Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Batten down the hatches.

Or so the weather girl said this morning.   So battening down the hatches is the order of the day.
Friend S called to take a completely recovered Tess on her walk - and did she enjoy it - flopped down and was asleep in seconds on her return.

S planted another patty pan for me in a gro bag and we put it behind the dustbins in as safe a place as we could find.   The other courgette plants in their gro bags have been moved behind a wall.   Winds of fifty miles an hour are forecast for overnight and heavy rain (which we badly need) for tomorrow.   This seems to be the pattern most years - just get the gardens planted for Summer then along comes a gale to create havoc.

Poor Tom - and Cro too - are suffering from despondency about the situation in the world.   I suspect it was ever thus - and in any case we - as mere mortals -can do little about it.   Our only tool is our vote and, frankly, there is little to choose there.   I also suspect that once the World Cup
(football just in case you haven't heard about it!!!!!) arrives on Thursday the news will be full of hooliganism, groans about unfair decisions and most likely the ignominy of England returning home with their tails between their legs.   Things can only get worse.   In fact, now that the Royal Wedding is over it is all doom and gloom for the foreseeable future.   So please, let's all cheer up.

If you want to end the day on a cheerful and  happy note do go to DOING IT FOR OURSELVES IN WALES on my sidebar and read the lovely, cheery story about Little Compost.  It has made my day and might take your minds off the present state of things.   Survival is the order of the day for the little chap.


Librarian said...

Reading of a "fully recovered Tess" makes me happy for you!
We've had a day of respite from the very hot weather today, it feels almost autumnal with grey skies, chilly temperatures and wind. The sun and hot weather are forecast to return later this week, though.

Derek Faulkner said...

Well hooray for your positive attitude Pat.
There are indeed a few blogs, such as those that you mention, that seem to "get off on" worrying about and trying to sound knowledgeable about, world affairs that they have absolutely no chance of influencing, despite all their hand wringing. So much better to look at life through your window.
Unexpectedly, it has been a hot and sunny day here on Sheppey and much enjoyed, and no immeiate threat of the weather that you are expecting.

Jules said...

Some rearranging of pots in the garden here too.
Glad to read all is well with Tess. That's good news in itself. X

the veg artist said...

I'm with Derek. I see most moaning as a complete waste of energy. For all of us who are lucky enough to live in a democracy, we have to accept the elected politicians and their actions and find other things to be a bit cheerier about - like the overnight rain that should top up the greenhouse water-butts.

Joanne Noragon said...

So pleased Tess is herself again. Sick dogs, not good.

Gwil W said...

'Batten down the hatches'

It seems to me
it's sad to say
that Britain is
all at sea

hopefully things will improve soon

Whatever happened to Stay Calm and Carry On ?

Diana Hyman said...

Stay safe. We have had so much rain here in Virginia and cool weather that my garden is behind. Thank you for sending me to the link. A wonderful and needed story. Glad to hear Tess is better.

walking in beauty carmarthenshire said...

I feel it is best to feed the light not the darkness. What we feed will grow, as every gardener knows. I always find gardening is very healing and can make me happy.
Happy to hear of Tess recovering.

Bovey Belle said...

Batten down the hatches - I have just been doing the same, moving big pots into sheltered areas, shutting the greenhouse and seed stack doors, shutting the stable and barn doors. Now to hope we have not too much in the way of gales and steady rain rather than a monsoon! Hmmm.

The world can look an awful place to live in from certain perspectives. I try to count my blessings from a glass-half-full perspective and just the perfume of a rose or a beautiful view can balance things out.

Glad that Tess is feeling better now.

Tom Stephenson said...

60 MPH winds would take my mind off things nicely right now.

Heather said...

We could certainly do with some rain for the gardens, but without gales. But we'll just have to accept what we get. Hope it doesn't do too much damage.
We only seem to hear about the doom and gloom, so we must remind ourselves that there are plenty of good, kind people in the world. It is only the other sort who hit the headlines.

The Weaver of Grass said...

So we are all agreed here - Scottish walkout from Parliament this afternoon notwithstanding - that we keep calm, carry on, look forward to the rain which is sorely needed and disregard the gale, which will go, whatever havoc it leaves in its wake.

angryparsnip said...

I stopped by to see Little Compost. Such a sweetheart.

cheers, parsnip

Cro Magnon said...

At the moment, the sight of a few chicks or ducklings following behind their Ma would work wonders.

thelma said...

Well the leaves are doing a merry dance outside, large spider in the room with me for safety from the storm I presume! But the birds are fed, and the courgette plants secure in their cold frames, and Tess is well. Good news should always beat bad news..