Thursday, 28 September 2017

Keeping Going.

I have just had an hour of second-hand farming via BBC2's Farming Life.   Sitting in the chair by a warm Aga, a dog asleep at my feet, snug and warm and watching people struggle against the elements, break downs of equipment,  contrary animals and the like (all the usual hazards of farming life) has been a pleasant break.

This afternoon I have written down how to work Central Heating, Microwave, Cooker, Dishwasher,
Washing Machine (all but the Central Heating are built into the fitted kitchen) and I have written down the instructions in simple language so hopefully I shall be able to understand how to work things.  Also had a nice chat with the lady who lives there and who is, of course, moving into here.

It really has been a beautiful day here today, still, sunny and warm.   Tess has had a couple of walks with me and is now dozing by the Aga.

It is rare for me to watch one programme a night on the television but tonight there is the first of a three part documentary on Russia at nine o'clock and I am really looking forward to seeing it.   I have been many times to what used to be the Soviet Union (have not been back since Leningrad became St Petersberg again). the last time on the Trans-Siberian but before one could go to Vladivostok, which had a huge naval base, so travellers had to catch the train at Khabarovsk, the next stop.   Actually it was a fascinating place being on the River Amur which at that point forms the border between China and Russia.   It was a huge wide river, China being only just visible on the horizon miles away.

Like Rachel, I absolutely adore foreign travel.  My first husband always chose to go East, the farmer (apart from one or two forays in Spain and Portugal, France, Spain and Norway) always preferred to go West.   So really I have had the best of both worlds.

Moving day gets near - I shall be pleased when it is all over and I am settled.



Charles said...

I used to like travel but did too much in my last job. I thoroughly enjoyed Russia and Armenia. The Far East I am not so sure about, India was dreadful, I have never seen poverty like it, and the people are so used to it that there callousness beggars belief. Thailand is nice but more dangerous that most people assume, I like the Thais and their food is wonderful. China is cruel but with good food. Vietnam is just fun and chaotic. I could go on but it looks like showing off

justjill said...

As regards travel I am boring. As my husband would be the first to agree. So many places round where we live now I am still discovering! Sounds as if you are getting nearer ? To moving.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Soon you will be settled in.
I've been hardly anywhere - good thing I'm happy in Suffolk!

angryparsnip said...

I love to travel but I think that part of my life is over.
One of my favorite trips was to the UK and of course my time in Yorkshire !

cheers, parsnip

donna baker said...

Sounds like progress is being made.

John Going Gently said...

You are never too old

Gwil W said...

Travel broadens the mind, but from what I've seen of tourist buses arriving from some countries, (especially I have to say the Land of Merkel ) it also broadens the be-hind.

Joanne Noragon said...

Hurry up and wait. Hurry up and wait. Soon, now.

Vivian said...

OMG. I beg you, please write your travel memoirs. You are a wonderful writer, in that you know how to set a scene (love the pup snoozing by the Aga) and you know how to get to edit yourself to get to the point (which is why I find you delightful) and you have a marvelous "voice", please write about your travels and include photos, from the archives, so that future generations will know what it was like to boldly go where the internet has not gone before.

P. S. I am a travel writer and I am ten times more boring than you. Please write.

Hard up Hester said...

You are a well traveled lady, I've only managed Spain, France and Portugal.

Derek Faulkner said...

The first half of your blog sounded just about right but I've always felt that people's travel/holiday interests are a bit like politics and religion, sometimes we can be so opposite, what one person loves, another would another would argue against. For me, the thought of spending a holiday anywhere in Eastern Europe and especially Russia, would give me nightmares - so cold, so bleak, so spartan, so little luxury, so going back into the dark ages. By the same token, the sort of holidays that I used to regularly have in the Caribbean, sunbathing lazily all day on hot beaches and not travelling very far away from them, would also be a nightmare to others.

Virginia said...

Well done on the practical instructions front Weaver! And it's so good you have a relationship with the other buyers - they may need your help with your appliances too!

I, too, would love to hear of your travels. Perhaps your favourite or most unusual experiences every so often, if you don't really want to delve back into too many of them? Ut I'm waiting to hear how the move itself goes, and how you and Tess settle into your new home.

Term has just finished for me over here, and I'm tired (what teacher isn't!) but in a week I've got to turn on Drinks and finger food for 18 here in our quite small house, so as well as doing the food, there's going to be De-Cluttering going on.... and reading your daily blog will be my treat when I'redone my List For The Day!

Librarian said...

Derek is right; one man's dream trip would be another man's nightmare. But that does not mean we can't find it fascinating to read about other people's travels! You must have seen and experienced such a lot, Pat. The TransSib is something I've had on my mind for many years, but I don't think I'll realistically ever do it.
With my first husband, who was from Sicily, travelling mostly meant driving 24 hours all along Italy to his home village on the island, spend 3 or 4 weeks there and then drive all the way back up.
With my second husband came my introduction to Yorkshire, which I return to every year, even though he died nearly 8 years ago.
Apart from that, we had a few short trips to Lake Constance and some "city weekends" in places like Heidelberg or Munich; we simply didn't have the money to do a lot of travelling then.
Now, with O.K., I travel more and go to places I've not seen before. We seem to have no problem agreeing on what we like and expect from our holidays together; always a combination of relaxing and activities, such as hiking.
I'd love to read more about your trips, too!

Alphie Soup said...

Documentaries are a wonderful way of seeing places because it is not always possible to visit every place on earth, no matter how attractive it might seem.


Heather said...

I have always been interested in other cultures but never had the opportunity to travel much and my husband was not very keen. Now I find travelling even in the UK very tiring so tend to enjoy TV programmes about other people's journeys abroad.
Hope your wait will soon be over. I am in Guernsey at present, thoroughly enjoying myself, but missing my flat at the same time.

Sue said...

The beauty of the two of you moving into each others homes is that you will both be just a phone call away for any teething problems with your new homes. Advice from the person you bought your home from is always very invaluable.

The Weaver of Grass said...

The thing about travel is that you either love it or hate it. We all choose what to spend our apare money on. We were never rich and Russia was always cheap to go to in Gorbachovs day - they needed our currency. Places like Samarkand, Bukhara,
Tashkent, Lake Baikal, are magical to me but may not appeal to all. We are all different thank goodness.
Love your comment Gwil!!
Also it is kind of you to say that I write well. I have thousands of photographs - the slides I have burnt when getting ready for this move. They were all over twenty five years old, dusty and faded and half of them I had forgotten where they were. I have plenty of albums of photographs but really don't wish to go there at present. Maybe one day.