Friday, 7 June 2019

7th June.

Yes, read the date above in the title before I tell you that the rain is beating down on the window and also pouring down my drive.   I did get a dozen antirrhinums and four lavender bushes planted before it started to rain this morning but I certainly didn't have to water them in - more likely the rain will wash them out looking out of the window.
I spent the afternoon at the hairdresser getting my hair permed - what some women will go through in order to look passable (all that is possible at my age).   But it's done now and I am home again. And meanwhile Tess had a lovely walk with her friend H - all round a nature reserve.   And she managed to get round before the rain really started.   She came straight in, ate last night's tea, which she had not eaten, and is now curled up asleep in her bed next to the radiator (yes, the central heating is on again Derek). 

I left the Hairdressers at four o'clock and walked through the market place on the way back to my car in the carpark.   All the market had packed up and gone (it was pouring by this time) and I was surprised to see that most of the cafes and shops were also closed up.   I had planned to treat myself to a Cornish Pasty for my tea along with a salad, but Andy's shop was empty and in darkness.  So I ended up having my usual standby of a jacket potato with butter and grated cheese and a salad which I made while it was cooking.   I must say it was delicious, particularly as I followed it with a bowl of Perthshire strawberries - sweet as honey.

Forecast is equally bad for tomorrow and then set to get cooler.   Flaming June anywhere?


Heather said...

It hasn't been much like June down here either - rain most of the day though it did clear for a while during the afternoon. At present - 7.45pm - we have a thunderstorm. Heigh ho! At least it looks as if it won't be too hot in London tomorrow for Trouping the Colour.

Rachel Phillips said...

June can be variable. It is nice here but a bit fresh. I used to take my mother for her perm and then after that it was straight home and asleep. You do well to come out of the salon and then go on to shop and do things.

Bonnie said...

Here in my part of the US we are just now beginning to get some hot summer weather. Up until now we have had one storm after another with tornados and also much flooding. I am hoping the now warm weather will help with the flooding.

I remember as a little girl my Mother used to give me home perms as it seemed to be the thing back in the 50's here. I don't think I have had one since then but my hair could certainly use some kind of help!

Your lavender bushes sound lovely. You have gotten so many pretty things planted this year!

JayCee said...

We are trying to resist switching on our central heating. It is June after all! But we have switched it in in our guest annexe fof our B&B visitors. when will summer ever arrive?

JayCee said...

Sorry about the mistypes. My old Samsung tablet keeps misbehaving

justjill said...

We have had a pleasant warm day! Although now the wood burner is lit.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I'm sure you look nothing less than elegant after your trip to the hairdresser. It's been a bit bleak down here today too, but at least it was pleasant yesterday when my second-cousin visited from California, by way of Texas, Istanbul, Tehran and The Hague.

angryparsnip said...

It is flaming here !00+ blue blue sky I have to wear sunglasses, hat, and stand in the shade when outside. I get headaches and my eyes hurt. No heater only AC now !
So I never am outside in the summer afternoon before the monsoons come.
parsnip x

Joanne Noragon said...

June seems rather disappointing around our world this year.

Cro Magnon said...

We too have had our share of heavy rain, but things are now looking better. I need to mow my lawns!

Doc said...

We have a few days of cold rain but are expecting summer weather after the weekend.

thelma said...

Saturday morning, grey and misty outside but a well watered garden, it's called English weather in June...

Anonymous said...
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Jules said...

I made the 'Flaming June' comment myself just yesterday. I've still got a blanket on my bed! X

Derek Faulkner said...

Drove back to my partner's in Surrey from our several days on Exmoor yesterday in conditions I'd forgotten existed - heavy, continuous rain and spray, very difficult driving conditions!
Even here on Sheppey this morning it seems they'd had a bit of rain and it's cold. Flaming June and July is what we had during last year's heatwave, when people were also complaining - because it was too hot!

Sue in Suffolk said...

So gloomy and cold here this morning, many local events planned that will be washed and blown away today..sadly

The Weaver of Grass said...

John - your second cousin certainly went the long way round.
Sue - the same is true of round here.
Thanks everyone - at least it seems we are all in this together.

Jennyff said...

Very hot in Lazio, the temperature seemed to go from around 12 deg to almost 30 in a few days. Not complaining but a bit of gradual acclimatisation would have been nice, feels like a switch was turned on and not before time. I have put my socks and jumpers away.

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