Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Today's news of the absolutely dreadful fire in the tower block in London has certainly driven all thoughts of the Election and Politics off the news.
The pictures and the commentary are  ghastly and all out thoughts must be with the poor people who did not survive, those still searching for their families, and those who did survive but will be so scarred either mentally, physically or both, that they will take many months to recover - if ever.

For those in the US it must have brought back memories of the Twin Towers.   For anyone who lives in one of these tower blocks there must now be a fear that it might happen to them.

It seems wrong to have had a pleasant day in such
circumstances.   Tess and I drove the thirty five miles or so through Wensleydale to Sedbergh.  I
had to go to Hawes on business and that was half way.   We drove on and called at Cotter Force, a pretty waterfall in Cotterdale, where we had a walk.   Then I met my God-daughter for a really pleasant lunch in a cafe called 'The Three Hares' - nice, homely food (Drovers Platter of Stilton, Pork and Pigeon Terrine and Ham with salad and sourdough bread and butter) - a lovely chat and then back to work for her and home for us.

I must say that I was very tired onmy return, but had only been in five minutes when friend Sylvia called to take Tess for a walk - Tess came back ready for a sleep and I didn't have to take her out.
Sylvia enjoyed the walk - so all three of us were satisfied.

An early night for me tonight.


donna baker said...

Other than the tragic news, it sounds like a good day there. Hope the sun was shining.

Gwil W said...

We're never far from tragedy and turmoil. Nevertheless we must carry on the best we can.

angryparsnip said...

Other than the tragic news on both sides of the ocean, it is a beautiful day here in Tucson.
It was so nice to have your friend drop by to walk Tess !

cheers, parsnip and thehamish

Heather said...

The news is so dreadful and heartbreaking. Your day out sounds lovely and Tess had another walk while you recovered from all that driving.

Anonymous said...

Yet another sad day - they seem to be coming at us thick and fast at the moment but then you hear of all the bravery and helpfulness of strangers - people of every race and colour all coming together to do whatever they can to help the people who have lost everything.
I am glad in the midst of all this that you had a lovely day because don't forget that recently you have suffered your own personal tradgedy.

Rachel Phillips said...

A sad day to have to admit that this can happen here.

Mac n' Janet said...

I've often thought I'd be afraid to live in a high rise and today's tragedy is why. Glad you had a g day otherwise.

Cro Magnon said...

I've just been listening to one of the firemen on the radio. He said when he'd finished his work he went back to the station to write his report, then was offered counselling. I should think they need it. Terrible.

Librarian said...

You having a nice day or not would not have made any difference to what happened in London, or in so many other parts of the world on the same day. If the killing is not accidental, like in the fire, it is intentional (and therefore even worse), like in so many forgotten "minor" wars in Africa.

Wensleydale is so beautiful! I remember it well from last year's holiday. Your lunch sounds very nice, too, although I am not sure I would have gone for pigeon; I've never tasted it but I guess it is worth a try.

Derek Faulkner said...

Good for you for still enjoying your day out, what difference would not doing it in the circumstances make. Nice to see Tess getting a good long walk as well. All in all the two of you had a good day.

Florence said...

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