Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Will it, won't it?

    Well, the expected rain has not reached here yet.   When I drove back on to my drive at eleven this morning the temperature was ten degrees and there were spots of rain on the windscreen.   Now at half past two things are much the same although the rain is falling steadily now.   Poor Derek has lost his first flush of lovely roses to the downpours and this is always a disappointment although they will give him another display.

As a nation we are given to talking endlessly about the weather - and I am one of the worst offenders living, as I do quite close to the weather up here in the Dales.   But frankly anything makes better conversation at the moment than Gove and his Class A drugs or Boris and his various machinations.   I am sick of it all before it really gathers steam - just wanting it all to be over.

What is irritating me at the moment is companies and their web sites.   Can anyone tell me how, when a web site is simple to operate, easy to find a way through and satisfying when it all works out, does a company have to change it all?   Ordering a pair of sandals took me ages, I wasn't happy  with them and had to send them back.   It used to be so simple but not any more.  An hour's puzzling got me there in the end but when the man came this morning to collect them he told me every person he goes to is complaining.If it ain't broke don't mend it springs to mind.   And the same applies to BT and their changes to the e mail system.   Did anyone ask for them?   Was anyone dissatisfied with the old system?   I have more or less got used to the new way but was it necessary?   Is there a purpose behind it all and if so - what?   And it is no good saying 'don't buy things off the internet'.  I live around ten miles from the nearest small town, twenty five miles from a larger town and around forty from any sizeable shopping complex.   How else to buy clothes these days when internet shopping has caused small shops to close their doors?   End of rant.

Keep your brollies handy if you live in the UK!


Rachel Phillips said...

It has rained non stop drizzle here today. But it was not so cold as yesterday and the wind has dropped. Last night it was strong gales and heavy rain. It is improving.

thelma said...

Well we went to York and back and only a splatter of rain. But the wind, now that is a different thing, must be blowing down from the deep North.
As for shopping, the one thing I like about M&S is the fact that they use the Royal Mail, no fuss returning free.

Gwil W said...

Do you like the rain dear? Here you'd wilt, Pat.

It's 30 C and looking to peak at 35 C on Thursday.

Heather said...

It has rained almost nonstop today and it isn't warm either. I am back in my winter uniform of warm slacks, jumper and scarf! I haven't had the heating on yet but who knows what this evening might bring.
If the weather isn't depressing enough there is the news. When there is another General Election I haven't a clue how to cast my vote. If there is an MP who is honest, strong, fair and capable of leading the country into better times then I'd be glad to know his or her name. I am past caring which party they might belong to.

DUTA said...

Pity you have to deal with companies and websites. Things change constantly, not to the better. It's best, at retirement, to live in, or near a town with all its facilities and options.
And since we live in the era of the big climate change, it would be wise for people to move inland, away from the sea and rivers, to avoid evacuations.

Derek Faulkner said...

Best thing I can say about today is that it has been mostly sunny all day and considerably warmer than yesterday. The roads have dried up, I've tidied up the garden and sat outside enjoying the sun for a while. Rain is forecast for tomorrow however.

Anne Brew said...

I don’t vote Conservative but I’m impressed with Rory Stewart and his apparent honesty and thoughtful views. He seems to stand out from a doubtful crowd!

JayCee said...

I think the rain is due to arrive over here tomorrow so we are enjoying the brief bout of sunshine while it lasts today. I too depend on internet shopping as we have limited shopping choices over here. It is frustrating though when the size ordered does not fit as it is usually such a faff sending it back. I hope you get an opportunity to wear your new sandals this summer if the warm, dry weather ever manages to put in an appearance.

From A Worcestershire Hill said...

We had rain yesterday,overnight and today here south of the West Midlands area. I am expecting the village river bridge to be closed by flooding soon which will mean the lanes clogged with diverted traffic. I used to live 2.5 miles from the village shop which was a pain if I ran out of milk. I live 4 miles from a small town,13 or 15 miles from one of the two larger towns and 40 miles from a big city. I try not to buy over the internet, but it is not always possible. However, if I want to buy a book there is a book shop about 4 miles away the owners of which will order any book I want. Out of principle I will not buy from Amazon unless I cannot obtain what I want elsewhere.

Sue said...

Wind and rain all day in Lincolnshire. My roses and peonies are looking very bedraggled.

Librarian said...

After a warm and sunny few days, it has cooled off considerably yesterday and even more so today. But the summery weather is forecast to return this weekend, and I am glad that we've been having a night of constant rain. Much as I love dry and warm weather, last year's drought was worrying.
As for changing websites, email services and so on, I find it just as irritating and unnecessary as you. More often than not, I can not detect and improvement, but things only get more "fussy" and complicated instead of simpler and easier. I suppose quite a few people earn their living as consultants, advising companies to constantly "update" and "upgrade".

Jennyff said...

We have Italian friends who ask us why we always talk about the weather. I says it what we come here for and now it’s perfect. Low 30s, no rain for a week now and none forecast for another. It’s making me very happy. I hope the sun comes back to you soon.

الرحمه للتنظيف said...
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الرحمه للتنظيف said...
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Anonymous said...
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veeknits19 said...

I often read, and rarely comment, but do enjoy your blog.
When sites are hard to navigate I find it's often easier to google the required page such as "whatever company shipping" than to try to find the page you want within the site, so many sites are poorly constructed, googling from outside the site is often much more efficient and simpler than searching within the site. Might work for you.

Joanne Noragon said...

I'm having the same problem with navigating websites! And, if you feel inclined to share the damp, it's raining too much here. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, rain, rain, rain.

jinxxxygirl said...

Weather has always fascinated me it seems Pat... From the time i was little .. I love the power of a storm and a little frightened of it too. I enjoy the lull before a storm.. being outside in the stillness.. like the whole world is holding its breath.. Seeing the lightning flash knowing without a doubt that the thunder will follow.. counting the moments to know how far away the storm was.. THEN i got a job watering plants at one of the big box hardware stores and for years i followed the weather to know how much to water the plants..

I agree with you one hundred percent about if its not broke don't fix it.. My company is installing new software company wide and its just a holy mess.. and not a soul knows the why we needed to do this.. its causing so much havoc. Hugs! deb

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

For sure! Perfectly good working websites changing things is an aggravation. The thing is that changes signal newness, up to date, the most current, fresh outlook as if the change brings the company forward into the future. I say more a future of disappointment for visitors.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for all the tips, all the commiserations about the weather and all your comments - they are always read and always appreciated.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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