Monday, 5 March 2018


At the moment life seems just a little bit hectic and overwhelming.  I really don't know why but it is coming up to the first anniversary of the farmer's death (March 22nd) and I think that is probably beginning to affect me adversely.   But life must go on.

The snow is going quite rapidly here.  The icicles which were dripping yesterday have gone completely and grass is showing through on parts of the front lawn.   The paths were clear enough this morning for me to take Tess for her morning walk - with care. 

This afternoon an hour's ukulele playing with a small group was very enjoyable and since I came home I have just done one or two household jobs which I had left undone.   Now I shall   settle down and watch Mary Berry, who never ceases to amaze me with her enthusiasm and her energy - and the way she behaves and dresses - like someone half her age.

My interest in gardening is returning and I am busy looking for various herbaceous plants to fill a small bed.   So far I have earmarked two or three winter flowering hellebores, ditto winter flowering heathers, a couple of perennial wallflowers and several possible geranium such as Russell Pritchard, which I particularly like.   The man who looks after my garden is coming as soon as the weather improves so I shall have to start buying them ready to put in.   Anybody got any other ideas - it isn't a very large plot so nothing too big and nothing which takes over.   Any suggestions welcome though.


Rachel Phillips said...

For me it would be a few roses and a herb garden. That would be it. But I am no gardener but I know I love roses and I know I love the smell of the herbs whether or not I use them in the kitchen, and some of them have beautiful flowers as well.

Christina said...

Geranium "Rozanne" flowers from May until october. Astrantia "shaggy" is also long flowering and bees love both of these.
Hope this information is useful. Best wishes.Christina.

Sarah said...

Something with a bit of height? A pretty summer flowering clematis to twine around a support. I would choose hazel poles but you can buy attractive willow supports nowadays too. Very easy maintenance, just a little encouragement in the spring to help it get twining and then cut back to knee height in early spring. Pinky purple hellebores, pinky purple heathers, Clematis Etoile Violette, and yes to a rosy astrantia and G. Roxanne (a beautiful purple-blue) really does flower for months. I think choosing and planting a new garden is one of the nicest things in the world to do.

jinxxxygirl said...

I happen to like Daylilies Pat and Hydrangeas .. both i think are quite cold hardy.. I have had good luck with Lady Banks Rose ... I also like Rosemary and Lavender ... they have a trailing Rosemary that is quite nice hanging over a garden ledge or rock.. Lavender can be persnickety as it doesn't like wet feet so you must have good drainage.. Maybe gardening can help you thru this anniversary of the Farmers passing Pat.. Hugs! deb

Gwil W said...

I think I'd have some daffodils. I used to look forward to them flowering every year on the same day, which they did. It was 1st Match. And when I saw their yellow heads in the corner by the front gate I felt as happy as a lamb.

Anonymous said...

I am a Peony fan but they don't bloom for very long but whilst they do they are wonderful. Aquilegia is long flowering and pretty.
I also think like the comment above a Clematis Etoile Violette for a bit of height.

angryparsnip said...

I like many of the flowers mentioned here along with herbs and possible poles for training climbing flowers vines on them.
draw out a plan and the talk to your gardener or local nursery for ideas.

cheers, parsnip

Bonnie said...

I certainly understand how it could be a bit difficult coming up on the anniversary of the farmer's death. I hope all your wonderful friends and activities help to soften these days for you. You have achieved so much in this past year even though it has been a hard year for you. You have much to be proud of in the changes you have made and all you have accomplished. I'm sure the farmer would be proud of you.

I'm not much of a gardener but you seem to have many excellent suggestions here! I may even take advantage of some of them myself!

Take care dear Weaver.

Hilary said...

I have probably missed the explanation along the way, but why "The Weaver of Grass"??

Rosie said...

Alpine strawberries are compact they have very pretty leaves and dainty flowers they come up year after year and the exquisite tiny fruits make any ordinary yoghurt, chocolate mousse or pudding into something special even if there are only a few as decoration.

