occasion. 

And what about little Archie at his christening?  My goodness isn't he a miniature image of his dad?   Privileged many would say - superfluous too but as somebody pointed out the other day in The Times - Royalty bring millions into this country in revenue at times like weddings and special events so it is not all one way.

Well I must sign off.   This is really displacement therapy and with Tess sitting here looking at me, me still in my dressing gown and the clock showing a quarter to ten, I must move.   Have a good day.



Derek Faulkner said...

Well Pat, you certainly made some comments there that provoke non-agreeable replies.
Cats for a start - a so called domestic animal, that is allowed to run wild on other people's property, defacting on it and killing it's wildlife and with full protection from any form of response by the properties owner.
The Royal Family - those public funded spongers - who else gets £2.5 million of tax payer's money to do up their house?
I can take or leave tennis, but if nothing else this year, young Co-Co has shown at 15, just how useless our so called young stars are, as they annually go out in the first couple of rounds.
By the way, the showers that we had here, wet the grass but not the soil.

Tom Stephenson said...

I don't think anyone can watch a Red Arrows fly past and not feel a sort of national pride. Same with Spitfires.

crafty cat corner said...

Cats, I have 5 so must see something in them, I never get fed up with looking at them and I have had cats since I was ten.
Tennis, I love it, can't get enough even though I know that sitting on the sofa for so many ours isn't good for me.
Royals, I think they are good for our country and love them.
Rain, it's still raining down here in Brighton and has been quite heavy through the night. I'm not sorry, the hot weather gets me down.
Enjoy your weekend.

Heather said...

Glad you are feeling well enough to enjoy lunch with your friends, and I hope you get your shower or two to save you watering.
It's good to have some cheering news like baby Archie's christening and the emotion of that young girl beating Serena at Wimbledon. Both looked a bit shocked.
I wonder what our country would be like without it's Royal Family and all the history connected to them. The tourist industry alone would suffer severely, as would so many worthy charities and other organisations.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Cats go where they want to go, regardless. I do hope you start feeling much better. I love the smell of fresh cut hay- one of the smells of summer. -Jenn

Christine Hancock said...

Hello Pat,
I've not left a comment on your blog before altho' I 've read it often.
Just to say how I admire you, you keep going meeting up with friends and keeping busy. But understand your 'weekend feelings of being alone, as I once did, but I was much younger then.
I met my DH age 62 and we married 2 years after.. so these days I value what I have. Enjoy your Sunday lunch out with your friends and say boo to that haughty cat, the cheek of it looking in at you. Take care hope you are back to 'normal' soon.

Librarian said...

There are few animals I do not like, but of cats I am particularly fond as I've grown up and lived with them almost all my life. As Derek points out, they kill other animals, but so do we - and, unlike them, we do not depend on meat to keep alive and healthy; we have a choice, cats and dogs and all other carnivores don't, they just do what they are made for, what their instincts tell them.
As for Sundays on your own, I understand they are difficult when you were always with a loving partner. I am glad, therefore, that you have good friends who spend part of the day as a group and make what could otherwise be a long lonely day a good day.

Derek Faulkner said...

Librarian makes the point, cats and dogs depend on meat to keep alive and healthy - they certainly do and in most cases it is provided by their owners, hence no need for them (cats) to forage in a neighbour's garden and kill the wildlife, which they rarely eat anyway. In this country, if I allowed my dog to do the same, warnings and prosecution would probably follow,
but cats are legally allowed to do it, with their owner's blessing.

angryparsnip said...

I am sure your cat friend is lovely.

We have cat but never allowed to go outside unless on a lead. Where I live they would only last a day before being someone's dinner. Especially cats who are not neutered , so many unwanted kitten. Right now it is kitten season and all the shelters are overflowing. Cats kill so many birds that farmers and gardeners need to eat all the nasty bugs. I so agree with what Derek said.

I am always so happy to hear that you and your friends have Sunday lunch out, coffee mornings and Village Lunch.
Life changes not always the way we like but we have to make it work and your friends have.

Feel better soon
parsnip x

Hard up Hester said...

Cats are funny, there are a lot of boat cats around. They come and pèr in our windows to wind Beano up.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I don't think I'd want to own a cat but, like you, I find them fascinating creatures to watch.
Our rain here, despite lots of threatening black clouds, didn't amount to anything at all. I only hope that Cori Gauff can cope with all adulation and the inevitable criticism that will follow. It so often goes wrong for these young people thrust suddenly into the limelight.

Chris said...

Most cats here are indoor cats. We value our garden birds!

lynney62 said...

Hello....I live and breathe tennis! Have been a Rafa Nadal avid fan since 2005...I live in the USA and absolutely love the 2 weeks of Wimbledon even though it ruins my sleep schedule..LOL! Thrilled for Coco...her matches are so exciting to watch! Her second week will start very tough as she will meet Halep next match...will be a "must see"! I love reading your blog daily and hearing news from your part of our world! Wishing you a lovely week ahead!

Joanne Noragon said...

My cat was trained to be "indoor" before I was totally responsible for him, and so now he is an indoor cat. Here in the park all cats must be indoor and all dogs on leash. I am most grateful for the latter.
How about that little Archie. I hope his parents teach him how to handle the press.

Cro Magnon said...

A ginger and white cat has decided that my vegetable garden is where it wishes to spend its days, but as soon as I appear it runs off.

thelma said...

I'm not allowed a cat because of the road outside, but once had two cats that lived to ripe old ages. Quietness on a Sunday has always appeared to me as a blessing, the one still day of the week ;)

Gwil W said...

We had a cat but she died after swallowing a poisoned mouse despite the fact that she later vomited the thing. She used to eat frogs too. She wasn't allowed in the house.
Later we adopted an abandoned cat along with half a dozen neighbours. He went from house to house and would call on us two or three times a week. Unfortunately he was run over by a car and a man took him and buried him in his back garden.
Strange thing is I seem to be allergic to red haired cats. But not the others.

the veg artist said...

We have a large garden through which many local cats feel the need to pass several times a day. For years, they terrified our own little cat, who came to us as a stray, but she seems to finally be growing a little braver - and she can run faster than any of them. She's free to be in or out, sleeping in a garden room with one cat flap to the outside, and another to the inside. I have never seen a cat on a lead in the UK - we seem to give them permission to be cats more than other places. Like Weave, I enjoy the 'attitude' and character of them.

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