Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Contrary weather

Today is quite contrary.   The weather forecast has told us that this week there will be a real taste of Spring in the air as warm air sweeps up from the Mediterranean..   It is indeed nine degrees and rising and yet, having just been on a walk round with Tess on her after lunch walk, it feels really cold in the sharpish wind.   Yes, I know it is still February and we have another six weeks or so to go before we can think about Spring - but there is no feeling of Spring in the air today despite the forecast.

My grandson is here on his visit home from China where he teaches English.   It is only two years since I saw him, but standing next to him in my hall as he prepared to go back to his Dad's last evening he seemed to have grown about six inches since I saw him last.   As he is thirty then I am sure he will not have grown in the last two years, which leads me to but one conclusion - I have shrunk!   I come up to about his chest and felt like a little old lady.  I am taking them all out for a meal tonight so I shall smarten myself up in an effort to look a bit younger (or maybe it is better to say a little less old). 

We are only going a couple of miles down the road for our meal - to a pub which has an extensive menu and is by no means at the posh end of the market.   It has a giant woodburner, it has stone floors,  it is a real, old fashioned country pub and there should be something on the menu for each of us one who will eat more or less anything, one who chooses carefully what she eats, one vegetarian, one vegan/vegetarian and one who has eaten Chinese food for the past two years.
Quite a tall order to fulfil - I shall report back tomorrow.


Anne Brew said...

We’ve just driven up to Barnsley from Sheffield this morning to get the car fixed and wander round Barnsley Market. I thought I was being a wimp wearing such a thick coat but I really needed it. I’m looking forward to a milder weekend. Have a lovely evening out with your family; I do like checking in on you each day.

Joanne Noragon said...

Have a wonderful time, as you shall!

justjill said...

I too have lost height and I was only 5 feet 1 to start with. Now 4 feet 10, but thats the bones crumbling on the spine. It is cold in the wind here too. Have a lovely evening.

Bonnie said...

I understand the feeling of a tall grandson. My 16 year old grandson towers over me. I used to be 5 ft 2 in and so far I'm down to 5 ft. Your dinner plans tonight sound wonderful! Enjoy yor family!

Sue said...

We're expecting 6-13 inches of snow tonight. It's already started and the schools are closing early and probably won't open tomorrow. So cold out too - it's only 15 degrees Fahrenheit which I think is -9 Celsius. Longing for spring! Hope you have a wonderful night out with your grandsons!

Carol Caldwell said...

I hope you have a lovely meal out with your grandsons. I too will look forward to seeing what you all have.Whatever it is I am sure you will have a lovely time together.

Heather said...

I am sure you will all find something good to eat from that menu Pat. Have a lovely family evening. I think I have shrunk too - maybe that is the reason that I seem to expand round the middle in spite of eating sensibly. It's got to go somewhere!
It sounded and felt like spring here this morning but all afternoon I have felt cold. My crocheted blanket over my knees was very comforting. I am a little old lady too.

Rachel Phillips said...

At least you have a high level to shrink down from.

angryparsnip said...

What a fun evening you will have !

cheers, parsnip

Jomo said...

Hope you enjoy a wonderful evening x

Gardener Fisher said...

A good country pub is always a good bet. Steak and kidney pie is my favourite, followed by a goos steak pie. My only moan is that far too many pubs think that a pie is a place to use scraps and offcuts. Well it is not, a good pie should both look and taste wonderful, too few do.

Gardener Fisher said...

That should read “good steak pie” not “goos steak”

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

It was very springlike yesterday, but we are obviously at a much lower altitude! Even saw a butterfly yesterday

thelma said...

Agree about the weather, my mind kept asking where is this supposedly warm weather yesterday.
Hope you all managed to find the 'right' food;) the vegans have thrown a spanner into restaurants and Chinese is not something you find in our old fashioned pubs.

Librarian said...

Spring-like days are forecast for my area, too, with temperatures steadily rising from today onwards (8C) until up to 15C on Sunday. Right now, though, the weather app on my mobile phone says it is -1C outside, so I'll still need my padded coat for the way to work.
The pub sounds delightful! I am sure you'll all have a good time and find something on the menue that suits everyone.
As for trying to look younger or less old - looking nice does not depend on one's age, does it?

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

My brother and I had an excellent meal in a small country pub with a wildly varied menu on Monday. I hope that you're just as lucky. Gone are the days when you counted yourself lucky if you found a pub selling a pickled egg to go with your bag of crisps!

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Derek Faulkner said...

It is Thursday afternoon here on Sheppey and feels like March and Springtime. Blue skies, non-stop sun and warm in the sun and my first Peacock butterfly - such joy.