Derek Faulkner said...

Wherever I can, most of the flowers that I grow, have to be attractive to bees and butterflies, that is why heathers that are currently flowering are a good choice. I have around 40 roses of different types but all come from the most well known rose grower in the country at Have a look and you will be enthralled.
For other plants his daughter has a superb range at

thelma said...

Herbs of course, sage, chives, thyme and marjoram. Then there is lady's mantle, nepeta and of course lavender. Autumn michaelmas daisies and something for spring of course.

Maria said...

If you plant herbs don't plant mint; it is very invasive and takes over very quickly. Growing mint in containers is probably the best way to keep these plants under control.
Greetings Maria x

Anonymous said...

I love snowdrops. To me they symbolise spring.
Though I love helibores mine are now a slimy mess as a result of the storm and snow.
Why not plant one of the farmer's favourites.
In no way should you apologise for feeling a bit weary.
You have achieved an amazing amount this year.
Some people who have been bereaved never make the changes you have had to make and never
manage to adjust to their new life.
You've made a new life without forgetting the farmer. He would be proud of you.

Heather said...

Plenty of early flowering bulbs and plants, plus one or two scented shrubs, would be my suggestion. How good that you have such a lovely project to occupy your thoughts just now. Be kind to yourself - it is quite natural that you feel apprehensive at the approaching anniversary of David's passing. I think he would be extremely proud of the way you have coped, and are still coping with all the dramatic changes to your life. Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Anniversaries can be tough times. Hope you’re ok. Planning a garden sounds like the perfect activity. You can’t beat penstemons or astrantia major- they flower for ages and insects love them. Poached egg plants are another of my favourites. And flowering sage is lovely too.

the veg artist said...

Whatever you put in, I would earmark a few spots you can see from the house for early spring bulbs. After a few years with our present garden we realised that gentle colours didn't do it as far as viewing from any distance went, so just inside the outside edge of one circular bed we put a complete ring of quite brassy yellow crocus. They have shone for the last few weeks, and have even survived being buried in the snow. Very cheering! (These, and daffs, are the only yellows I like in my garden. The rest of the year is planned for pinks/dark reds. What's your favourite colour?)

Tom Stephenson said...

I'm not much of a gardener Weave, but I think I would bring back all the old traditional English cottage garden plants like Hollyhocks, etc. Roses which give off a heavy scent would be important too.

Tom Stephenson said...

Also, soon time to sew Night-Scented Stock!

gz said...

I know the first year was hard after my Mountain Man died. But then, with the help of friends, I drew a breath and moved on to the rest of my life, keeping a piece of my heart safe for the lovely memories of him.
Enjoy your garden!

Librarian said...

Sorry, no gardening suggestions from me, as I am no gardener myself. But I am sure the plants you have decided on so far will look great.
Anniversaries can be difficult. My husband died 8 1/2 years ago but the anniversary still can put me in a sad and pensive mood, as is to be expected.

Barbara said...

You have been in my thoughts very much of late. Anniversaries are so hard.
I hope the planning of your new garden will grant you some comfort. Maybe you could incorporate something to remind you of the farmer...a special plant or piece of art?

mrsnesbitt said...

The snow is going very fast here too Pat - now the melting snow is still causing issues. Still I dont have to go anywhere - just up the lane with Sadie.

Minigranny said...

Omphalodes are lovely for a rock garden or a bit of ground cover at the front of a border - particularly the stunning blue ones.

Kanokporn said...

I drew a breath and moved on to the rest of my life, keeping a piece of my heart safe for the lovely memories of him.

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jorjorbeth said...

They have shone for the last few weeks, and have even survived being buried in the snow. Very cheering! (These, and daffs, are the only yellows I like in my garden. The rest of the year is planned for pinks/dark reds. What's your favourite colour?)สมัคร D2BET

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