Saturday, 6 October 2018

Busy Day

Tomorrow and the next day are, hopefully, going to be very enjoyable days for me and I am so looking forward to them.

Tomorrow an old friend who now lives in Kent but is up in Ripon for a few days is coming up to see me.   I haven\t seen her for a few years and we are going out for lunch together.

Monday a friend I used to teach with thirty four years ago is up in the North of England visiting
relatives.   I haven't seen her and her husband in those thirty four years although we have always kept in touch by letters at birthday and Christmas.   They are driving over to see me on Monday and again we shall be lunching out.

This means plenty of time to sit and chat and enjoy one another's company without having to prepare and serve up meals.   I suppose I could have used my slow cooker to cook something, or I could have cooked something in advance and frozen it but these days - as I am sure all my followers know by now - eating out is a more favoured option. 

What started out as a damp, windy and chilly day today ended up by around four in the afternoon as a still, sunny, warm, pleasant Autumn day.   My washing dried outside on the line, I got two more tubs of pansies and polyanthus planted up and Tess and I had three pleasant walks.   So altogether quite a fruitful day.   Hope yours was too.


Joanne Noragon said...

We've had the same day. Rain in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon. No visitors, though.

Chris said...

It's great to meet up with old friends - so much to catch up on!

Cro Magnon said...

It was a perfect day here yesterday, and now (overnight) we've had some very welcomed rain. Not really much to do outside at the moment, so a rainy Sunday will be a real pleasure.

Derek Faulkner said...

Where in Kent does your friend live.

Frances said...

Lovely to see old friends. I think it is accepted these days that going out for a meal is the norm, rather than eating at home and all the hassle that brings with it! Enjoy your time with your pals.x

Heather said...

That sounds like a most satisfying run-up to two very enjoyable days. It allows for more time to enjoy the company if you are not busy in the kitchen and I hope the weather is kind enough to make things even more enjoyable.
I love the idea of lunching out but am so used to eating my main meal in the evening that I know I could only cope with a snack for lunch. Old habits die hard!

Librarian said...

How exciting, seeing friends you have not seen in a long time! It says a lot about you that you have maintained contact and friendships for so many years even without visits.
Beautiful weather here all weekend, chilly mornings but summer-like warm during the day.

Elizabeth said...

How lovely to get together with old friends - and to eat out. Exactly what I did yesterday. The woman I took over from when I went back to work 34 years ago has just moved to Manhattan - just by Central Park. So I went to her apartment to admire it and then out to lunch. Warm here and muggy. Leaves still green!

Derek Faulkner said...

Hi Pat, have a look at the E-Mail I've sent you about the poetry.

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