Saturday, 8 June 2019

We are all in this together it seems.

It did seem as though Derek in Kent and Rachel in Norfolk were missing out on the cold wet weather but it looks as though it might be spreading there later today.   Here it has rained and rained - everywhere just looks waterlogged and (no excuses) I have just turned the thermostat up and the heating has come on.   I can see no point in being really cold.

Saturdays are usually my least busy day of the week and today is no exception.   Apart from a visit from my Chiropodist - sorely needed - I have seen no-one.   I just went round the estate with Tess as the rain had eased off a bit and I saw not a single soul. I came back five minutes ago and the rain has begun in earnest again.   I had forgotten it was the Queen's birthday today so I didn't watch Trooping the Colour,  so perhaps I can catch up with the shortened version this evening - I do like the pageantry of it all.

Slightly better weather forecast for tomorrow.   One of the things we get a lot of up here are 'Open Gardens' - villagers put on a really good show,    often with scarecrow competitions too and tea and scones.  I don't know whether any were planned for today - they are always on Saturdays - but if so then they would really be a washout.   Even the plants in the garden are telling us they have had enough.


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

It's been pretty miserable down here without any great amount of rainfall - and very windy. Several Open Gardens events in the vicinity will be badly affected as will a big country show in Cambridge. If you're feeling cold why not turn up the heating? That's what it's for!

Heather said...

Do hope the weather improves for you soon. We have had a lot of rain and a thunderstorm last evening but apart from strong wind today, it hasn't been too bad and now the sun is shining. It was fine for Trooping the Colour in London and was an excellent parade. I missed the final part so I too will be watching the highlights later.
I haven't needed to put heating on but am glad to wear a light jumper. No 'flaming' June yet.

Derek Faulkner said...

Now that I'm back on Sheppey, it's apparent that some rain has fallen while I've been away this week but nothing like everywhere else has had. Today it has been mostly very warm sunshine and very gusty winds that are wrecking my lovely show of roses - cold, not at all.

JayCee said...

Overcast and showery here too but not quite cold enough for the heating to go back on. My sweaters haven't yet been put away for the summer.

Terra said...

Oh dear, that sounds like a wet cold day. Yes, crank up the heat and find a book to read. I am late to discover her, but I recently found the poet Mary Oliver. Nice day to read poetry.

Rachel Phillips said...

It has been quite cold and windy here and plenty of rain overnight and this morning. Nothing that June doesn't often throw at us.

Bovey Belle said...

Miserable here yesterday as it rained non-stop, and we had to cancel today's planned car boot sale as we couldn't get out there to load.

Don't blame you having the heating on - my air purifier tells me it is 15 deg. in the sitting room and I believe it! Chilly for June - and what a change after last year.

Sue in Suffolk said...

I thought about visiting some open gardens but it was drizzling on and off and cold and windy so I didn't bother- on again tomorrow - might go then.
Hope you meet up with friends tomorrow.

angryparsnip said...

More sun and very hot temps here. Several forest/wildfires. One up by Flagstaff and three down by me. One they know was man made. Summer in the desert.
parsnip x

justjill said...

Awful here too. NE Scotland.

Sue said...

Even Rick didn't want to go outside today.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Ah Flagstaff Parsnip - nice reminder as I have been there and stayed in hotels a couple of times on different holidays.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Rotten today, but I had a good walk around this morning. Tomorrow better, I will be positive

Joanne Noragon said...

Yes, do catch the trouping on the news. The children are such a delight.

Cro Magnon said...

I have a friend who is a well respected international garden designer. I once mentioned to her that I was 'opening my garden to the public', and she nearly had a fit. She hadn't realised that I was joking!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Reading what Cro says - I think that folk really do like to look at quite ordinary gardens, weeds and all. It's just nice to see what people have done with their little personal space. Add a scarecrow or three and a few places to get a home'baked scone and what you get is a nice bit of cash to put a new floor in the village hall, or clean up the churchyard or add a couple of new benches. All great village fun.

Thanks for calling.

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