Sunday, 22 July 2018

Sunday again.

My Sundays follow the same pattern week after week.   Once upon a time I would have hated this but now, as I live alone, this pattern has become an anchor to the week.

We always go to the same Restaurant - the four of us.   We are all widows, the oldest a spritely 97 and the youngest in her early 70's.   Because, like quite a few others, we have a permanent booking, we know quite a few other 'regulars'. 

We meet in the bar beforehand and all have the same drink - lime and soda - before sitting and chatting and discussing the excellent menu.   The chef - Thierry - is French and his cooking is wonderful.   There is a large selection of starters and an equally large selection of sweets.   The mains always include Beef, Pork, Lamb, Venison, 
Turkey, a choice of four Vegetarian dishes, and our favourite - Salmon Florentine.   This is salmon on a bed of Spinach, served with potatoes in various forms - roast, croquettes, mash etc.   Then come the vegetables (always at least three) in a separate dish.

After our lunch we go back to the bar for our Earl Grey tea and our chat.   Finally we arrive back home around three thirty and a large part of what could have been a lonely day has been used up.

Interestingly in these days when the importance of our five a day is stressed - our 97 year old, who is nimble and active, has never eaten a vegetable in her whole life apart from potatoes and fresh peas in the pod straight off the plant before they have been cooked.   Maybe the fact that her mother lived to be well over a hundred has more to do with it.

I will sign off now and go and get 'poshed up' ready to go!


Rachel Phillips said...

I have never taken any notice of the 5 a day thing.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I'm sure you'll enjoy your meal. Have fun!

jinxxxygirl said...

Oh i know what you mean Pat... I really wonder sometimes just how much we can really influence the time of our death with what we eat.. I had a Father in law who ate what he wanted and had bacon and eggs every morning until he died at 94... I think your right when you say it has more to do with genetics... Enjoy your day dear friend.. I hope to send a snail mail letter your way soon.. Hugs!deb

Heather said...

Your Sundays sound wonderful - good company and a superb lunch. So much to choose from. Your friend who is in her 90s is doing marvellously well without her five a day. It makes me wonder why I bother, except that I do like vegetables. Enjoy your day.

Elizabeth said...

Sounds a really lovely way to spend the day! and the menu is terrific. Good to have a cheery group to go with.
A dear friend's mother just died at 102 after a very full life. She certainly liked a glass of wine every day.
I think it's mostly genetic - and 'a little of what you fancy does you good'!
Sorry I haven't commented for a while.
I have been seduced onto Instagram since I like doing photos.

Tom Stephenson said...

I have heard of 95 year-old men who eat nothing but cornflakes. Like you say, genetics have much to do with it - that and enjoying life as much as possible.

Ivy said...

This seems a perfect way to spend your Sundays. So nice for all of you to have this circle of friends.
The menu sounds very good.

Derek Faulkner said...

As someone who spends most days doing the same thing at the same time of day I can easily identify with and applaud your Sunday routine, apart from the lack of wine. I also agree with the previous comments in that it's more about genetics than bad habits. To be honest, why somebody of your age and upwards would be worrying about what they eat and drink is beyond me,if I get past 80 I won't give a shit about diet.

Sue said...

We went to the local pub for a roast today as the house is all packed up ready for the removal men tomorrow. The meal was good but why is every roast served with two enormous Yorkshire puds?

thelma said...

"why is every roast served with two enormous Yorkshire puds?" Because in the olden days working out in the field you needed filling up. Nowadays it just makes us fat;)

Penhill said...

I thought 5 a day meant glasses of wine!Enjoy your day!

Morag said...

I so agree about the blessings of company on a Sunday. About five of us, ages from 82 to 64, have a Sunday stroll with chat and laughter to accompany a walk which is within everyone's capabilities and is therefore enjoyable.

We always end up at one of several places which serve hot or cold drinks. On inclement Sundays we dispense with the walk but keep the talk therapy.

It makes for much happier Sundays, and having spent Sundays completely alone in the past, I know like you Pat, I find my Sunday routine a source of great enjoyment and comfort.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

I can't conceive of never eating any vegetables except potatoes and peas. I think there are a few out there who do come from incredible genetic material and grow gracefully old regardless of their habits. Conversely, my father-in-law was one of the healthiest men I knew who's wife dutifully made sure he ate very little sugar or salt or anything else deemed unhealthy and he died at a very young 74. -Jenn

Librarian said...

I like my routine, too, but also need to break free from it every now and then. This weekend, I am on my own as I have had yet another surgery and am not fit to travel, and as O.K. has several appointments this weekend with the village band and other things that need his attention, he has not come here. So, contrary to my normal Sundays, I am on my own and actually enjoy it!

Your friend has never eaten vegetables? Why not? Doesn't she like the taste of spinach, carrots, fennel, aubergine, pepper, beans, zucchini, broccoli, leek and so on? What does she eat then? I honestly can not imagine NOT eating vegetables, they are so versatile!

angryparsnip said...

Routines are good but also very strange for me.
As for Sundays being sad and lonely for you and your friends I think that is because you had very wonderful lives.
For me Sundays (Saturdays too) were days of walking on eggshells with a husband who later in life could only find something wrong with everything we did.
Goodness, Daughter and flatmates are Vegans/Vegetarians they do eat eggs but no milk products. So I always get to eat the best meals ! Fresh peas sound so good to me right now.

cheers, parsnip

Simone said...

My Nan lived to 97. She had a peeled and segmented orange brought to her each morning for breakfast in bed, washed down with a cup of tea with a dash of whiskey!

Amy said...

Those restaurant dishes sound really good, think I would have the Salmon.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

All the women in my family are long living - but I still try to eat a healthy diet. How nice that you have a choice of four vegetarian meals - most restaurants we find only offer one meal and it is often macaroni cheese or rissotto or worse they show us the fish menu and we have to politely point out that fish is not vegetarian but pescetarian!
Glad you enjoy your Sunday get togethers - I wish my mum knew a little group like yours it would help her get through the Sundays.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Sue and Thelma. In the past here in Yorkshire the puds were served first with plenty of thick onion gravy. This was, as Thelma says, a way of everybody eating less meat when it came to the meat and veg course.

Derek. You will. Believe me, if you feel well, you will!

As to the 5 a day. I don't necessarily take notice but I do really like veg and I am not all that keen on meat, so it happens more by chance.

Thanks to all.

Derek Faulkner said...

No I won't Pat, it'll be a big incentive to eat, drink and be merry!
I might have missed the answer to this in the past but what is the big hang up about Sundays. The only time they were ever special to me was when they formed part of my two days off from work.