Wednesday, 25 July 2018


How quickly Poetry days come round.   We meet more or less once a month, always on Wednesdays and, thanks to her hospitality, always at friend W's.   Poetry day was today when nine of us met to read out some of our favourite poems.  We had Dylan Thomas, UA Fanthorpe, Charles Causley,
Wendy Cope, Longfellow, John Betjamen - and a few more as well.   And, as usual, it was delightful.

It coincided with friend S taking Tess for a walk and I took her on my way there.   The weather is almost unbearably hot so Tess only had a short walk.  I think we have now reached the stage when we are all desperate for some rain.   The field above my bungalow has been harvested in the past two days and is now just golden stubble. 
The ground beneath the stubble is full of deep cracks .

My son and his wife return from London today and I guess will not have a very pleasant journey back in the heat.   They were talking about coming back overnight when the roads would be quieter and everywhere would be cooler, but I haven't rung to find out whether they did this because if so they may well be asleep.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms are forecast for places up the east side of the country over the next two days, so we must be prepared for that - if we get it it is then back to this heat again next week.  I am beginning to wish humans hibernated in hot weather because it no long suits me.

Keep cool.



Rachel Phillips said...

I am glad you were able to enjoy your poetry afternoon. It is still lovely and hot here and was 27C today. We are now into the 9th week here without rain. I recorded drizzle on 4th June. I have no complaints.

Derek Faulkner said...

33C forecast for here on Sheppey on Friday and next week forecast to be similar.

Ivy said...

Too hot for a proper walk with Tess, wasn't it?
Today we had 35C here (the Netherlands) and the next few days will be even hotter. I am really NOT looking forward to this. There is a slight chance of an odd thunderstorm next Saturday.
I don't mind sitting in a car these days, with the aiconditioning on.

justjill said...

Hating this weather. The Barley is being cut now, never known it be that early. Wonder if the actual barley is any good or is just straw?

Rachel Phillips said...

The barley is there but the yields are down.

jinxxxygirl said...

THIS human does hibernate in the Summer!! lol Yep i'm a Fall / Winter kinda gal.. Hugs! deb

Heather said...

I do hibernate in hot summers. If I carried on as usual I'm sure I would pass out but I am missing my daily walk and longing for some rain, and a drop in temperature.
Our little town has just had a visit from the Britain in Bloom judges and we won a gold last year. I am not sure how we'll do this year as the wild flower area has long gone past it's best and only the hanging baskets look good as they are watered so regularly. Most flower beds and borders are struggling in spite of watering. It's like pouring it down a drain.
Glad you were able to get to your poetry afternoon.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Re the barley - the field which has been cut today behind my bungalow is barley and I understand the crop is well down.

angryparsnip said...

I have been reading the BBC News (with all the dry landscapes) of your heat wave.
Goodness I just can not believe your weather.
We have a new wildfire somewhat North of me. What a huge mess.
Hope you have some rain soon.

cheers, parsnip

Librarian said...

Today is forecast to be the hottest day of the week for us here, 35C. As I am still recovering from last Thursday's surgery, I won't be doing much except for a very short walk to get some fresh groceries in and then keep in the flat, windows shut, blinds down, drinking plenty of tap water and lolling about on the settee.
They said on the news last night that many farmers here in Germany will have to give up their farms if the government does not step in to help, as they have lost most of their crops to the draught.

thelma said...

They have just been talking on the radio about new build houses having no protection built in against such heatwaves we are having now and of course into the future. Governments are always way behind what is actually happening. Just wondering if stone built houses against brick build is cooler. I suspect it is how one arranges through drafts from open windows/doors, more greenery is obviously called for as well.

Gwil W said...

There's a lunar eclipse tomorrow. Will it affect the weather? Or will there be an earthquake in the days following? The red moon. Is it an omen or just something that happens? I find it fascinating that our only moon and only sun can slot together so neatly.

Midlife Roadtripper said...

The heat seems to be a hot topic right now. I'm in hibernation. Temps in the 100's. We need rain. Going down to 98 in a couple days and everyone is getting excited for the cold front. Ha! How perspective adapts.